25 December 2014

Babymoon in Japan Part 1

Hello! I am back from my babymoon to Japan ^.^ It's been a nice short trip!!!

Been to Japan three times this year and though this trip i look the worst cox put on lotsa weight HAHA but i enjoyed this trip a lot! Mainly cox i don't feel stressed about work haha.

I basically cut myself off from all work ^.^V So even if i saw a work email / text, i'd just ignore it =X I mean it's my last overseas trip before the baby pops i think?! So i decided not to do anything other than enjoy the trip and eat until my stomach burst (not for real).

Off we go~ Actually i had quite a hard time on the flight becox my tailbone is really giving me a hard time!!! It's soooo painful omg. Like achey + sharp pain. And it doesn't help i have to be in the seat for 7 hours with like 3 pee break in between lah haha.
T.T I love airplane food so much that i need a picture to remember how it looks and taste like.
Josh need to be so happy? Haha! The JAL crew were all really nice!!! A couple of them will check on me periodically to make sure i'm genki / daijoubu HAHA. I feel so special~!!! =DDD Hahaha.
T.T I will miss miss miss this kind of view ='))) It's so beautiful. Really quite a miracle what human beings manage to achieved. To be able to let so many fly and see this kind of view..
Reaching Japan!
One plane selfie okay. Haha!
Before we go check-in to our apartment we went into a random restaurant at Mark City in Shibuya. That's where we alight from the airport limousine bus! Turns out it was the first shop i ever had my meal in, in Tokyo! See this post! I didn't remember at all until i was seated!
My first meal in Tokyo! =D After this Josh let me go to Shibuya 109 haha but i got no makeup so i feel very insecured in 109 so no pictures. Haha! Then we check into our apartment!

Booked my apartment on airbnb!

Becox my last few trips to Japan when i need to extend, i stayed in hotel. And the hotels i paid for was $400+ PER NIGHT or $300/ night T.T Quite expensive lah.

So this time thanks to airbnb for getting in touch, i could book apartments for rental overseas!!! It's quite cool one! You can find listings from owners and then view their flats!!! =O What better way to experience the country's lifestyle than to stay at actual apartments in that country! =D

I think next time i'd always airbnb my accommodation wherever i go ba. Cheaper also. And for less than half the price i have to pay for hotel stay, i can book the entire apartment for myself, at a much better location also!

I've stayed in Shibuya the last few times so this time i decided to stay at a even more atas place since i can hahaha! At Omotesando! =DDD It's like.. Orchard Road in Singapore lol.

Selection process was tough!!! Too many choices!!! They are all unique and of different styles so you could pick one that suits you! Most can home up to 4 people i noticed! So it's especially cost-effective if you're travelling in a group cox you can basically book the entire house for yourselves!
And then when you click into the individual listings you can see soooooo many pictures of the apartment!!! Almost every corner is shown! Haha! I love owners who are so proud of their house!

My pick finally~ For $108 per night only =OOO Major affordable for accommodation in Tokyo!!!
Located in Omotesando so when i walk out.. I find quaint beautiful cafes.. Unique local designer boutiques and brands like CHANEL and DIOR also lah. Very good mixture of shops but then what i love most is that although it's in a very prime location, it's nested within the apartment streets so it's not noisy at all!!! =DDD We just have to walk 1-2 minutes out and it's where all the happening is =D
Me checking out the cozy loft bedroom!
So sweet the owner places like fragrance lamp and storybooks about fairies and whatnot. And there's also a TV you can't see in the picture, with DVD player! And air purifier!!! =D So as simple as the room is, all the details are taken care of by the owner!
The bathroom. Shampoo, bath and hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste etc) are all provided!
A small kitchen area good enough for you to whip up simple fares if you want to! Can safely say this is not something you can find at hotel rooms hahah.

If you are planning an overseas trip, feel free to check out airbnb for apartment listing!! Some owners also rent out rooms (of course booking room will be even cheaper than booking the entire apartment, so travellers on budget will be happy) so i'm sure everyone can find something they like!

If you want something more luxurious.. You can also browse the listings with higher price range filter.. Just for fun i went to check out the $250 - $400/night listing on airbnb in Japan and those are HUGE and super designer feel hahahaha.

If you sign up on airbnb through my intro HERE you instantly enjoy a $32 credit in your airbnb account!!! You can use them for your airbnb booking anywhere in the world!

Just FYI, if you do book the trip, i will get $32 airbnb credit also lah. So it's a win-win haha. Hopefully through you all i can save up enough credit to save a lot on accommodation when the time comes for my next trip hahaha. My baby and me will thank you by then okay haha!

After we settle.. We walked out for some OOTD shots and to explore the neighbourhood haha.
My knit dress and bag from rosebullet!
Hello baby.
Got sooooo super excited when i saw this autumn leaf on the floor!!! =DDD
Josh say it's too shrivelled so he offer to pluck me a fresh one hahaha. So inconsiderate.
Isn't it sooooo perfect =DDD
Our first autumn during winter time hahaha. It was crazy cold in Japan by the way! Like sometimes it goes down to zero degree Celsius!
Okay okay last one. Haha.
Supposedly popular takoyaki in Omotesando! Just 2 minutes walk outside my airbnb apartment! Indeed got queue when we were there but then the queue move very fast so it's okay! IT IS SOOOO YUMMY LAH PLEASEEEE. I chose the mentaiko flavour one!!! It's melty inside on i don't know why!!! And they are so generous with the filling and topping!
We took a 15 minutes walk from our apartment to Harajuku for shopping and crepes of course =DDD So happy the location is so good we can walk everywhere happening hahaha. If i'm not pregger i can walk even faster and walk more!!! Haha!

