28 October 2014

Baby and Me Diary 4

Herro~!!! Keeping track of my bb's growth again ^.^ Nowadays it's just feeling the skin around my tummy getting tighter and tighter and also feeling other parts of my body feeling flabbier.

And my feet start to feel sore very fast after walking / standing. And my backache is also getting more jialat haha. But i'd still find time to go swim so i think it's okay! =D

Okay my baby-mummy diary ^.^

11th Oct Bb today your daddy have to go to work really early but he woke up even earlier to prepare breakfast and lunchbox for us T.T Cox we have to go to work in the afternoon. So yay, our breakfast and lunch today are both taken care of ^.^ Your daddy is the bestttt!

Chili tomato tuna with toasted bread~!!! YUMMY~!!! =DDD Thank you darling!!!

My back is gonna break liao maybe. So thankful i am working with Yutaki today cox at least it's fun and enjoyable!!! ^.^

12th Oct Baby today you turn into the size of an onion! 5.1inches! =)))

And your soft cartilage are slowly turning into bones!!! Are you gonna kick mummy soon?

Went for Cleo event today and ate lotsa food O.O Josh tell me i ate a little too much the entire day. 他是不是在 hiam 我肥? O.O

13th Oct Josh and i both went out for work today and then he ended early so he came to find me for dinner =)) I love it when you know someone is eager to see you after work =)

Lunch though was massive awesome already!!! Thai food during filming!!! =DDD
I bought a set of outfit for you oh bb.. You like it? =D Daddy say it's not nice =_="

At lunch and dinner today mummy purposely order vegetables =S Though i never like to eat vegetables but it helps me poop and also maybe give you nice skin! So mummy have been trying to eat more fruits and veg! But today really i try very hard cox even the kailan stem i swollen! Eeeek!

But you cannot be picky with food okay! You very difficult oh, keep wanting to eat beef ='OOO I don't even like beef! Daddy say it's becox he LOVES BEEF and you have his taste bud haha!

Daddy also told you a lot of nonsense today haha!! Ignore him okay!

14th Oct Daddy left for work early this morning but didn't forget to prepare breakfast for us =)))

It's so nice to wake up like that.. To my favourite egg and hashbrown!

I find it hard to sleep on my back already.. Feels like the baby is pressing on my organs lol.

Daddy and mummy are looking through our old pictures and your daddy was so much skinner back then hahah ^.^ Mummy was so much uglier O.O Lolol.

Next time you grow up you can also take 1 day off your busy schedule to look at old pictures.. They kinda help us remember how good old times were even if we didn't think it was that good. And be thankful how times are always better now =)))

15th Oct Today we can haz famous Chinatown duck drumstick haha thanks to your papa!

He went to do some work there and got this back for us =DDD

Mich is coming to my place to pass me some Japanese crabsticks haha! WOOTS~ And to pack my room! WOOT WOOT! Hahaha!

About done. Lolol.

Bb, auntie Mich say she take care of your education fund okay! You don't worry lolol! She got it all covered! LOL. Mummy only plan for you up till your full month party only LOL.

16th Oct Early morning your daddy already heat up breakfast for us *hearteyes*
Josh brew soup and cooked dinner today.. Cox he say if not we always ran out of things to eat in Punggol. True that!!! I LOVE THE SAMBAL SANDWICH FISH HE MAKES!!!!! Major love. In between the fish is sandwiched sambal with lotsa garlic and onion omg.

Bb mummy booked tickets for Japan dee!!! We gonna go back to Hakone to thank the tree that gave me and your daddy good luck and blessing to have you haha! And of course EAT ALL THE FOOD IN JAPAN!!! =DDD

Bb mummy's been looking at inspiration for your baby room haha! I hope you like white and pink cox that's what you gonna have anyway haha!

17 Oct Bb.. Mummy's nails are all whiter and stronger and grow faster than before. Think it's thanks to the supplement that Dr Law gave us! I think it's amazing you are growing strong bones inside me!

Tomorrow we are going to Malacca bb!!! Mummy feed you lotsa food okay! ROAR!!! =DDD

Omg emo at night. Now and then i'd have these nights where i can't sleep and think a lot.

