10 May 2015

Happy Mothers' Day

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mummies, even the mummies-to-be.. This year i appreciate all that you have done and is going through, more than i ever did before.

It's my first Mothers' Day. How do i feel, nothing special for me as long as Meredith eats, sleeps, poop, play well.

Yeah play, she can play a little now =))) I'd wanted to do an update about her but mummies will understand how it's a little tough to capture moments on camera when you're living it haha.

Yesterday i was at a event organised by Thomson Medical and there were hundreds of mummies with their baby bumps *HEARTEYESSS* Every one of them look beautiful to me. They radiate happiness and nobility.

I've been asked if and when i wanna have a second one haha. If you ask me now, i'd say no thank you, Meredith can grow up with Yuxuan and Yurou if she needs playmate of her age. If not i can be her playmate lol. Though yes, ideally i can give her as many siblings as possible so that she will grow up to be sociable and positive and sharing. But since i'm not having five more, i might as well stick with one LOL.

But mainly it's becox i dare not think about having the second one when i still have 17 more kilograms to lose from the 35kgs i put on from pregnancy.

But if i successfully shed those weight, yes i want a second one! Haha. But the next time i won't eat like a pig anymore lolol. Pregnancy is one of the best time of my life that i've experienced. And it's also the time when i feel Josh love me most LOLOL.

And if i ever have another baby, i definitely wanna deliver him / her at Thomson Medical again! It would be a pity if i only experience such a wonderful journey once in my lifetime, right? Pregnancy and delivery.

But first, i need to lose weight lol. Lose 得了再讲 haha!

Anyway.. I told Josh last night to cancel the Mothers' Day surprise for me.

He played along and say "okay, i will"


This is how you avoid getting disappointed lolol. No lah i really don't expect to celebrate Mothers' Day for myself lol. Children Day i want ^.^V


Hanna Lei said...

I have no siblings and I think I've turned out well. -Hanna Lei

Gin said...

I was at the event and saw you and baby Meredith. She is such a cutie pie! Twinkle twinkle little toes~ hehe. Have a great day!

Vivian said...

Hey, you've already lost 50% of your weight, that's a good start. It usually takes 6 months to one year to lose all the weight. Don't believe the tabloids when they show you celebrities who are back to orginal weight after 1 month. For the rest of us, betw 6 to 12 months is more normal.