29 November 2014

My Love for Bugis Street

You see. My face when i shop at Bugis Street. LOL. What the heck lah seriously. $11 only for super duper chio shoes!!! You know those sneaker wedges?!!? Also $11 at Bugis Street!!!

Please don't ask me where though!!! T.T Not i don't want to tell you but i can only tell you Bugis Street!!! AND HELLO EXCUSE ME DID YOU SEE THE 2 FOR $10 SNEAKERS?!

Bugis Street is awesome like this. But everytime someone ask me where i got this, where i bought that in Bugis Street.. I don't know how to tell you!!! Unless it's a very prominent shop or something!

So now that they are slowing letting their vendors move onto this online platform.. We can all enjoy the benefits of being able to shop at the ease of our.. Home or mobile even =DDD

You all should know like i bought most of my clothes from Bugis Street right. Bugis Street basically travelled the world with me hahaha.

I even blogged about the things i bought from Bugis Street before my trip. Lol.
To Hong Kong last year for Disneyland =)))) Pinafore and top both from Bugis Street!!!
To Japan recently!!! Top, cardi and skirt all from Bugis Street!!!

Made a shopping trip to Bugis Street to buy my Spring getups the other day!
Bugis Street has plenty good stuff for mens too!!! At very affordable prices! And yes you can expect to see them online too!!! ^.^ They are gonna add more and more vendors and items gradually!
Cool watches for just $5 or 3 FOR $10 can you believe it.
Just another corner i'd always go check out for $5 - $15 items haha.

Imagine little piles like this on lehlong (sale).
I bought this top for $5 at that very pile on the floor. Hahaha. Bugis Street is awesome omg.
Second floor of Bugis Street!
This shop!!! Has a few racks of $5 clothes!!!
Where i got this cute top along with many other new items i haven't wear! =DDD

This is awesome. But it's not always open.

So you have have have to check them out!!! There are plenty more new designs updated regularly!


Jacqui said...

Love ur ENCHANTED FOREST pic! and u look so sweet in the yellow dress/top from bugis!

Hanna Lei said...

Stuff like this makes me wish I lived in Singapore -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

I have made my purchases in Bugis Street Online and it's awesome! No need to squeeze with people & shopping is a breeze... thanks for the recommendations!