05 December 2014

Baby and Me Diary 7

Hey hey~

I don't know how i pass time these days.. Sleeping lesser and lesser.. I don't know why! I guess it's either the pregnancy insomnia or.. Baby want me to feel hungry and eat lol. It's like i haven't sleep longer than 6 hours in one stretch. And it's doesn't matter how tired i feel on somedays..

I can just blop into bed and then still wake up 5 hours plus later, maximum.

Anyway! Being awake is good too cox that means.. I get more time to think about things and be thankful.. I guess mostly i'm thankful for Josh, my family, my friends and also people who help me on this baby journey.. Actually.. I am really lucky =) That. Or the baby is super lucky.

I know this pregnancy is making me turn into a sloth and making my memory the worst it has ever been.. I still wanna thank everyone who has been nice and helpful to me and the baby inside me =))

Right off from my baby diary!

16th Nov BB you turn into a papaya at 11.8inches!!! =OOO How did you turn so big!!!

Had the first ever leg cramp since the pregnancy and i screamed for Josh to help. Hahah. He fixed it in seconds. I screamed like i was being burnt by hot soup hahahaha like

"OMG DARLING 救我, 救我, 救我!!! 我求求你!!!"

Lololol. I haven't had a leg cramp in my sleep since the longest time!!! Even before pregnancy! Somehow i grew out of it haha. Now that it's back i really forgot how to stay calm.

Josh went out for work and then got lunchner back for us both ^.^ All the things i love!!! He also remember to go to Isetan to get me mango from that one shop i love!!! ='))) Very happy he remember all the little things that i love haha.
17th Nov Breakfast was awesomeee~!!! Been bugging Josh for the longest time to get this for me to try! I put some peanut butter jelly with the pancake and love it maximum!

Went to find Yurou and Yuxuan today!!! The joy of having so many babies to love.. =')))

This Yurou super cute. First thing she will do to all the guests who visits her house is to bring them to go see the "new attraction" in the house - her baby sister. Hahaha.

Then when she saw her meimei's poop her face was like =OOO "EEEEEEE!!! 什么来的?!?! ARRRGHHHH 很臭啊!!" Laugh die me and Si Jie hahaha! She really look very traumatised lah!

So we explain to her it's meimei's poop and it's golden and softish becox meimei only drink milk.

Then she say "Okay okay, 妹妹的脸还是香的 but 她的大便很臭!" Lolol!

Went off to meet the blogger clique for movie haha. Happening day!

Did not return Wendy her $1 change for the ticket that i paid for first *victory baby* If all my friends allow me to do this.. Bb 你奶粉有着落了. Hahaha!

Yay tonight Josh help me apply stretch mark cream again ^.^

18th Nov Reached a point where 2 prata is just a snack. 3 is okay but i need 4 to make me feel full.

Went to Cleo to have my hair done and then for dinner with Josh ^.^ I LOVE THAI FOOD SO MUCH THIS PREGNANCY!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT MAX!

19th Nov Went for work today and i had to shop for Christmas stuff. So excited about year end where there's no work and it's all about feasting and gifting =))

Played with Dash after work ^.^ He is so smart i don't even know what to say about it!!! I think Wendy must have spent a great deal of time teaching and reading to him. I am not sure if i can do that =O A lot of words in the kids book that Dash reads i cannot even pronounce please lolol.

Baby you know there's a song i never thought make sense. The lyrics go like this..

"I knew i love you before i met you" but then today daddy say he love you a lot so i guess it makes sense =))) And he does.. I am pretty sure he loves you more than he loves mummy already haha!

20th Nov Went out with Michie today and had a really good time eating and doing our hair and walking around town! Mich got me a lot of stuff for me and baby =DDD

Baby maybe 你的干妈以为她这样很美? Lol she thought i was taking picture of the food so she siam until look a bit gugu haha.
Super duper soft blankie Mich got for the baby!!! ^.^ Along with many other stuff for me hahaha! Thank you!!! If i keep receiving stuff for baby and me i think i shift to bigger house also no use!

Pressured to pack my beauty room today by my conscience. Lol. Josh don't allow me to climb up the bunk bed anymore so it's very limited what i can do. I think he's upset that i keep hoarding on to stuff but seriously.. I simply have too many people giving me stuff! How am i to throw away gifts and brand new items!

After Josh help me clear a whole lot, he left the room for me to organise what i told him not to touch hahaha. But as i started packing i found lotsa snacks so i just snack.. Then shower for bedtime LOL.

Josh have been applying skincare every night for about a year plus now!! I tease him and say he use more skincare than me now haha!

I think it make sense he upkeep to look younger than his real age though. Cox i intend to be the kind of mother where people will think i look like my baby's sister. LOL.

So when my daughter is 18 years old, i'd probably look 25? LOL.

