17 October 2014

Getting the freak out of here haha

Going to Malacca tomorrow with Josh, Mich and Monkey.

And the trip was only confirmed like yesterday or something haha. I guess i had to say yes to the trip becox i have always been wanting to go back to Malacca! Cox i love the sausages at their night market sooooo much! ^.^ Don't know whether it's still there or not T.T

Anyway i am very much in a.. Blur now. Cox it suddenly hit me that i'm about half way into the full term of this pregnancy and i still have a lot of things that i have yet to decide on and arrange.

Hospital. Baby pram. Baby cot. Baby products. Baby room. Do we shift or not?!

Josh and i have plans to shift early next year into a bigger house so that there's more space for both doggies and baby. Cox we don't want the baby to limit the space Tiffany and Drago can access in the house. But then my EDD is March 2015. And the studio rental is until May 2015. So if we were to move, it has to be when my baby is younger than 3 months omg.

Before that i have to plan the baby full month gathering also, right? Josh and i both agree to a small cozy one but i think that will be quite impossible becox so many people have shown us help and love. First i have a huge family haha, the nuffies (they have been helping me talk to brands), i have as many friends as you guys know and then also got Josh side of the family~ So i think "small" cozy gathering also cannot small until where lolol.

And then nevermind.

Now. Let's talk about now.

My email hasn't been check for like almost three months =XXX

I mean i go through it everyday to "move to junk" all the spam mails and all the SPAMMISH PR INVITES AND SPAMMISH PRESS RELEASE WHO DOESN'T EVEN BOTHER TO ADDRESS ME BY NAME. And of course all the notifications, i delete.

But then over this 3 months.. After trashing the junks.. I still have 700 over emails somehow T.T

I am so dead. Actually maybe not so dead. Cox from before i have about 100 plus emails that i always left unread cox i just wanna take note of them lol. So maybe i only have about 600 emails unread over the past three months. Lol.

Not that it's of any comfort to me lah.

But right now i just feel like "OMG I AM SO USELESS AND INEFFICIENT!!!"

So.. The best thing to do for now..

Is to get the freak out of here.

And head to Malacca~ =DDD

One night only lah. I go eat my full and then i will be back to be better~!!!

I hope..?


Nana said...

I love Malacca! Jonker Walk is always such a delight to visit! And the food! So cheap and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu..

Congratulations on yr pregnancy!! Btw, may I check if yr helper is keen to do house cleaning in Pasir Ris? Thank you so much in advance :)