I feel so bad at all the times in the past i ever feel like i hated Josh O.O Like when we have disagreement last time lah. Suddenly i feel like crap for ever having bad feelings towards him over the last 8-9 years we were together. Becox now i look at how he genuinely care for me everyday.. I can't believe how blessed i am and never knew it T.T

Bb your daddy is super super love us one =))) He is making supper for us now. I am excited for you becox you will have such a awesome dad and a.. Okay-okay mum lolol. But don't worry!!! Mummy will dress you up EVERYDAY!!! I wonder how you'd be! What's gonna be your favourite style???

18th Oct We were running a bit late for the trip but then your daddy insist i have breakfast first becox he scared later i get hungry on the car ride hahaha of which, i definitely will lah.

So he made breakfast, i eat while he prep the house O.O I cannot be more spoilt.

Today.. We (or more like me) ate soooo much it was CRAZY!!!

Very tired from all the walking so imma knock out. But feeling.. Very, very happy!

Daddy and mummy got this for you in a shop at Malacca haha ^.^ For your room one!

19th Oct Bb today you turn into a sweet potato at 5.6inches!!! =)))

And you can yawn.. And kick and punch! Can you kick mummy already? I'm still waiting =D

Went for MORE food today before we head back. They say i cannot eat soooo much becox if not later stage of the pregnancy i will get very tired and big and bloated =((( Then every meal i also a bit self-conscious lolol.

I ate so much today but is still so hungry =( Just had my second dinner at 8.30pm and it's only 9plus now and i'm hungry again. My baby is which species? Lolol. Gonna eat now!

Hungry again at 11 plus. Is my baby is a boon soh tang omg.

20th Oct Spent most of the day with Josh, my dad, Si jie, bro-in-law and Yurou =))

If only everyday can be so relaxing. All of them (Esp my dad and Pearl!) keep telling me i look better now cox more meat on my face and arms lolol. Liars.

I look into the mirror everyday.. I have obvious double chin now lolol!!! Don't know why i go do small face and sharp chin surgeries earlier haha! I did my surgeries in May, recovery mostly by June. Conceive in July LOL. Not enough time to look damn chio with small face yet already face start to bloat again lolol.

I have these layers of fats on my body now hahahaha. But nevermind cox everyday Josh also tell me i will definitely slim down fast and well after pregnancy one =D So bb, you eat ba eat ba!!!
Grow well bb!

21st Oct OMGGG dreamt of the strangest dream ever and it felt so real!!! I was eating with Niao Niao (huge Jay Chou fan) and JAY CHOU HIMSELF!!! Three of us were just having a meal cox Jay Chou is crazily in love with my sister Niao lolol.

Then he started singing 天灰灰 会不会 让我忘了你是谁~ WTF SO CHARMING can die. And then i sibeh jealous of Niao lolol.

Then i wake up liao. No have Jay Chou in love with me nevermind, my husband cannot sing nevermind, he made me breakfast on the table before he left for work ^.^V Good enough. LOL.

Wah wah, your daddy text you to tell you to tell me to remember to feed you haha! I guess he prefers talking to you than to me now. Lol. Totally cutting me out of the picture now hor.

Since your daddy not home today lunch we settle ourselves okay. Don't worry mummy got you covered.


Yay!!! Hi-tea with my girlfriends Jia and Dotty today!!! Super loveee to see them cox once in a while we meet but we only eat yummy food and only have nice conversations =D And they always get me yummy snacks haha! Today the baby overdose on truffle egg mayo! Atas siol.

Baby next time you and me and my girlfriends, hi-tea!!! We dress up like-a-taitai okay!!!

Dinner with my family today ^.^ I love family time!!!

Setting up google account for you today bb. Hahaha don't know how to explain to google about your birthdate. Cannot choose 2015 leh lol. At least you won't need to go through silly nick phase. Like mummy like this.. Netballgal28 lah, quitinger lah. So mummy chope for you already! When you grow up mummy let you use hahaha!