21st Nov Joining Josh to pass something to Cheesie and her danna before they leave for some cruise in Singapore! And then pregger brain forgot to bring the bag of stuff for them O.O

Josh is kinda speechless towards my pregger brain these days already. It's like he is no longer surprised anymore by HOW FORGETFUL i can be exactly. Lolol.

Paparazzi shot of the rare guest Cheesie haha! DAMNIT I WANT THAT FISH N CHIPS AGAIN!
Wah Cheesie and her danna got the baby so much pink clothes *HEARTEYES*
Omg.. Dreamt of a really bad scenario about Josh wanting to get a new wife cox i put on a lot of weight and then i cried in my dreams and told him sorry i will lose weight ASAP.

But then later in the dream i dreamt that i was eating ice cream so it felt a lot better hahahah.

Woke up to do some work and then learn Jolin Tsai's new dance MV as i would always on the computer.. But what the heck. Now i haven't even dance for 30 seconds i already sweat like a pig.

Omg i crave for fruits so badly!!!!!!!! I think this is the first real craving i have like i must have it NOW.

22nd Nov Yay Josh got me lotsa fruits ^.^ What i want, i get haha. Thank you ah baby. Breakfast is musk melon and milk! And of course lotsa biscuits and whatnot =X

Went to play with Yurou and Yuxuan again haha. Yurou kept telling us to not play with Yuxuan O.O She might be a little bit jealous but we all know she is more a good sister than anything!

Yurou is such a happy and lovely child i actually really wish she is mine hahahaha. But i already take it as she is so.. Haha! Baby next time if you can be close to your grandpa like that.. I'd be very happy!
Haha.. THE MAN. Can't believe this Bong is only 14 years old and 3 years ago he help to look after Yurou (on the left).. 3 years later he's still doing it PLUS helping to look after Yuxuan (right). If i'm a girl his age i'd jio him gia steady LOL. Then again.. Girls don't like good boys so i've been teaching him on how to behave like a douchebag LOL. He ask me to go and die lol.
Si Jie got baby a pair of booties socks =))) One for Yuxuan one for you bb..

23rd Nov Bb today you turn 12inches! We are at week 23 and there's 17 weeks more to go. Can't believe we pass more than half of it. You have been a super good girl hor. Now mummy and daddy has to go plan for lotsa stuff *bite fingernails*

Woke up and Josh give me a morning kisses (yeah he do that quite often especially since i got pregger haha) and then i browse instagram and saw people eating cornflakes and milk and i got craving but Josh say not today =( Cox he knows my pattern lah. I like to stock up all these dry food but never ever eats them. Lolol. So as of now i already got tins and packs of biscuits, chips, pretzels etc at home but untouched. I also don't know why. So boo.. No honeystar nor coco pops for me!

 Went to the new cafe / bistro at Punggol Riverside for dinner!!! LOVE THE FOOD STANDARD THERE SO MUCH!!! I wanna go back there again and again for the fish and chips and crabmeat linguine! =DDD If only their fries is shoe string T.T Or just thinner than chunks T.T
Pator sunday haha!

Gosh.. I am helpless. I can't shave where i'd love to anymore and it's.. Getting a bit itchy down there *awkward* But more sad than awkward T.T Josh puts a chair for me in the bathroom so that i can still wash my feet.. But it doesn't help much. So i guess.. I just have to live with things.. =(

Bb today your daddy told me next time if he have to discipline you, i cannot stop him becox he knows i will be damn bad with disciplinary =OOO 你小心, 你爸爸是坏人! Lolol.

24th Nov Yay!!! Your daddy got us cereal afterall =DDD The trick is.. If you don't get yes for answer when you ask for the first time.. Try asking again and again! LOL. Next time you know okay! He don't know which to get for us he just got everything. Haha!
AND THISSSSS!!! T.T Attap seed!!! I ask him how come he knows i thought about eating this cox i didn't tel him! So he say he heard me telling Cheesie about it the other day when she was here =D
Some of the stuff my friends got for the baby!!! Hankies from Cheesie!!! So pretty and cute it's from Liz Lisa one!!!!!! =OOO  Bunny dress from Jayne! It's for ONE YEAR OLD. LOL. Wtf. She say can wear for longer time. Ah my daughter 1 month old wear this as a gown with train okay. Wear until 1 year old lolol! Two cute dresses Rachell got from New Zealand!!! =D And a pretty hiao bo glitter shoes from Wendy!!! Hahaha! Really very hiao this pair ='D Thank you guys!!! =)))

25th Nov Mummy sleep until 12pm today haha your daddy had to wake me up he say "Wake up!! My baby is hungry already" hahah. You the most important now loh..?

Nowadays i walk a bit only all my limbs and my ass feels so itchy. Like you know the fats jiggle too much that kind of feeling.

