03 August 2014

Another week

My crazy hair. Cox i go to sleep with my hair wet T.T

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250
More than half an hour of pure relaxation. Really massage all my thoughts (and itch LOL) away. And the special steamy hair treatment!!! Always makes my hair softer after!!!
Ready for my haircut by Sio ^.^ Call 6338 5250 to book him for your appointment!
Every stylist were busy that day. Sibeh lucky i can book Sio! Hahaha.
Done!!! I LOVE MY HAIR COLOUR! Actually it was done like what, two weeks plus ago? But after shampooing and everything, it just gets nicer and nicer! Thank you Sio!!!
I only trust him for colouring and cutting!!! Of course he is major good with rebonding and digital perm all but i'm trying to keep my natural curl T.T But if you're booking appointment and wanna book Sio, remember to let the operator know while making your appointment ^.^
Dress from Topshop, slippers from Vincci, cardigan from long ago.
Totally zero makeup that day and didn't photoshop the pictures. Sorry cox i haven't been feeling well these days and i can't stay long at the computer. But i think i look decent lah lolol.
With good hair anyone can look 40% chioer instantly. Lol.

LOVE MY HAIR~ Thank you Sio!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Shooting day with Clozette!
Doing a makeover for Pris!!! A Clozette member picked out random out of hundreds, by the Clozette staff, for an exclusive K-Beauty makeover with Laneige products! ^.^
Done by me haha ^.^ Pris is already pretty to start with i feel! But with the little pretty touches from Laneige makeup items, she look super gorgeous! Look out for it on Clozette! Join Clozette for fashion, beauty and makeup inspiration! ^.^
Weekend was spent with my family. We had KFC delivered to us =DDD Got the feast!!! Major love and super cheap also!!! Hahaha. Later the birthday boy Ah Cas join us!
Another week, another birthday!!! =DDD Happy Birthday to Casper!!! Ah yi love you!!! ^.^ Pearl got him a lychee martini cheesecake.
Yurou giving the big brother a kiss.
We all went AWWWWWWWW and she got super shy hahahah! SO CUTE HOR!!!
Asking us to stop laughing at her hahahahaha.
Proceed to ask for permission to eat the candle =___=" She thought the number candles are like the butterfly fondant on her birthday cake, edible. Lolol.

Later me, Niao and Ah Cas went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy (freaking funny and good movie!!! EVERYONE SHOULD GO WATCH!!!) and then 20 minutes into it, Ah Cas fell asleep becox.. TOTALLY WRONG MOVIE FOR HIM!!! Hahahahaha.

He got night blindness mah. Actually when we were walking there, there was a straight path, on the two sides of the path, were bushes. He sibeh male ego so don't wanna let us aunties hold his hands. He kept saying "Okay, i'm okay" OKAY OKAY OKAY, UNTIL WALK INTO THE BUSHES LIAO STILL OKAY LOLOLOL. Wtfff.

So anyway, wrong movie for him cox the galaxy is dark, and the characters also dark (silhouettes mostly) or just dimly lit in the galaxy lolol. To us, it's dark on darker. To Ah Cas it's just black.

So erm.. Probably not the best movie for people with night blindness ='D Hahaha.

But he's cool, he just slept through it after he realise he couldn't figure out who's who and who's doing what. But hey! Still a pretty cool birthday i'd say! Cox erm.. Going to the movies with your aunties is super.. COOL?



Janice said...

Hahahahaa omg i feel so bad for laughing now but the part where he walked into the bushes... I totally LOLed. You damn funny pls qiu hahahha!

and take care of yourself! Health most impt! Speedy recovery!!!^^ ♥♥♥

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair looks so pretty! They did a great job -Hanna Lei

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair looks so pretty! They did a great job -Hanna Lei

Nana Lopez said...

You look so chio and demure without photoshop nor make up!

Nana Lopez

DELINA said...

you look sooo pretty but why do you ned to cover your camera?

Serene said...

hmm i was laughing at the part whereby he walked into bushes. So bad of me to laugh at it. But poor thing ..

Btw what camera are you using?

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Love those pics of Yurou and Casper! 😍😍😍 So cute!!