12 May 2014



This post is all about food food food that i ate in Japan =DDD

So if you are hungry please don't read okay! Or if you need motivation to go cook some simple food, please read! Hahaha. But since you're here please read lah okay.

By the way i have had a total of 5 chocolate sundae in the last three days @.@ And i am about to get one more for today. Which means i'd have 2 sundae a day. I guess it's the hot weather + me trying to make up for all the things i cannot chew on yet. I just cannot control. It gives me comfort.

So i lost 4.5kg in my two weeks stay in Korea. But i am pretty sure i ate back 2kg since the one week i've been back hahaha. I think i better stop binging before i hit 50kg again T.T Anyway the 4.5kg are all lost on my thighs and ass T.T I used to love my ass one. Now it's just.. A normal ass. Lolol.

Omg i rant like a teenage girl about my weight.

OKAY!!! Japan trip!!! =DDD Went to meet Cheesie and her danna in the night!!!

I LOVE CHEESIE! She super nice brought me and Josh to a Okinawan restaurant in Shibuya.
And ordered EGG with some kind of squid..
EGG with bitter gourd..
EGG with SPAM.. ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ MY FAVOURITE COMBIIIIII!!!! And the egg is so fluffy and soft one!!! Today happen to be the 2nd year after Josh proposed so he cooked and remake this!!! Not bad!!!
SPAM and potato strips!!! Omg they are all such simple dishes but they are one of the best meals i've ever had in Japan in all the trips i had!!! T.T Thank you Cheesie!!!
MORE FOOD. EGG with fried rice.. Some kind of intestines i think.. And Okinawan stir fried noodle!
Clear soup base ramen with the softest meltiest pork chunks!!!
Then after that we went back to hotel lobby to yisi yisi make wishes and blow candles for Cheesie's birthday. Very honored she took time off in the evening on her birthday day to meet me and Josh! =DDD I can't wait to see her baby omg. Confirm mad cute cox Japanese mix!!!
Next day was supposed to be hanami day so we all dressed up soft and pastel in hope to match the sakura.. Turns out it rained SUPER heavily the whole day T.T
Went to Seibu @ Shibuya, level 8 and chance upon this sushi chain that serves SUPER DUPER AFFORDABLE AND GOOD SUSHI!!!!!!!!!! Plus they have a WIDE range of choices!!!!!!!
 CAN YOU PLEASE JUST SEE HOW HUGEEEE THE SUSHI THERE ARE!!! THEY ARE OVER FLOWING from the rice!!! And they are like ¥100 to ¥120 mostly!!! Most of the "luxurious" items are ¥200 omggggg. TAKE IT LAH!!! ¥100 is only $1.25 SGD hahahaha. Cheap die meeeee!!!
Sam being serious about what to pick out from the conveyor belt next hahaha.
 Whatever you want. Grilled, steamed, raw, boiled, torched, deep friedddddd! HUGE VARIETY!!!
 Major big slab of unagi..
 Acting cute with fruit juice of the day haha. From the belt, 100¥ only i think.
 I have said enough.
 AND CHEAPPPPP!!!! A sweet melon like this could have easily cost $30 - $60 SGD and a slice would be $10 AT LEAST. This one is only ¥200 OMFG. I had like 3. It was so sweet and heaty.. I had sore throat after lunch. Hahahahaha. BUT TWAS WORTH IT 100%!!!
 And more food haha. Cox it was so cheap, we ordered a lot more =X But mostly just to eat the liao on top of the sushi rice =X The liao super big piece for such a low price we cannot don't order more.
 On the train to Akihabara. It's where all the cosplayer / maid cafe / geeks hang i think! The good news is there are MANY book stores there cox the geeks gotta get their comics lol.
 So Sio and Sam brought me to my heaven...... =OOOOOO ALL THE JAPANESE MAGAZINESSSS!!!!! Actually ah.. I don't want the magazine one. I browse one time i will throw.. In fact i threw away like 10 magazines or so. I just want the free gift!!!!! It's always branded Japanese label pouches, or bags, or sunglasses, or caps, or even makeup!!!! =DDD SO. I went crazy here cox if you buy them, they will cost at least $30 - $50 and above!!!!! Magazines are like $6 - $10 MAX.
