08 October 2014

See you this Sunday!!! ^.^


Good news for you guys!!! My awesome sponsor Cleo Hair & Make came out with their very own Autumn/ Winter hair book and they will be doing a launch for it! It's not for sale. So it's only given out to their customers for free lah. Haha. But there's limited number of copies!

A short teaser for behind the scene of the photoshoot for the Cleo Hairmake AW2014.

So in some sense it is very exclusive hahah. PLUS.. Ahem.. Inside, there are pictures of me, Rachell, Typicalben, Randy, Genevieve, Peishi and of course the pretty hair models!!!

And of course.. The hair colour and styles are all the most trendy colours for AW2014 brought together by Cleo Hairmake's best stylists. So be sure to grab a copy when you have the chance!

To celebrate the launch of the photobook, as i said, there will be a party~

So Cleo is organising a Meet-and-Mingle session for the bloggers and our readers!!! ^.^ So i am very very excited to meet you guys with the bloggers!!! =DDD

Some of the bloggers who will be there that day!!! ^.^

It's a OPEN TO PUBLIC event!!! So everyone can come to say hi, snap pictures with your favourite bloggers, and have it printed out on the spot by Loco Photobooth! There will also be awesome finger food canapes (by Mago Saburou) and pretty and yummy dessert (from Kreme Couture) for everyone!!! ^.^ Consumable items will be available while it last okay hahaha.

But for sure the first 50 guests (so come early ba =X) will receive a FREE goodie bag that is major awesome! Inclusive in each of the 50 goodie bags will be:

- A copy of the Cleo Hairmake AW2014 Photobook

- One free EXCLUSIVE *NEW* HAIR TREATMENT SERVICE (no minimum spending required, simply one FREE hair treatment!!! OMG!) that Cleo imported in from Japan!!! I cannot believe they are giving 50 FREE in-salon hair treatment!!! =OOO

- Shopping vouchers from rosebullet

- Dining vouchers from Mago Saburou (Japanese BBQ Restaurant at ION Orchard)

- Shampoo and treatment BOTTLES from Mucota!

So i'd see you guys there lah!!! Be sure to come early if you want the goodie bag =D If not please still come see us haha and snap pictures and enjoy the food and dessert!!! ^.^ Here's the details!

Cleo Hair A/W Photobook Launch
Meet-N-Mingle session with bloggers
Venue: Mago Saburou (ION L4)
Time: 3 - 5.30pm

I am so excited for the first 50 guests loh!!!

If you are one of those who haven't try out Cleo Hairmake for yourself.. This is the perfect time to!!! Cox of the free treatment in the goodie bag =OOO Really find it quite generous lah =XXX

Like the treatment is one thing but you get to try out Cleo's service for yourself and their stylists' awesome hair-setting skills when they blowdry your hair after the treatment. I for one love to blowdry my hair there.. Always walk out a chioer person O.O

Walk in like siao char bor never mind. Lol. Omg i tahan and not touch up my roots for like 2 months!
Sio and Ryo helping me out! Just like good old time!
Waiting for the colour to set..
Sio doing the final touches..
And more final touches hahaha. He sibeh perfectionist.
Sio looking proud of his work haha! Thank you onni chan! I love my new Berry Brown hair colour!!!
This hair colour looks super striking but is even MORE pretty when paired with darker outfits.
Surprisingly it looks even more stunning with white outfits =OOO So i think it's perfect for A/W also!!! Where most of the colour theme is monochromatic. Your hair colour will really pop!
HAPPY!!! Everyone say the new hair colour looks good on me hahaha. Thanks ah. Then again.. Which hair colour i did doesn't look good on me? Huh? LOLOL. What do you mean the blue didn't work out fine? I DON'T WANNA HEAR. Lolol.

Oh hi covergirl. Lolol. This shot nice hor. My eye makeup not bad that day. One of the rare days i use green eye shadow. That day i fa qiao.
No edit no filter no shit. Super vibrant colour isn't it! Pink brown gradient down to berry pink!
FML one week later have to work, the hairstylist at the event mini-curled my hair and tease-sprayed it maximum. So i went to Cleo to fix my hair immediately!
Sio was booked so i had Yui to help me out =DDD She's so pretty hor.
After blowdry.. Looking a bit crazy still..
After setting my hair!!! Thank you Yui san!!! I love her sense!!! It's very Jappy!!! Her own style also very Jappy so i trust her to make me look good! =DDD
Yup gotta make appointment with Sio to trim those fringe hahah.
So i see you guys this Sunday?!??! =DDD Come say hi and snap pictures and enjoy the food and dessert Cleo Hairmake prepared for you guys okay!!!

Come early if you wanna be the first 50 in order to collect the awesome goodie bags!!! =DDD

Then you can book appointment to enjoy awesome hair treatment service at Cleo like i always go for =X =D Haha! Me and all the bloggers along with the Cleo Hairmake team are all looking forward to see you all!!! ^.^ VERY EXCITEDDD!!! =DDD

Cleo Hair A/W Photobook Launch
Meet-N-Mingle session with bloggers
Venue: Mago Saburou (ION L4)
Time: 3 - 5.30pm

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