Impromptu movie night with Josh!!! He was like "We are quite cool hor? We say movie tonight and we're on our way" I was like "Er..... Yah? We do this like once a year? That's pretty cool!" Lolol.

Omg bb you kick mummy soooo often now! Hahah. Mummy love you too.


She's such a good girl today i feel like i wanna give her everything!!!

Every little thing made her so happy. From the Christmas decor at MBS to simple sushi (she REQUESTED sushi, other food we ask her can or not, she say sushi is preferred. LOL. Simi sai so young already know what she wants liao. Omg i love her so much i cannot tank.

Really like.. When you see the pureness of how little things can make her happy.. You feel happy too! She even exclaim at how nice and huge the plants at MBS is and rave about how much space there is to stroll and walk hahaha! I didn't think kids would care for stuff like that!

Us before the show starts! Sorry very dark! But hey at least you see her magic wand! Haha =D
Me and Yurou in matchy-matchy from Lzzie!
 Later she spotted a HUGE Christmas tree and ran towards it! Haha.
Made Josh carry her up to have a closer look =))
And then she went "你看!!! 有我们的 shadow 的 hor!!!" She meant reflection hahaha. We didn't even realise it!!! So i thought we should snap a picture of the "shadow" she spotted hahaha!

Had a really nice night chit chatting with Josh til really late =))) I love Christmas oldies!!! =)))

27th Nov Bb these days when i wanna have something and your daddy say no then i'd just use a very high pitch voice and speak on behalf you. Lolol. Your daddy always laugh and give in *YES!* Today he say it will be really bad if you sounded like that for real hahah.

We went to have my craving satisfied - PRATA! Actually i have prata every other day but Punggol Plaza prata suck. So doughy and not fresh most of the time.

Josh ask me "Why are you not using the cutlery?" I'm like "Huh? I eating prata leh!"

I guess i eat prata too often at home lolol. Then we both look around and EVERYONE ELSE WAS USING FORK AND SPOON TO EAT. What's wrong with people. Prata only taste good when you tear it with your hands!!! Like a real man would!!! Lol.

Anyway Josh concluded the conversation with one word.. "Uncivilised" LOL. How dare he.

Went to meet Yutaki at the salon and then have dinner!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE.. The craving for beef is soooooo bad that i gave in today. I haven't ate beef in more than 10 years. And in this 10 years i hated the taste / smell / texture of it!!! But i guess the baby has Josh's tastebud?! HE LOVES BEEF.

Went to check out Yutaki's newly revamped room and he got me birds nest!!! =O At this rate people give me bird's nest, i can set up bird's nest shop real soon!!! Lolol!

Two new boxes of birds nest from Si Jie and Yutaki!!!

And also in the picture:

Lotsa toys from Hasbro for the baby O.O I think imma let Yuxuan play first! Hahaha then hand to my baby!!! If not the toys must sit and wait very long to be touched! Thank you Hasbro! We'd share =D

3M Nexcare very thoughtfully send me some compression support and cold and hot pad!!! For both maternity and post-partum. Thank you!!! God knows my back would do good with some support!

Dr Oatcare sent me an entire hamper with their highly raved product! It's said to help produce more milk and is high in fibre and good for mummies / mummies to be! Thank you for sending it to me!

28th Nov Went to see Fighter and Aud today with Wendy!!! Aud damn gungho omg she just bring Fighter out ALONE with pram and all =O I'm not sure if i'd ever dare to do that!!!

Aud is 2 weeks behind me and only put on 5kg plus =OOO I put on 16kg so far.. =OOO

Told Josh about Aud's weight gain he told me he think i'm eating too much. I say i only eat about 3-4 meals now. And then he say yeah but i alway eat huge serving, like extra rice, extra noodle, extra bowl of kway with kway chap etc. So he say it's okay for me to eat but not okay to eat like a pig.....

SO I CRY LOH!!!! I just couldn't help it! I just cry!!! I wasn't this much a crybaby especially to harmless figure of speech but.. I JUST SOB so badly!!!

I say if i don't order extra rice i'd get hungry really fast and then i'd have to eat more meals T.T And then he will still say i take too many meals a day.

That's why he say 我吃到像一条猪. Hurt my feelings okay ='( I mean i know he was just kidding but my legs are so fat now i can't even squat or fold my legs in properly. I guess that's why i'm extra sensitive. My friends tease me i okay one leh. But not when Josh do it. I think becox he's the only man i need to be attractive to. Haha.

Anyway i cry for 3 minutes only lah now i am hungry again omg. How can this be i had such a crazy huge buffet dinner with Jayne earlier.. And then snack after that!

29th Nov Woke up today feeling super hungry cox i didn't have supper last night..

Went to play with Yurou =D If only i can see her everyday i'd be very happy!!!

I love going to Pearl's house cox that means homecooked food!!!