After Harajuku we walk went back to the apartment to relax and sleep (cox it was a overnight flight and we couldn't rest well on the flight) until 9pm before we head out for ichiran ramen about 5 minutes walk from our apartment!!! =DDD

MUST HAVE~ Shio tamago~!!!
Ichiran ramen why you no come to Singapore. Josh and i will support you one!!! Come!!!

Anyway after this me and Josh go for our usual midnight combini shopping for supper and also breakfast tomorrow!!!
Which reminds me of this picture and how cute i look in April this year!!! #noshame #iAMcutewhat

And then this time i told Josh to snap a picture of me shopping at combini also cox that's really one of the many things i love to do in Japan!!! =DDD

Ma la eh zai this is how i look now *disappointed* LOLOL. Somehow same same but different.
Finally went back to the apartment for good for the day and my feet was feeling sooooo bloated it's not joke. There's even like dented markings from my XL size leggings! So Josh help me massage =)))
Day 2 was a rainy day!!! But i manage to find this $4.50 umbrella from WEGO!!! =DDD My "Barbie" bag from Shibuya 109 =DDD Bought it yesterday haha!
Rainy day didn't kill my happy mood in Tokyo!!! =DDD
Loving the pastel cordinates today!!! =DDD Knit cardigan and inner dress from rosebullet! Outer from lovebonito! Beanie from JRunway! =DDD

Werk it werk it.
Saw some yellow trees and camhoed a bit with them haha. My scarf is from rosebullet!
Hair is Sio do for me! I told him to do something that will last me for my whole Japan trip hahaha!
Pop into a random Okinawan cuisine shop in Shibuya for lunch!!! I LOVEEEE! Cannot go wrong one cox it's Japanese omelette and spam!!! =DDD
Later in the day went to NALU Cafe at Omotesando to meet Cheesie and BB Junyaaaaa!!!! He be like O.O "IS IT THE BABYZILLA GOT ME"
"Psss! MOM, HELP. Why you not doing anything, help me!" Hahaha!
Hamsum boy!!! I haven't seen him for about 5-6 months you know!!! He's grown so much so fast ='D
 Mich came to join for dinner and look at this cheeky boy!!!
Michelle very happy to meet Junya cox she always say he look very Japanese and hamsum haha!
FOOD IS SEVEDDDD~ This nachos from NALU Cafe is just so good i cannot. The dollop of sour cream (i think?) works the whole dish so well!!! And they are so generous with the ingredients you can see huge chunks of avocado and tomatoes sprinkled all over!
Best edamame i ever tried =OOOO It's stir-fried i think?? With garlic!!!! SO SUPER TASTY that i wanna eat the skin LOL.
While mummy was doing something for a short short while.. Josh offered to carry Junya but made him cry LOL. Look at the poor baby face hahaha. But then once Cheesie take over, instantly okay =O
Cheesie's taco rice looks damn good lah. The bottom of the rice is a bit like our claypot rice one haha.
Group shot~
My cafe special!!! Chicken over rice!!!!! I THINK I MADE THE BEST CHOICE AMONG THEM ALL cox i let everyone try my chicken i think they super jealous cox it's so good. Charred so nicely on the outside and then juicy and tender everywhere else!
Josh's hamburg with chili cheese fries (those were mine) HAHA. The rest of the food i never take picture cox too busy eating hahaha.
And then we part ways and Mich and Josh and me went to walk and explore where to have dessert!
Walk into a random cafe call San Francisco Peak or something.
Mich's pancake that felt more like our min jian kueh hahaha. To chewy / spongey i think.
Buffalo wings that were quite good!!! =D
Mine!!! Sweet potato pie that turn out to be super yummyyyy!!! =DDD

Okay that's all for now!!! Will post more from the trip =DDD

My tailbone is painful again i cannot sit at the computer for too long liao! Bye bye!


Unknown said...

OMG the umbrella! So pretty I cannot!

Cayman Leasing said...

Excellent Babymoon. Very good picture. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

wth why did you go overseas and pluck leaf from their trees. Don't you feel ashamed about your behaviour? so disrespectful.

Felicia said...

Lol, what if it was alr on th ground? -.-

beth said...

You're so cute!! 💕

Hanna Lei said...

That baby is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Question for you: given that you are Chinese, and most Japanese hate you, including me, why do you keep bothering coming to Japan? In fact, why do you continue bother us coming? Can't you just stay with your lot of loud and rude Chinese people. Damn it.

jaja said...

Answer : She is singaporean, She is not PRC chinese. My question back to Anonymous : If you dislike her so much. Why bother reading her blog and leaving her question. Dumb dumb