22 June 2014

Gummy Bear Charm accessories ^.^


Cox i saw on Instagram RinRin (Cheesie's friend) had this gummy bear earring and i went online to search for gummy bear accessories and a lot of them are either clay or some kind of fake looking plastic. But hers looks like resin.

But then it's quite costly to buy!!! So if DIY also can do resin one lah but i don't wanna spend so much money buying different colour of resin material and then buy the gummy bear mould and then later i am not interested anymore they will all just collect dust in my house hahaha.

So i went to search a few ways to DIY gummybear charm and a few people did the real gummy bear way!!!! =DDDDDD HOW CUTE!!! But you need to use gloss glaze (which is better cox it won't flake) or clear nail polish (this one might flake especially if you try to press and squeeze the varnished gummy bears for fun haha).

So i was determined to try for myself cox the gummy bear charms just look too cute!!!!

I could actually get haribo bears cox they are so yummy but the haribo bears in packs are usually a lot more oily. So the best ones to get are from those from like candy-mix!!! Cox they are put out to air dry for a while already i suppose. Hahah.

Try mini toons or something. I got mine at those giam-sng-dih tidbits shop. The colour of the gummy bears are very limited T.T I wanted to have blue and purple gummy bears but they don't have.

BUT ANYWAY! I was too eager to try!!! So i didn't wanna insist on finding mini toons. Lolol.

Stupid Sam probably mock at me again or something. But hey~ This is me saying I AM HAPPY TO SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE! Hahaha. Anyway i watch tutorials to learn one also lah. But it's just i mix and match the methods and then simplify the steps. So everything is most cut-short. LOL.
Things to get:
1. Gummy Bears
2. Styrofoam (Any would do. It's just a platform for you to poke your glazed gummy bears to air dry
3. Gloss glaze (It's said that you can use clear nail polish too but i won't recommend)
4. Head pins
5. A brush to glaze the bears

You may get all of these from Art Friend ^.^ Except the gummy bears of course haha. Okay here we go!!! WOOHOO~!!!!

Poke a headpin through the gummy bear and leave the head of the pin at the bottom of the bear.
Proceed to glaze the gummy bear, avoid glazing the bottom.
So that you can push it down to air dry on the styrofoam. THEN only, you glaze the gummy bear bottom. Like this you won't have your finger messy and sticky and glazed haha.
Continue glazing..
30 minutes between each layer of glaze. I only glazed two layers. So after that, you could let your glazed gummy bear air dry over night. 24 hours is what the instruction on the glaze says.. But i think so long as it's overnight it's good.
A few other things you'd need. A chain (it can be for necklace or for bracelet) and plier that looks like that. I THINK it's call the nose plier, you need that to turn and twist the head pin, to make it hook around the chain.

Actually after the glazed gummy is done.. You don't have to put it on a chain one. You can put it on earrings.. Or keychain or handphone charm. Or hair clip!

But if you don't have to hang it then just use a sewing pin to hold it for air dry loh, don't need to buy headpin anymore. Then when it's dry you can just use glue gun to attach it to your accessories.

Back to charm for chain! So use a cut plier, to snip off the remaining head pin, and leave at least 1.2cm - 1.5cm for you to twist a hook.
Like this~ Twist half the hook first, then hook it onto the chain, then close up the hook. Very easy one!
And ta dang~~~ You have it~!!!! =DDDDDDD I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
After being glazed they are no longer sticky nor oily haha. Just like cute gummy bears being time-freezed hahahah. Sounds bad. But it's cuteeeee!!!! ^.^

Imma glaze more things!!! Pasta.. Popcorn.. Jelly bean maybe! Things that will not crush and break into a mess. Also maybe i'd make rings, earrings, bracelets next time!!!

I already bought the earring back from artfriend ^.^

Next i wanna buy ring-back!!! =DDD And hot glue gun whatever shit i want to it. Haha. DIY is fun..


Lolol. You know.. When the mood comes.

I present to you my gummy bear charm necklace ^.^
^.^ It's a great gift idea also don't you think!!! Like hello~~~ HANDMADE SWEETNESS THAT STAYS BY YOUR SIDE FOREVERRRR??? Hahaha.

Okay thank you for humoring me while i entertain myself hahaha.

I told Josh i wanna glaze anchovies and salted eggs and ba you pok (deep fried pork lard) cox they are my favourite food. He ask me to stop being crazy. EXCUSE ME~??? Wait til you see all my creations on Paris fashion week. Lololol.

BONG!QuirkQuirk shall be the brand.

Glazed giam cai.. Glazed giam nng, glazed tau pok, glazed bak kwa, glaze cai xim..

Glazed wanton..

Glazed char siew..

Glazed kong ba..


LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!!!



Hanna Lei said...

These are so cute! -Hanna Lei

Fong said...

You are so cute!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA the last part of your post (Y)

Hye-song Moon said...

I like this post! ^^ lol the last part tho hahahaha

Hye-song Moon said...

I like this post!! ^^ The last part tho lol hahahaha

Amazing look said...

I love your blog

Anonymous said...

Why are you so adorable?!?!?


Jamie said...

You're too cute!!! =)))

Anonymous said...

will have ants or not?

Anonymous said...

Methinks that you have slight bipolar... but pple like that are actually the most fun/interesting to be with because they're never calm.


Anonymous said...

My mom used to buy those glazed gummy hairclip/accessories from Thailand for me when I was younger. Will 生蚂蚁 one!

Jocelyn said...

hahahaha! laughed at the end of the entry. And your upcoming creations are gonna put me out of business because I'm a full time miniature food sculptor! hahaha, but it's okay, your gummy bears are really cute.

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Hahaha so cute and so much fun! And omg that last pic looks so real lol.

Pink_emerald said...

that is so cool! I'm going to try it out too. and the last part is so funny. hahaha

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