30th Nov Bb today you turn into a musk melon ^.^

We are 24 weeks in and we have 16 more to go! I am scared!!! I haven't done anything =O

Your daddy talking to me about tattoos and he say he wanna get new tattoo next time. I ask him what. He ask if he tattoo your name can or not.

*RAGE* i know him 10 years he no tattoo my name wanna tattoo your name! CANNOT! Hahahah.

Have to work today so Josh accompany me =))) Feel quite bad for him cox he waited for like 4 hours =X But it's nice you know.. To have someone be with you all the time. Making sure you are okay =)))

Went to Wendy's place to spend time with Yutaki and Sophie as well! Snapped so many pictures for an advertorial Wendy was doing!!! Cute bu cute! Hahaha!

I'm home and about to rest.. See you tomorrow bb!!! ^.^

1st Dec Today daddy and mummy saw you part by part at Dr Law's! Cox you are too big to be seen as whole through the scan already! You weigh about 850grams ☺️

Pretty sure your profile looks like your daddy hahaha! He told me "Sorry lah.." HAHAH.
Mummy gained about 18kg so far.. Doctor Law say some people do gain more weight but in my case it should be mostly water retention haha. 安慰我 haha!
You won't believe what happened today during my visit to Dr Law. I was supposed to do a urine test.. So i took this pee strip into the ladies.. Peed. And walk out with the pee strip FRESH AND CLEAN on my hand. I forgot to pee on the pee strip for urine test =___=" So what happened was.. My memory has reached a new high for bad. Lol.
YAYYY Josh brought me for Nonya food =DDD
I ate 95% of his sambal prawn =X But okay lah i gave him my mutton cox i don't take mutton lol!

2nd Dec Yay bb!!! Our dardee prepared breakfast and got spare lunch for us before he left for work!!! We never gonna be hungry ever! Hahaha!

Today.. I fully lost it. I walk into the toilet, sat on the toilet bowl cox i need to take a crap..

AND THEN I REALISE I FORGOT TO REMOVE MY PANTY. What is this......? Pregger brain or senile omg. But i never soil my panty ok. In case you think i did.

3rd Dec Bb today your daddy wake us up in the nicest way we like ^.^ Kisses and more kisses! And breakfast! Haha! Mummy is very lucky to have you! Becox i think daddy love mummy more when mummy have you haha.

Bb today mummy's long time buddy Uncle Yong Ming say he volunteer to give you tuition next time. He is pretty smart and is on like honor roll when we were in school. I remember the first time he told me he got on the honor roll (of which, i never heard of and never knew it exists) my reply was "What is that? I only heard of swissroll"

Wow wow.. Sudden realisation that you don't have to be smart to make it in life. LOL.

You just have to be happy, be nice to the people around you and somehow you will make it through! Hahaha. I mean you look at your mummy, me! Haha!

Today i realise my tummy / waist has grown so big it's tough to bend or turn my body.

Also i realise today is probably the last time i cut my own toe nails till after pregnancy. Tried to cut my toe nails today and feel like i can't breathe hahaha cox my tummy is pressing up against my lungs or something.

4th Dec Today i realise i can no longer hold in my farts. And i should not even try. Becox if try to hold them in by tightening my buttcheeks, the fart just come out louder and clearer i think cox of the pressure LOL.. So.. I am officially a gasbomb. I bombed the entire Orchard today. Far East Plaza to Isetan to ION. Not on purpose. Sometimes even i get a shock by my own fart.

Forgot to tell you that i got this for your room bb.. =)
Opened up more stuff today.. Thank you Impression Lingerie for the very sweet gifts!!! They sent over like 6 bras, gown and undies that will be suitable for my delivery and after! ='D Thank you!!!
Thank you both sweet readers for the cute gift for the baby =))) I'd fill them in!!! You two are the kindest!!! Thank you!!!

Omg okay i need to go eat and sleep liao! Good night!!! And have a super awesome weekend!!!


Unknown said...

You still look very pretty! The water retention will go away, don't worry =)
And I can't wait to see your baby girl soon, so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

hii qiu2.. wanted to say..
u r getting more n more pretty everyday..
especially now during ur pregnancy...
jia you!!!

Anonymous said...

Have u considered taking a pregnancy photo shoot?

Hanna Lei said...

Those boot socks are so cute! -Hanna Lei

Vivian said...


Don't worry about the weight! Eat now and lose it later!! Now most impt is to be healthy and happy for baby. When you're feeling fat and ugly, maybe can try to do things to make yourself feel prettier like do up your hair, get a mani/pedi or even just putting on more makeup, pretty clothes. Just have to remember all this is temporary! Soon you will have a mini QQ and that's the most impt!!

Hey, can I ask where Cheesie bought those Japanese clothes for your baby? I've been looking for those - those are really comfy for new born.

You are lucky you know - so many pressies, so much love from your friends.

Take care and update soon!