25 April 2015

Meredith's first month celebration

Hello! Sorry i took a little longer to put this post up! Right after her first month celebration i went down with an infection and was half the time in bed / spent shivering in cold chills lol. Doctor say my body immune system is really weak cox i don't get enough rest post partum..

Which new mother gets enough rest anyway, please tell me. Lol.

Anyway here are the pictures, the pro ones are taken by the event photography and videography sponsor Androids in Boots.

I must say they capture very well the happy moments of the party! And their team of photographers and videographers were basically like non-existing at the party, in a good way!!!

They just go around quietly snapping pictures of my guests and i and the pretty little details of the party set up etc.. Without making anyone feel conscious like they are watched by cameras haha.

So enjoy all the pictures.. =)) This is your belated e-invitation to enjoy our party hahaha. At the end of this post there will be some awesome discounts and promotions from the sponsors! =D

Just one of the many pretty little corners of the party.. Styled by my party planner Assemble Happinest. They were also the florist and decorator for my wedding! ^.^ So happy to be working with them again after their company started to do party planning as well becox their planning skill is as good as their eyes for aesthetics of a party!

Before i can get to the party i just wanna thank Lydia and Joycelyn for their hardwork put into this party!!! Every other day i will hear from them a brief update of the planning of the party and that's all that i need to know - That everything is going well.

I don't have to fuss or stress over anything at all. To pull a party together is easy.. But then to have a chio party with the most suitable vendors involved.. That takes a lot of effort and time to go through all the nitty gritty details.

I am thankful to all the companies who offered to do something for Meredith's first month! But becox i have a specific direction i wanted and i convey it to Assemble Happinest, both Lydia and Joycelyn had to help me sift out the vendors who are suitable and who can deliver what i wanted.

Also they have to coordinate with the venue in-charge and the 10 other companies involved, from the fringe activities like caricature, magician, to the cake and dessert companies etc..

Imagine if you were doing this by yourself.. When you have to take care of the newborn =OOO I would rather just not have a party at all. But then i feel the whole point of having a first month celebration is of course, to let everyone catch sight of your baby, also i think it's a celebration for you and your husband! Celebrate that you two made a healthy baby, you two made it through the first month as new parents, and share this joy with everyone around you =D

This is for my case lah. Assemble Happinest also does wedding planning and all sorts of party planning! From personal cozy event to coorporate events. You may check out their page for more!

Them at my place for a meeting. To update me of the party theme they've came up with, all the way to the official party logo and update of the venue selections and comparisons and more.. All i had to do was "Yes, No, Next, Okay" hahaha. Just giving approval and acknowledgement likeaboss lol!
One thing i approved was definitely the macarons from The Macaron Shop!!! We have these boxes sent out to Nuffnang, Clicknetwork and Thomson Medical offices to thank everyone for helping us so much along the way..
Instead of the traditional ang ku kueh and ang kway nengs (cakes and red eggs, which is still nice, don't get me wrong!) we decided to be modern and send macarons. Hahaha. Something more instagram worthy you know HAHA. The Macaron Shop specialises in.. You guessed it, macarons LOL. They created really interesting flavours and even cartoon characters out of macarons!!! Check out their website / instagram for bake sales and orders!
Comes the actual day~ Assemble Happinest have to make sure everything is in place.. From my photobooth corner.. Which by the way is done up by Awwsnap Photobooth! More pictures in a bit!
Lydia and team doing up the backdrop for the dessert table. Giant balloons are from GiveFun! They sell party props and decor items online at SUPER AFFORDABLE prices wth. When i first saw the website i ask the boss why are they selling everything so cheap. Like cheaper than party shops BUT much chioer, their items O.O You'd see a lot of decor items from them in this party! Assemble Happinest works closely with them that's how i got introduced to GiveFun and the nice ladyboss =D
Joycelyn hard at work sorting out the welcome gift bag for all the guest..

