06 August 2014

Good morning?

Hello! Morning. Blogging in the morning is something very new to me hahah. I have blogged until morning but i hardly blog in the morning. I guess the good thing is.. In the morning you feel..

Positive? Like nothing much happened (yet) to taint your day with negativity.. You just start the day, feeling like.. Hey, maybe today is gonna be wonderful =D And i think so! I think it will be!

It's most of the time like that right? Either we think it's gonna be GREAT, and then it just happen to be good only, so we feel a little disappointed OR we think it's gonna be end of the world but turns out it wasn't THAT bad so we feel thankful hahaha. But if you think about it.. Either way, we win.

The case is mostly either good, or not THAT bad. But if it turns out GREAT then your guess was spot on! Hahaha! OMG I AM FEELING SO POSITIVE RIGHT NOW I THINK IMMA BURST! =DDD

Okay lah i cannot continue liao becox morning serves me positivity but offers me no inspiration lolol. Imma go back to bed and then go out for appointment later.

Just wanted to come in and tell you all..

Good morning.



Okay for real don't say dee. Maybe later today i come back again.

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Hanna Lei said...

I hope your day was good! -Hanna Lei