03 November 2014

Baby and Me Diary 5 - Your first selfie in my tummy ^.^

New advancement into the pregnancy is..

Shortness of breath. Lolol. I think on my next appointment i'd discuss with Dr Law about C-section ba. Becox i think if i opt for natural birth, i hoohoohoohoohoo! half way i will concuss cox will run out of breath lolol. But i haven't actually decide lah! Will discuss with Dr Law again! =D

Bb diary here~ =D It's so amazing.. Everyday i have so much things to tell her. I don't write everything down but it's like everyday when i wake up.. The convo might sound like this..

"BB 你肚子饿了 hor! 我也是!"

"你今天不想做工啊? 我也是!"


Hahaha. Skali my baby is very hardworking gene (like her daddy) one and totally despise me and my lazy and slack attitude lolol. Everyday inside my tummy she roll her eyes. Lolol.

28th Oct Hello bb! Today mummy's gonna see you again *hearteyes!* Daddy's working so he can't go with us but auntie Mich is going with us =)))

I am so excited to see you later!!!

Today's scan was at Radlink to check the baby's vital organs and body parts.
Hello bb.. I saw you.. You are amazing.. You grew so much spine.. And tiny bones everywhere..

Auntie Mich ki siao liao.. She non-stop snap all the scans of all your organs LOL. Like seriously. Everything she also snap snap snap hahaha. But here's how you look like today =')))

Look at your tiny fingers clenched in a fist.. =))) Big head just like mummy hor. Protruding zygoma also like mummy hor? HAHAHAHAH FYL. Okay lah jokes aside, you're wonderful.. And the scan technician say you're kiao-ka-ing hahahah. Again! You very boss inside my tummy hor!
AHAHAHAH. You look so silly! This is your frontal face. Your first selfie~!!! Not bad! Hahaha! You look like you're gonna be a happy baby ^.^
Your heartbeat.. =)
And then after that the technician had a hard time trying to find your tiny right feet. Becox you kiao ka, the technician can only easily spot one feet hahaha. So your auntie Mich very stupid she got bored and snap a picture of my feet instead.
Finally =D Haha! They are so blurry and tiny but they look like art-pieces to mummy!
Auntie Mich camho while you refuse to cooperate and show the right parts for quite a while haha.
LOOK AT YOU!!! So strong and amazing =))))) All the little spinal cords and ribcages and legs and skull all..
Stalker auntie with crazy eyes alert. Hahahaha.

Right after the scan i text to show your daddy your selfie and told your daddy that technician say you weigh 284grams.. It was meant to be a sweet note for him at work..

He laugh and ask me.

"And you gained 11 kg so far? So......... The rest of the 10kg 716grams that you gained is.....?"


我们不要跟他好 okay?

Went to eat awesome yummy chicken rice at Far East Plaza. I had two plates of rice O.O
Later Mich and i went to Daiso. My friend so chio i cannot tank. LOL.
Si jie bought two pairs of shorts in size XL for me becox she say i always wear that very one same pair since i got preggers lolol and she scared my that side smelly LOL. But why the shorts she get for me make me look like i got kkb one lol.

29th Oct Today was just a day of yawning. I did like four different things yesterday so today i decided to be a vegetable. Lol. But i did meet people up casually to talk about Girlymake packaging!

Actually i stall so long becox i cannot find manufacturer for my boxes and packaging =( Got how good quality lashes also no use omg. Ownself use only lol. Say real one i'm very proud of Girlymake lash quality one!!! So now imma try to get people to help me with the packaging and mailing!

Josh was at Cleo Hairmake for some superbly hi-tech Japanese hair regenerating treatment and for his haircut so i tagged along. They are just trying out the treatment becox so far we look at the results documented on other real cases, it's quite impressive. That's Boss Masashi san trimming his hair!
While he have his hair done i play with some DIY gelish omggggg!!! I MAJOR LOVE ITTTT!!! It's a new and special invention from Japan!! Anyway this one is major cool cox it's organic and 100% scentless. Not like all the other gelish major smelly =X And it's only 2 steps! This is the first time in years since i did gelish on my nail. Gonna get more colours to try since it's safe for pregnant ladies!

Bb mummy already shopping for newborn outfits for your newborn photoshoot!!! Haha! =D

Omg yay. Your daddy work until so tired he fell asleep and forgot to eat his share of supper again!!! =P YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE! ; ) Hahaha!

Omg everyday i look at my body and is quite amazed to see how it keeps changing every other day!!!

Today i realise i grew this new layer of fats at my ribcage *cry + laugh emoji* Lol. This must be the least sexual underboob pic EVER. Lololol. I sent this picture to Ah Pearl and she laugh =_=" Lolol. 你自己很苗条是不是?!?!?! Lolol!
But if i need to get my fishball noodle fix, i need to get it. Lolol. Thing is i hate fishball now =X So only pork lard and noodle =XXX

Actually about 2 months into the pregnancy i already notice i grow a lot of weird hair at weird places.