Can't ask for more than to have these sincere, nice and meticulous bunch of ladies who works like macho men behind the scene to make people's party come true.. And they are so passionate and happy whilst doing it.. This is real dedication! Lydia especially is extra understanding and tactful through out the whole planning phase cox she knows i'd be very tired handling the baby.. Thank you..
And with a few final touches..
Our party begins at Whisk & Paddle
10 Tebing Lane Singapore 828836
Tel: 62424617
Email: enquries@whiskandpaddle.com.sg

They have both indoor and outdoor alfresco seatings overlooking the riverside and endless sky.. It's quite beautiful. I go there often with Josh when i was carrying Meredith in my tummy haha. Cox i loveeeeee their food so much! My favourite that you MUST-TRY is the garlic sticks, crabmeat linguine, pull pork quesadillas and their chicken wings T.T It's so good. Josh likes their aglio olio!

So you can imagine how happy i was when Lydia told me Whisk & Paddle will be involved in Meredith's celebration! The place is huge by the way O.O Like huge. I think can seat up to 120 pax! But they can section up the venue to cater to parties of different sizes. Like ours is just 60 - 70 pax so we only took up 2 sections! You can email Whisk & Paddle to check for details if you're keen!

So far they've hosted birthday, wedding solemnisation and even luncheons full of celebrities =O

Place is so huge and open that Assemble Happinest could play around with the decor! These are the cute directional signs leading guests to the party venue haha! I gotta give it to Lydia and Joycelyn and their team, really. Where the heck they find hay and how they DIY all these little meh mehs in such a short time!!!! THEY ARE SOOOO CUTEEE! And the fences?!?!! Everything fits the party mood board i had in mind!!!! =DDD I just feel so happy walking to the party, these little lambs are too cute.
BAHHHH! Haha! This way to the party!
Indoor seating at Whisk & Paddle. Every table set up so simply and beautifully..
Even the goodie bags had official logo on it haha.
Outdoor seating..
Quite a scenic venue, isn't it!!! Dressed up to look even prettier!
Smiley Miley and sampat Yurou haha. They love the sheeps hanging around. I love these little details Assemble Happinest added to the party! Little things people might take notice of..
This is where the guests comes in from.. Pretty lace buntings from GiveFun!

First guest of the day lolol! Wendy gets first pick. As in.. First to pick up Meredith lol.
When i got there i am more excited about the food and dessert table cox i was so hungry O.O LOL. On the menu that day. Everything whipped up by Whisk & Paddle!
Everyone gets to do their thang at the photobook set up by AwwSnap! Love the team's fun, friendly and energetic spirit! And of course the nice background and props!!!