22nd Oct Hello bb, it's me again! Just wanna tell you that i weigh 60kg now. In any case if i don't manage to lose the weight after pregnancy, you must know your laobu me used to be chio and skinny okay? Lolol. Since i was young everyone joke about me being too skinny. Call me sam bor ji, 排骨王, bag of bones, skeleton and 皮包骨 etc.. Now i am bui zut zut. Lolol.

But it's not that bad becox i never had "bikini body" lolol so i can still handle this. Actually the only thing about gaining weight is i get tired more easily and my feet feel sore faster if i walk long distant.

Went to see baby cot with Pearl and my bro in law and Josh today! So sweet one, parents always wanna look for the best for their kids.. =) It will be nice if all kids grow up filial and thankful.. For all the hearts and effort their parents put in to give them the best.

23rd Oct Went to OSD with Pearl and bump into Wendy and Shuyin lol. Cao Wendy keep calling me ah bui *rage* Lolol!! She damn jian last time she pregger she be like "Oh i am so fat now~" We all be like "不会啦! 你的脸还是很瘦!!!" HAHAHAH. Zhe ge jian huo.

I am such a pig though O.O Had a super huge lunch with Pearl and then i went alone to Tokyo food fair and spend SO MUCH O.O I don't dare to say how much i scared Josh scold me.

24th Oct Bb people say week 17 - 18 can start to feel bb's kick liao, why you no kick mummy yet?

You kick me lah!! 敢敢跟我的肚皮 lup 一脚!!!

Went out with Josh to get props for his shoot. End up i walk behind him with jelly and burger all O.O I think maybe he feel ashamed a dua bui sai is following him so he ask me "你很饿啊?" =(

Later we walk walk walk he ask me if i want an ice cream cone i was like O.O =D YESSSSS!!!!

Lolol seriously i work for food now.

Geraldine came to visit me today hahah first thing she said was "You put on weight hor?"

GO DIEEEE!!! BITCH!!! Lolol. Later she try to save the game by saying "I mean it's good! It's good!" GOOD NI MA DE TOU! Lololol.

Yay omg. Your daddy fell asleep without eating his share of supper O.O It's ours now =P

25th Oct Started to have tummy cramps today. Twice in the morning. But the app says it's normal. So no biggie!

Omg the cramp went on til afternoon.

Anyway was out the whole day with Yurou, my dad, Pearl and Josh ^.^ I loveeee going out with Yurou cox there's just so much stuff to show her that make her excited =)))

Went home and knock out. Woke up to dinner Josh got *HEARTEYES* It's KFC!!!

And then supper Josh got me nasi lemak =DDD I LOVEEEE RICEEE.

These days i realise i smile to myself a lot more.. Thinking about the things Yurou said randomly.. About the things my family do.. About little sweet everyday gesture Josh does for me.. And about how lucky i am to have good friends who would do things with me and for me.. I guess i am really blessed.. =')))

26th Oct Bb today you turn into a mango at 6 inches and you are starting to develop sense of sight, taste and touch ^.^ Can you kick mummy already? I know i asked so many times! But please kick me!

Omg dreamt that i had to film a scene that have me running with sleeveless tank top and tight boxer shorts on the  beach. I WAS SO AFRAID that the director will tell me i'm too jiggly at my arms and thighs hahah.

Woke up to a few food choices becox Josh have to go out early and he can't be sure what i wanna eat / don't wanna eat anymore. I keep changing my mind about different food these day. I no longer like mee rebus / vegetarian bee hoon. I love.. Rice! =DDD Nasi lemak is the best.

Bb your daddy say next time to match your pink pram, he will also wear pink top with Elsa from Frozen printed on it. SO GROSS. Lolol. Really very gross.

Thank you bb, today i shop for winter clothes also can only wear XL hahaha.

Your daddy has to work tomorrow and the day after but he already prepared our food for us ☺️ 我们母女俩不用怕肚子饿!

Josh fell asleep so supper is self-service haha! My fridge. Fruits from Jayne and LOADS AND LOADS of bird's nests from Wendy =DDD And stock-up of my favourite drinks thanks to Josh!
YAY SUPPER! Super sweet melon Jayne got for me and instant noodle Cheesie passed me when she stayed over the last time haha =D
27th Oct Bb today we wake up with breakfast put together for us by your daddy ^.^ Mummy's favourite kaya butter and bread!!! With Vitagen and banana haha!

