01 May 2015


Lotsa things are gonna happen in May / June and they are all big changes in my life. As if having a baby is not a big enough change to my life haha.

For starters, we are shifting house AND shifting studio in May =OOO We are shifting into our new rental house and then we have to rent out our current unit (FYI if anyone is looking to shift to Punggol in May / June earliest, please look out for our unit hahaha).

And then we have to do up the new place a little bit, buy some furniture, install aircon and all. So far we have to set aside a 5 digit figure for the upfront payment alone O.O I don't know when the figures involved in my life started to get bigger and bigger. It's like when i first started to understand the concept of money it was all..

"Later recess time if i drink packet milo i can only eat sardine sandwich. If i drink the milo in a cup that the drink stall uncle make, i can eat a plate of noodle with one fishball but uncle always dilute the milo one" LOL. This time i was playing with $1 at 7 yro.

Then when i'm in Secondary school.. It's all like "I must only spend $2 a day, to save $3 a day, and then get extra $5 from papa by lying to him that i need to buy study material. Just so that i can go eat Seoul Garden with my friends by the end of the week"

In Poly i started to earn $100, $200, $300, $400 sometimes even $600 per modelling session from doing part time modelling. So i'd figure out how much i can spend after minusing my monthly student travel fare and after minusing my phonebill (of which mostly hover around $50 - $60 last time) and then i can decide if i can go have good meals with my friends.

And then afterwards when i just started working as a air stewardess, i could play with $2.5k a month but i was still constantly going broke. I guess i shouldn't check the forum for good food recommendation.. And then cab there to queue for hours just to try those food.

When i was a property agent, the sums that the clients and myself talk about become bigger but i should have spent more time making my career work out instead of always sneaking out to eat at Subway / Delifrance at HDB hub every single day and then dabao BK home for supper lol.

I am now affirmative that my downfall in life is my weakness for food. LOLOL. The reason to why i cannot be rich and successful, is cox i love food too much haha!

And then everything restart and the figures become small, innocent and bearable again becox when i first became a blogger, the very first "advertorial" i did was in exchange for a homemade chocolate that was selling for $3.50.

Later i do a lot better.. I was charging $20 for full length advertorial write up and feature of outfitsssss. LOLOL. I guess that IS a lot better than advertising for homemade chocolate for free lol.

Almost 7 years later.. Somehow the numbers got bigger and bigger and now i finally understand that to do big things successfully, you need to input equally big amount of little, little things.

You need to pay people in order to get help, proper.

In the week that i went down with infection (about 2 weeks plus ago), Josh had a really hard time taking both night and morning shift. In the meantime he was struggling with severe toothache that led to headache and if you haven't heard, bad things happen in threes, the doggies were at the same time, having diarrhoea so bad, everyday Josh say he feel like he walk into a room of world map haha.

So the two of us were really walking dead. My infection caused me to not even able to straighten my back lol, i was half the time on bed, having cold chills. His toothache was so bad he can't even eat or drink properly.

So i told him (instead of what i've been doing previously, which was to ASK him and then persuade him) we need to get a helper. NOW AND NOW. He was still quite reluctant.

We didn't want a helper initially cox we really enjoy our privacy at home. Being able to walk around naked / in your underwear / topless LOL, is a kind of happiness okay. 是一种生命的解放. There are too many restrictions in life and some are unnecessary. Like, wearing pants / bra / top / anything at all in your house. HAHA.

Anyway.. The second time i had to go see the doctor, i told him we HAVE TO get a maid. So finally we did. In a span of 4 days, the neighbourhood agency i went to wasted a lot of my time and got me nothing in the end even though i gave them all the documents. Wendy introduced me to Prime Choice and they got me a suitable helper in less than one week. Very very grateful for Dawn's help and efficiency. She very kindly gave me a small discount but i am not mentioning them becox of the discount lah, Dawn really knows her stuff and offers me a lot of useful tips in interacting with my helper.

The helper has been with us for almost four days now and she is starting to warm up to us and to the baby.. Josh and i are still taking the baby's night and morning sleep shift, in fact we take every sleep shift and most milk sessions lolol. But at least now Josh don't have to fuss over the household chores and other small little things.

My house has been neat and clean, since her arrival. Haha. And i can just text baby's milk order =XXX Instead of having to leave the baby to cry for me to go make milk / carry a crying baby to go make milk and slow down by three times to make a bottle of milk. You can't win it all with two hands.

But with an extra pair of hands, YOU CAN ALMOST WIN IT ALL hahahaha. At least at milk-making. Hahaha. Now i can soothe Meredith while waiting for her milk. Life is looking better. Haha!

And with the helper in the picture, i believe i can commit to EVEN more work which will in turn make us more dough which will in turn, buy Meredith all the toys she wants lol. No lah, all i ask is for our family to grow from here without having to worry about money at all.

For some people maybe all these dollar and cents seems boring. But if you've been broke before, you'd remember almost each cent you earn after that and be thankful for all of it. Haha.

Previously i only had myself to care for, to earn for. After i know i have Meredith from when she was still a tiny seed in my womb.. I changed. I have never been so sharp to spot opportunities and at looking out for the correct people to work with on suitable things. And i have never liked planning.

But now i have plans for a lot of things. Too many things. Some might change, i know. Some never will. Like how i want all my family members to enjoy life more, live life more comfortably.

And for this big dream, i am willing to spend and sacrifice little, little things.

Things have changed, i have changed. But everything looks like it's for the best and better.. =)

Have a good weekend! Tomorrow Josh and i are gonna take a half day off lol. Baby will go to Si Jie's place. Josh and i will go pator lah. But we most likely will just stay home and repay sleep debt haha.

And baby's growing.. More responsive haha. Update you guys again.

Keep changing for the better, everyone =)


Anonymous said...

qiuqiu i think what you're experiencing is called 为母则强... it's progress!! but don't get too caught up in motherhood, must still remember to have time for yourself or you'd become 黄脸婆 lol lol

Hope you guys stop getting sick and stuff!And seriously, it sounds like josh really very suay leh, forgive me for being 封建迷信 but how about a trip to the temple/church/whatever your religion is? (if you're an atheist how about a vitamin lol)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Why dont you be honest and say that this is a sponsored mention? Linking to their website & mentioning their name, isn't that as good as a sponsored mention? if you got a maid and are happy with her, no need to mention her agency right?

cmuney said...

I think it's great that you have a helper! That way you have can be less frazzled haha


Unknown said...

Totally understand and share your sentiments about getting a helper esp when little pleasure in life like the 大解放 u mentioned. But sometimes some personal sacrifice have to give in order for things to get moving. Being a mum is a progressive work n I see it as a learning journey n is still learning from the mistakes I make haha but this journey is also filled with good memories n joy! Many months or even years later, when u look back, u will be astonish by yourself n wonder how did u go thru this or that! Lol! Have a blessed motherhood and enjoy this new journey together with your great husband Josh! Blessed u two n little Merry-go-round!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw you at my workplace last night. i've seen pictures of you online and was about to ask you if you're the qiuqiu from internet. But I just thought oh, may be you two just look alike haha.