Some of the silly props hahaha!
LOL at this picture!!! Stupid Niaoniao and my san jie bullying Yurou! Hahaha. She almost wanted to cry already but still try very hard to keep the glasses on for picture lolol.
Meredith and mummy =D
Our little family =)))
With my polymates =D Shiyu armpit hao mei oh~ Lolol!
With the Cleo bloggers Ben, Peishi and Randy! Missing Rachell!!!
I notice families especially love photobooth haha. Jason say it's a rare chance to take a proper family portrait. LOL. Got so kelian or not other time no chance haha! Here you can see Shuyin in action, encouraging the kids to put on all the silly glasses. Lolol.
But Yurou seems to like it LOL.
Look at this duo hahahahahha!! All Shuyin do one! Keep passing them props all. Hahaha.
Photobooth makes people happy ^.^ I don't know how a party can go without a good photobooth these days lolol. It creates so much laughter and memories.
Lydia also had a caricature artist (Dennis) from Caricature SG to come add some spice to the party haha. Lotsa guests (especially couples lolol) let Dennis doodle their picture!
15 minutes later.. He's done with our family portrait. HAHA. All our facial features so comically exaggerated i love it hahaha. You should see Miyake and Yutaki one LOLOL.
Thank you Dennis and Caricature SG! The guests enjoyed your talent! ^.^ It's quite fun to see yourself in comic form and then be able to bring the masterpiece back as a souvenir haha.
You ready for the dessert table?! It's my personal favourite corner cox it's too dreamy and pretty~!!!!! Cake from Corine&Cake.
Dessert table done up by Whisk & Paddle. They can customise the dessert table to your preferred theme! I met their pastry chef, she is petty darn good at what she does!!!
Styling by the side of the dessert table.. Assemble Happiest, need or not?! Really outdoing themselves lolol. 
OMG WANT TO CRYYYY~!!! Cox the dessert table really is what i wanted!!! So happy that my party planner can relate that style well to Whisk & Paddle for them to execute it so perfectly..
One with us~ =D Spot the three tier cake?!
Posted this on instagram and everyone says it's too cute. LOVE THE FRILLS!!! And the sheep!!! And they are all done by Corine&Cake!
They specialise in customised cakes and cupcakes!!! And to what i understand, they are so good at what they do, they are fully booked all the time and has a waiting list always O.O So actually i am quite humbled they offered to do a cake for Meredith. Turns out, they did like 5 cakes LOL. One three tier, and two cute side cakes. This one with the toy cubes..
And this one with baby shoes *HEARTEYES* SO CUTE HORRRR!!! What i also love about these cakes is what's inside! Sorry ah no pictures of the inside but it's rich flavouring cakes in all sorts of exciting flavours Corine&Cake offers! Some of the interesting ones that i picked are Baileys, Sea Salt Caramel, Red Velvet and Lemon Blueberry! They offer a lot more flavours so check out their site!

Love love love this cute little sheep sitting on the cake! Corine even doodled a draft cake to show us what she'd be doing! Love the thoughts and dedication she puts into every cake she does!
Time for dessert spam!!! Cloud meringues!!!
Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!!! I WANT TO HAVE THEM NOWWWW!!!
Mini Passionfruit Meringue Tarlets and Fudge Brownie with homemade popcorn! The brownies are sooooo chewy i love!!!
Earl Grey Lemon Pound with lemon royal icing! And these are just some of the desserts and pastry Whisk & Paddle could do!
The entire dessert table put together by Assemble Happinest.. Spot the milk bar?
Cute little swirl straws from GiveFun!
Perhaps let this little sheep serve you some milk?
Milk glass bottles from GiveFun as well!
Even my papa also excited to see mascot hahaha.
All the Merries babies unite~!!! =DDD
Me Yurou and Meredith with Merries bunny ^.^

Previously all the mothers around me kept telling me how important it is to use good diapers. Not just to prevent nappy rash, but to avoid leakage and the hassle of cleaning up the bedsheet or myself (in case the baby pees on me if i ever let her wear lousy diaper lolol) after that.

Now that i've been a mother for one and a half month myself.. I finally, truly appreciate why good diapers are sooooo essential. Newborns pee a lot. And they supposedly poo a lot (like 6 - 8 times is normal) but my little boss poop only 1 - 2 times a day lah.

So it's important to get something airy so it doesn't get stuffy in there, and it also has to be soft so that your baby's delicate and sensitive skin doesn't feel irritated.

Equally important.. The diaper has to hold in well and fast, to prevent leakage.

So you see, if a diaper doesn't have all these qualities, that will affect my baby which will in turn affect me becox if my boss is unhappy, she don't sleep, none of us gets to sleep hahaha.

As it is there's already too much thing to look after, her feeding schedule, her bathing schedule, her sleep schedule, her development etc.. All these = Our lack of rest and sleep lolol. I really really don't want to have to worry about any additional, unnecessary issues!

Thankfully with Merries, I don’t have additional worry and stress about leaked diapers as Merries is very absorbent!!! I have witness this first hand lolol. Cao Meredith always like to pee WHILE I AM CHANGING HER diaper =_=" A few times i quickly cover with the opened Merries diaper and right when she's done i flap it open, the urine is already absorbed instantly.