All made up and supposed to leave home for my hairdo at Cleo. But then halfway through the whole house just went super crazy quiet. No sound of the aircon. Then i went to check the fridge, no light.



So i run to the window.. The entire area (where all the electrical plugs are) near the window is WET WET WET. Omfg.. I WAS SOOOOO SCARED BECOX..

Number one - I damn scared i'd get electrocuted hahahah. Cox the floor was wet too and i was stepping on the water. Lol. But i didn't get electrocuted at the first second so that's fine.

Two - I damn scared Josh will be angry with me becox it's not the first time he remind me to close the window if i hear the rain. But i swear i didn't hear the rain!!! O.O But then surprisingly he wasn't angry with me wor. In my heart i'm like.. "HENG AH.. I pregnant. If not i cham" LOL.

So i cancelled my hair appointment after a 20 minutes phonecall with Josh who was at work and trying to help me work around with the circuit box. Lol. Didn't work.

Called like 6 electricians or so before i could get one who's willing to come down to Punggol.

Still i was damn scared becox they are all guys and i am home alone!!! So san jie and si jie say they'd come over now =DDD MY SISTERS ARE THE BEST!!!

Heng they offered to come becox i only have $180 at home lolol. The electrician charged me $330 =___=" Confirm tok me. He only changed one cartilage of the circuit box. Took him only like 15 minutes to fix the entire thing lol. But nevermind lah, i am still thankful becox he solved my problem + didn't rape me O.O LOLOL.

I was damn scared lah i was telling my friends and family about how worried i am that the person who come into my house will have evil intention. But heng later Pearl and my san jie arrived. But still, he could have kill me the first 14 minutes of us being alone if he wanted to! Lolol.

Anyway the scaru episode of having to deal with a electrical failure turned out good becox my san jie later drove and bring the two hungry preggers out to eat =DDD
We went to AMK S-11 for the super yumsie lor mee. It's the S-11 near Gong Cha, not the S-11 near AMK Hub! Pearl looking happy haha! With all the food on the table. We all share share one okay!
Caught off guard. My san jie and meeee~ =DDD I LOVE YOU SAN JIE!!! Thank you for driving us around and bringing us for foooood!!! =DDD
Baby bumps with Pearl haha =))) So nice to have your sister pregnant with you. Both look like penguins lolol. And then go up / down staircase also ask each other to watch out =))
FROYO CRAVING SATISFIED!!! =DDD Sister day = Happy day!!!

Actually i always thought i only want ONE girl. Or if i get a boy first, i'd still keep trying until i get a girl or until hit maximum 3 kids. But then now i get a girl on first try, the original plan would be to stop at one lah hahaha.

But then i think about how close i am with all my sisters and how i grow up always feeling protected and always having someone that i can confide in.. Then also about much fun we all have together from when we were kids to now all so big dee we still talk so much nonsense and fool around with each other so much hahaha. This sisterhood thing has made me a more cheery person!

Plus ah Josh is so loving when i am pregger lolol so maybe i'd just have another one!

But then nevermind lah, see first one cute or not first. LOLOL. Skali not cute then i don't try so hard ba. Just love the poor child with all my heart LOLOL.


C said...

Hey Qiuqiu! Your bump's really big now. Congrats to you and Ah Pearl! Hope both of you will have a smooth delivery ;D

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha i LOLED at ur last paragraph!

Anonymous said...

Really nice to have a pregnant sister together. When ur kids grow up can be bffs!

Hanna Lei said...

I wish the best for you and your baby to be :) -Hanna Lei

Jaslyn said...

You will be a super great mum..! =)

Anonymous said...

if you're a blogger, shouldn't you be typing with better english? also, your last sentence shows how shallow you are..

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu! Your blog posts are SO SO funny hahaha!! I always enjoy reading your blog so continue to blog often and blog funny stuff okay! :))

edaong said...

!!! cannot read your baby diary!! make me miss simple food back home!!! but no problem!! I BUY FOR YOU CHIO BABY CLOTHES!!! <3

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