But then i'd just share one with you. HAIR AT MY BELLY OMGGG. Sibeh a lot of hair there omg.

And then today i notice the hair is growing more and more upward to my stomach area. Bb if you make it grow any higher you might as well give me chest hair like a man liao okay really lolol.


It feels so much like.. I don't know! Like a nudge!!! Like an outward one second muscle movement!

Thinking about it you might have kicked me earlier before dee but i thought it was just my muscle twitching!!! Or like my stomach churning. Hahaha. So I guess inside you're like..

"Hello mummy" *knock*

"Mummy?" *knock knock*

"Hello? Anyone?" *KNOCK KNOCK*


Then i still no get it so you today decided to 跟我狠狠 zham 一脚下去. Lolol. Yeah i get it!! I love you too baby! ^.^V

Went out with Wendy, Yutaki and Rikeru today! Everyone very scared to pinch my food HAHAH i think they are scared that i'd snap their fingers off cox pregger's food is out of bound lolol.

Later go back to play with fatty Dash so Wendy out of kindness brought out some of her pregnancy clothes. Some of which were shorts. I see already i know i cannot fit lolol. She say "CONFIRM CAN ONE LAH IT'S ALL XL LEH!!!" And insisted that i try. So i did!

Nin nia eh i pull up until my thigh only it got stuck already LOLOLOL.

I was like screaming "OMGGGGG ARE YOU TRYING TO INSULT ME!!!" Hahahahah.

31st Oct - Gonna go see Yurou perform today! For her school's graduation classes! Haha. So cute!

Went to put on some makeup for her cox she's selected to present a bouquet of flowers for her school's chairperson later!!! She insist on putting on the clips *facepalm*
Telling me about how her shoes are very pretty i think. Her mummy (Pearl ah, not me, in case you think i so buay paiseh hahaha ownself say i am her mummy, which IS something i'd usually do LOL) get for her one! She loves it leh!!! So "sparkree" and shiny she say. HAHA!
She looks so tiny omg. The dress si jie picked for her also quite pretty lah! But you should have seen the other one. I told her to burn it or cut it up. LOL.
Reached her school and saw these pictures from their rehearsal! =DDD My Yurou so cuteeeee!!!
Them at finale rehearsal haha. The little boy in green is massive entertaining and cute!!! But i blur out their faces cox i don't know if i can post their faces not haha.
Woah woah. Somebody very serious about what she's doing hahaha!!!
No joke. HAHAHAH. Hen erxin right this poseeee!!! I love it so much hahaha!
Her class picture with her very awesome teachers. She often tell us what the teachers taught her. Can definitely tell they did a good job with coaching her to be a good girl. I think the school did such an awesome job for the graduation ceremony! All the kids have been practicing for months you know!

So anyway we were all seated and after a few speeches.. The he graduation kids walk in..

And i tear up omg sibeh embarrassing. Must be the pregger hormones lolol. Then this Ah Pearl sit beside me i tell her "OMG SO STUPID 我哭来做么!!! 又不是我的孩子毕业!!!" then she later also like want to cry like this LOL. Two crazy preggers hahaha!

After the chairlady is done with her speech.. Yurou went to present the bouquet of flowers =') Ke ai!

All of us sisters were saying NOBODY in the family is ever chosen in school one. LOLOL.


Not chosen to play for sports day. Not chosen for teachers' day performance.

Not chosen for national day performance.

Not chosen to represent the class.

Not chosen to do anything in school. LOLOL.

We have hopes Yurou will be the first one in the family that is actually not stupid + is likeable LOL!!!

Some pictures from her dance segment!

Her waiting in her spot as the teacher place everyone in position.
Our little meat bun!!!
She jiggle and shake soooooo much it's impossible to have a shot that is not blur. But here's a video!!!

You can hear her sing so loud ALONE for the second song hahahaha!
After the performance! We went to fetch her from her class and she grabbed this muffin by herself as she walk pass the buffet table hahaha. SO ADULT!!!
扮鬼脸 =P
笑美美! =DDD So proud of Yurou!!!

Baby next time mummy hope you also be selected to dance okay. LOL. If you end up like mummy like this hen ke lian one. Always sit at the sideline to watch only lolol.

Later grow up in life to compensate for all the times i couldn't get to wear costumes when i was young so forever act cute even at age 27. Lolol #MoreIssuesThanVogue hahahaha.

Today is Halloween i think? Stupid Yutaki told me to dress up as Princess Fiona lololol. Fml last time when i was skinny this wouldn't even be funny becox i am far from being fat lolol.

It would have been as lame as someone calling me a fat pig.

But now i am chubby and round he like this say i laugh until cannot lololol. My friends all very jian.

Omg had the strangest dream. It's just Xray scans of baby faces and expression. I think i might have seen my baby's face! Not bad not bad, quite cute hahaha!

1st Nov Spent the day with Yurou and family again =) I feel like Yurou is like my eldest daughter haha. It's gonna be so chaotic and exciting when Yurou, Yuxuan and My baby mix together soon!