 Bought lotsa magazines there =X Got myself a Liz Lisa bag, a KATE SPADE card holder and many many more i can't remember! Haha. Will show you guys at my final post my shopping spreeeee! ^.^
Random but Josh show me the candies he bought. They are like breath refreshers that taste and feels like ice cubes. Quite cool hor. The centre will burst into like a minty fizz or something.
 Went to a maid's cafe!!! Just for the experience haha. It's quite sian though cox cannot take pictures one. Unless you pay money =___= Wtf please. So anyway i sneaked this picture. SO?! Lol.
Also cannot take pictures of the menu =____= MAJOR TURNED OFF BY THE MAID CAFE say real one. This one cannot take, that one cannot take. Ah then.
 Take picture of ourselves.. You'd think can right? CANNOT. They just don't allow photography.
 Staff not watching.. "SAMANTHA LAI KUAI DIAN" *sneak a picture* lolol. Anyway ah, the cafe latte art is just alright. I've seen better even at Teadot done by any of their staff. Lol.
 Maybe Sio a bit regret cox his drink has nothing special, nobody to come draw latte art not pour for him. Lol. But i guess he's still happy cox the maid are eyecandy hahah. But not that much also.. Some of them look quite =X
 A maid pouring tea and milk for Josh's milk tea and when pouring milk, she told Josh that if he wants he to stop, he has to say "nyan nyan" and do the zhao cai mao kitty cat gesture...... I was like =OOO Oh no she didn't.. Josh is such a serious and grumpy person lolol how is he ever gonna do nyan nyan hahahahahah. We all wanna laugh die.
Sneaking another selfie with my hot chocolate drink ^.^
Making the visit worthwhile haha. I'd say.. Visit maids' cafe if you are a despo nerd who wants to visit to pay the maids to play games with you or visit if you just wanna experience it for once (which i think you should!!!) if not don't bother! Just go people watching on Harajuku you'd probably see much more interesting people, for free!
 Went to a departmental store and Sio the otaku went a bit gaga over all the models and gundam. Lol. Me and Sam also bought a lot of CHEAP Casio watches!!! =DDD
 Late noon snack was at a ramen restaurant ^.^ But this is just a selfie of me in the restaurant.
 And another one.
 Decided on this ramen and again made a lucky choice!!! This is Sam acting chio.
Extra side of char siew!!!
 The dudes ordered ramen.
Sam ordered tsukemen which is like ramen and this thick broth separated. And then you dip and eat and then when you're about halfway done, you ask for a clear soup and then add all the remaining ramen in with the clear soup and then eat it like a normal ramen. I think so! Cox that's what Sam did.
TO END THIS POST. WITH A MOTHER CHEAP (¥100 i think) BEST MILK PUDDING I EVER HADDDDDDDD. With like roasted vanilla and caramel sauce on top. The pudding is soooooo.. Light and soft it's almost like liquid pudding lol. I was really full from the pork rice bowl and the HUGE sushi breakfast i regret not buying more of the pudding.

Okay lah that's all! =DDD I am recovering slowly and steadily and i am thinking by the time i finish up my Japan trip i can start blogging about Korea already! By then the swelling should have gone down enough for you to see the results so give me till end of May ^.^ Promise it'd be good cox it IS looking good! Haha!


Hanna Lei said...

All the food looks so good! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

so much good food T.T

HitomiNeko said...

So cute! love the pink bow! I think i would wanna experience the maid cafe too, but most likely just one time experience thing. haha. also love the ramen look soooooooo good!


ms.bulat said...

O_o so how did josh did the nyan nyan at the end? Hahaha just as the maid said?