09 November 2014

Cleo Hairmake - Misty Night treatment


Warn you all first i very happy with my hair that day after my treatment and hairdo at Cleo so i camho a lot + i very long then feel pretty one time cox i constantly feel.. Bloated and fat these days so i decided to camho more.. So conclusion is.. Got a lot of my selfie ah haha!

Okay warning finish! Here to share with you what's new happening at Cleo Hair & Make!!!

I know a lot of you have been visiting them for simply hair treatment for their Carbonate Acid Water SPA Treatment that leaves your scalp clean, cleansed, and fresh plus your hair smooth and healthy! You can read more about it here, i blogged about it sometime back!!!

But now they've brought in a even more awesome NEW HAIR TREATMENT FROM JAPAN!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

You all should already know that my hair is quite terok one lah. When it grows out it's already frizzy and curly and super dry =((( WHY LIKE THAT I ALSO DON'T KNOW LAH!

But i am grateful so far i have Cleo to help me look good half the time =DD The other half the time i just hide in my cave lah what the heck. Really is no good hair i don't feel like working one. Lol.

See loh. Me on a normal day. Where i don't blow dry my hair lah. If i blow dry it's better (you can see a recent picture on my instagram!) but still not that good!!!
Pong sai gow at Cleo lol. Fret not~!!! Here to try out the new treatment that will make treatment effect last longer and is more effective =DDD
Thanks to this magic rod or something hahaha. It's an ultrasonic flat iron lah! Quite li hai oh, if you put some water on the flat iron, and clip both ends close to each other, you can actually see the water droplets jumping within the two sides of the flat iron!!! But it just never gets evaporated!
After shampoo, Keratin and Collagen foam will be applied. You can see lah, even when my hair is wet, it's curly and frizzy by nature one T.T When hair is applied with foam, the ultra sonic flat iron is used to allow the treatment to penetrate through the hair cuticles for deeper hair repair! You can see how my wet hair looks like after giapping with the magic rods! Haha!
Liquid Treatment will then be sprayed on followed by Treatment 1 which is be applied for further nourishing of our hair!

My trusty onni chan Sio applying Treatment Cream 2 for me!!!
Treatment 2 + hair steaming is done to wrap and seal the treatment as protection coat for the hair! It also gives a hair extra healthy shine! Later you'd see!!!
LOVE HOW THE TREATMENT SMELL!!! It's a new smell Cleo brought it.. The name is really call Misty Night wor. Haha! Plus the effect of the hair steaming, really quite misty hor. Lol.
This is my hair WITHOUT HOT IRONING and it's only blown dry!!! =O I cannot believe becox my hair with only blowdrying is still PONG and big and frizzy until cannot one!!
Closer up. But after the Misty Night intensive treatment this is it after only blowdrying!

Quite an extensive routine for this treatment but i must say it's worth it!!! Anyway not you do ma, you just sit back / lie back and enjoy only lolol. But all in all you receive

- Keratin treatment and
- Collagen foam
- Ultrasonic charging for deep treament
- Liquid treatment
- Treatment 1
- Treatment 2
- Hair steaming
And then later of course blow and style as usual for you to look awesome when you walk out of the salon! Everything for one affordable price =D

THANK YOU SIO~!!! For always making me look awesome~!!!
No edit on colour!!! See the shine!!! =DD And my berry pink hair fade out over the month real nice! So i say Sio is really a genius! Now it's this ashy pink brown at my hair ends ^.^V I love it.
Sorry ah i told you. A lot of camho shots hahah.
How to say.. But the Japanese really does it better with hair =X =D
Woot woot. New dp. HAHA. Omg cannot stand this picture too cute HAHAHA. Give it to me lah i look like a whale most of the time now, can look cute after hairdo, i take it!!!
Chu~ *want to puke* 27 yro mum-to-be liao hai chu. Hahaha!
Go try the new Misty Night intensive hair treatment for yourselves now!!! =D Camho lots with your pretty hair after that ah! Haha! =D Thank you Cleo and Sio!!! ^.^

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu:),

are there any products that you would recommend for whitening skin? Thanks!

Hanna Lei said...

The treatment looks great -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

How much does the new treatment cost? Thanks! :)