Becox it absorbs fast and does not flow back out, not only is there no leakage, Meredith's bumbum stays rash free~ =DDD Even when sometimes we only change her diaper 6-7 hours later =XXX Don't scold me okay.. Sometimes after night feeding she just wanna sleep.. What are we gonna do! Lol.

Very blessed that Meredith is a Merries baby =D Takes one worry off Josh and me =D Of all things at least diaper rash is very unlikely to happen to our baby hahaha.
Happy family with Merries bunny =D
Is our dessert table the chioest or what lol. Giant balloons from GiveFun!!!
Cake cutting time~ Well everything is happening.. But really not like Meredith gives two hoots about it LOL. She's like, i'm comfy, i just wanna sleep.
My family =)) Miss my erjie and family!!!
My own family.. Haha =)) Rarely see Josh smile until so happy lol.
My dress is from Lzzie by the way! I bought it the day before the celebration haha.
FOOD TIME~!!! Food also by Whisk & Paddle! =D
Mini mushroom open puffs!
Assemble Happinest and their eye for tiny details. Haha. Little sheep menu cards they did!
THEIR ORIENTAL FRIED CHICKEN WINGS I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Marinated and then deep fried to golden brown perfection. Served with Thai sweet chili sauce and homemade spicy sauce!
Nachos that tastes better than it looks haha!
PULL PORK QUESADILLAS!!!!!! =OOO My favourite T.T You have to order it when you're there or if you're holding a party with catered food there okay. The pull pork is super flavourful. A tiny bit spicy but it adds a punch when you chew into the wrap and tender pork fillings!!!
Crabmeat and egg mayo canapes.. Shit i am so hungry now O.O
Halfway through the party my boss needs to rest and Assemble Happinest had this ready for her. Haha. Is she a princess? It's the baby resting lounge. Really love the lace buntings from GiveFun! It's much chioer than normal buntings haha. I LOVE bunting flags in case you all don't know. It always adds a happy festival touch to the place. Meredith's nursery room shall have buntings!!!
Tassels from GiveFun as well!!! So far you must have spotted a lot of party decorative items from GiveFun!!! Please go check out their website! They also carry alphabet and number balloons and many more items that will make your party look good!
My boss sleeping haha. Love this picture taken by the team from Androids in Boots.
And this! They really capture really sweet moments without the subjects even noticing! 
And when she wakes from her sleep = Milk time~! Haha. I love the Philips AVENT Natural Baby Bottle!!! It has advanced anti-colic system with its twin valve. It vents air into the bottle and not baby’s tummy so this will reduce wind and colic that causes discomfort for the baby!
And it's very easy to clean compared to other bottles that's why i love haha =D Any minute saved = more time for sleep / rest. Lolol. Omg now this 125ml bottle looks so normal-size with Meredith.
My baby at 3 days old.. T__T I remember thinking to myself the bottle is bigger than her head hahaha! Look at how much she's grown!
Burp time.
Taken over by her Auntie Jeslyn =))) This baby is so blessed everyone came to see her!
"That's cox i'm cute, mommy" LOL. It's her big day, give her lah.
Then everyone is just chit chatting and enjoying the food and desserts =) I wonder who got this piece of cake haha! Cute die but sweet die if really eat lol!
My big baobei Yurou haha. That day she happy lah she, help herself to all the sweets on the dessert table, and then ran around carefree with Miley =D
Another fringe activity Assemble Happinest arranged to keep the guests entertained. Roving MAGICIAN!!!!! =DDDDD I LOVEEEE TO WATCH MAGIC!!! I love it as much as i love to decipher the secret behind it LOL! I believe i am the worst magic show audience. Alexander Yuen from Meta Illusions did a superb job keeping everyone in awe by his magic tricks!!!
And he is pretty humorous as well hahaha. I guess a good magician has to be humorous (and handsome LOL. What what what, plus point mah) to create distraction lolol!
He's been making everyone laugh and got everyone in state of disbelief lol. Now i won't want a party without a roving magician going around helping me keep guests happy and entertained hahaha.
Myself, Yutaki and Miyake.. And a very unamused Gillian LOLOL. She really meh cat like Sophie lolol. Us on the other hand were all like WTF WTF HOW DID YOU DO IT IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.
Coming to the end of the celebration.. Just me and my family and polymates talking about the past =)

My friends were telling my family how i always skip class, but goes to school without fail.. To use the computer at the library. LOLOL. So if anyone wants to find me, school library it is. Machiam studious but actually just go use MSN to chat with Josh LOLOLOL.