2nd Nov Bb you turn into a banana today at 6.5 inches!!! =)

Mummy leh? Mummy turn into a lumpy lump! Lolol! My back fats is no joke okay hahaha. It's sooooo lumpy i think i have like 5 - 6 layers of fats at my back.

Omgggg today my friend bought sooooo much food for my breakfast!!! And bring it to my door step omg i love my friend!!!! It's the heartiest breakfast i ever had in a long time!!!

Spoilt with like 5 choices!!! Lor Mee, Nasi Lemak, Carrot cake strips, fried carrot cake, Youtiao and soya bean milk!!! Hahaha!!! She is now my favourite friend becox.. BECOX FOOD IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BUY MY SOUL NOW BECOX!
DIZ DA BOMBBBBB!!!!!! Carrot cake strips!!!
豆浆油条 i love love love!!!!!

Omg wake up fro nap feeling like i ran a marathon. Sweat like a pig!!! And this happens everyday! I'd wake up from sweating and feeling super flushed with warmness lol. Is it just Singapore or is it the pregnancy. Becox i sleep in aircon room and this hardly ever happen before.

HAHAHAH. You daddy helping me tie hair becox i tell him next time he have to help you tie hair when it's time for you to go to school. He say he will do it one.

So i ask him to practice on my hair cox your hair and my hair will be more or less similar hahaha.

So.. Bb, i don't think you're gonna be the chosen kid to present flower / perform in school anymore.

Hahahahah damn ugly lah!!!! And messy!!! And he took so long to do it!!!

He somemore ask me for a band-aid say cox my hair too spiky, prick his hands. LOL. Tie until this standard still got cheeks to insult me and my hair hahahaha! Si ren gui.

3rd Nov I woke up with a headache cox the whole morning i was dreaming about me going overseas to Japan to study. ALONE. PREGNANT. Wtffff. Don't even know who made that decision for me.

I cried so much in my dream. I told my bb in the dream "We are gonna miss your daddy so much" then i spent the last few hours before my flight with Josh and my family members and i kept holding back my tears when i'm with my family but then i break into uncontrollable tears when i was hiding at a corner alone.

It's so depressing this dream.

But yeah~!!! The thing about having a bad dream is when you wake up and realise how awesome real-life is haha =DDD

Josh got me mee siam and prata for breakfast and lunch ^.^ And then KFC for dinner and supper!!!

MY LIFE IS AWEEEEESOMEEEE~!!! Who wanna be my favourite person can just get me food okay? Very easy one! LOL.

Tomorrow i am going to do hair with Josh. Sam said something that sounded wrong so i told Sam to get me mango *gian bng face* Lolol. Later she said something wrong again and hinted that i'm fat so i told her i'd forgive her if she also get me watermelon. She said okay to both ^.^V

I like this 骗吃骗喝, 日子好好过喔 =D HAHAH!


Tiffany O. said...

Just wanna say i like your pregnancy look! You might have gained a bit of weight (which pregnant woman don't right? :P) but you are still looking really good so please continue being this optimistic! Looking forward to the next update on your baby and yurou! :)

Anonymous said...

My colleague sweat alot when she is pregnant too. She changed her clothes everytime she came back from lunch. I guess it's one of the process of being pregnant bah.

Hanna Lei said...

Your niece is adorable! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu! Here's hoping you'll have a super smooth pregnancy! <3

Btw, have you seen this yet? It's a hello kitty shrine in singapore!! http://mustsharenews.com/hello-kitty-shrine/

Mary said...

I love reading these slice of life posts from you. Don't worry about the weight gain, I think you still look awesome! Plus all that matters is that you and the baby are healthy. Have a great week :)

R said...

what is the brand of that japan gelish polish?where to find it?

Ayu Adiras said...

still look pretty even you gain some weight. Yurou is really cute wearing those costume :D

kindly check out my fashion blog,
i am blogger from Indonesia :)

Anonymous said...

omg i laugh like siao at the part where josh tie the hair for u and he say he need band aids LOL

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your baby blog and just 2 weeks pregnant behind you. But recently i just lost my baby and the feeling is like im being stabbed many times.

QiuQiu said...

Tiffany, yes i will keep updating!! Haha! Thank you!

Anon =OOO So jialat ah until must change clothes. After heat flush i calm down and go into aircon room i'd be fine for a while liao!

Hanna, thank you!!! ^.^

Mary.. Yes i try to tell myself that too! Thank you!!!

Richelle it's 1Q32 some Japanese brand!

Anon lolol funny hor.

ANon.. I am sorry.. I hope you are coping with it.. I can't imagine the pain you must be going through.. T.T

Anonymous said...

I know this will be a very late comment for this post. i am now currently 17th week pregnant but i didnt gain much weight as i didn't crave too much food. I am so surprised that you can eat that much and you gained so muuuuuuuuuch! wow! luckily you are managed to loss all the fat n weight now. :D still the food you ate during your pregnancy really scared me o.O so much and heavy! omo..