But hey hey hey, at least i reap reward okay, i chat him up like that and forgo classes 10 years ago, 10 years later i get a free baby LOL.

I am truly very lucky to have all these awesome sponsors, family, friends and this healthy baby =) And for that i will keep working hard in the days ahead to be better!

If you're looking to have your party at Whisk & Paddle, please feel free to email them! This is the alfresco seating area.. I think it'd look super beautiful to have an event during night time! Imagine this area with warm tiny lights hanging from the roof.. So much possibilities for your special occasions!
10 Tebing Lane Singapore 828836
Tel: 62424617
Email: enquries@whiskandpaddle.com.sg

Other than the goodie bag, Assemble Happinest also planned for little party favours for the guests to bring along! Very thoughtful of them =D
Inside each box is customised fondant icing cookies done by White Spatula for Meredith's shower ^.^ You may get them to customise any pastry / cookies you want!
Are they not the cutest?!?! ^.^ Cookies in the shape of a baby onesie, rocking pony, milk bottle and baby pram! They are super cute! Thank you White Spatula!!!
And big big thanks to the team from Androids in Boots for the awesome photography! I look forward to the video =DDD Look at this Meredith, not smiling again =_=
"Mommy like this can or not?!" LOL. So forced hor baby. Hahaha. Her outfit cute hor!!! I bought it from Petit Bateau cox it's all white with details.

The reason why i ask Assemble Happinest for a white / off white colour theme for the party, and have the guests come in pastel colours is so that they can bring colours into Meredith's pure and clean new start to life.. She is still so tiny and clueless but one day she'd grow up to know that life is only meaningful with people to love, and with people who love you..

Granted this party happened without her knowing haha.. But it's to celebrate people's affection for her. It's really nice to see your friends and family all coming together.......

To tell you your baby is very cute LOLOLOL.

No lah. Seriously though.. Thank you to everyone who is nice to Meredith.. You guys add colour to her life =))) 

And to end it off.. My awesomest party planner and party stylist from Assemble Happinest. Thank you Lydia and Joycelyn! You guys did a really wonderful job.. Keep making more people's special occasion beautiful.. And keep making beautiful things.. Thank you!
Planned and styled by Assemble Happinest and Stories

Special discount for my readers from the sponsors

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Enjoy your parties with them!!! =DDD


Reader said...

Reading through your post, I somehow feel so happy for your family.
I could see that you and josh are so blessed to have baby Meredith.
The party planner and party stylist from Assemble Happinest really live up to their name in assembling happiness in Meredith's first month celebration.

Hanna Lei said...

The whole party looks perfect -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

everyone looked so happy and cheerful! Congratulations qiuqiu on starting a beautiful family.

sharon said...

Hi Qiu Qiu!

I chanced upon this music for headaches and migraines, and thought that maybe this could help you! I've read about your migraines, and I hope this helps lessen/ reduce the pain :)


(I've read the comments and many said it works? I've never tried it though..)

Anonymous said...

Happy one month!! Keep blogging! Stay happy!

Anonymous said...

Whisk and paddle's link is non existent.....

Yuxing said...

I am late to read this but congrats once again!!! <3 <3 <3

Coochicoo said...

Hi, congratulation for the baby full month celebration. It must be an awesome party. :)

Fook Tseng said...

Very beautifully setup and done. Wish you and Meredith good health, happy and prosperous life.