29 July 2015

Meredith and Mummy Week 17 - 20


Back with a massive heavy post. Heavy with pictures! Since i can't work on my computer i'd just make use of what i can do with my laptop. "DON'T STOP NEVER GIVE UP" hahaha. From ancient Jolin Tsai song lyrics. Haha. I just went to her concert the other day. She's really an inspiration. She works so hard everyday i bet. Working out for that hot bod, for stamina to dance like a sexy maniac on a three hour concert every other day for a year-long world tour and when i see her instagram, she still has time to attend baking and fondant art classes =OOO

In case people forget, she also has (or had) a nail polish / manicure business O.O And i've seen her posting nail art done for people, by herself O.O Seriously talented, hardworking and down-to-earth or what.

Shall also work harder =DDD Not to be a Jolin Tsai but to be a better mother, better daughter, better sister, better friend and to be a better blogger, or something haha.

Okay before i spam you and your computer to death with pictures of Meredith, i wanna share with mothers-to-be and new moms one of my favourite little helper and also a little somethinh courtesy of Philips AVENT! =O

Amongst mothers for, good things really must share! I've been using the Philips AVENT 3-in-1 sterilizer since Meredith was home the first day and it's da bomb. For one it kills 99.9% of harmful germs and sterilize in 6 minutes. It fits up to 6 Philips AVENT bottles and you can have the flexibility to use it in 3 different sizes and decks. If you're bringing it to work, you can then bring the more space-conscious combi deck. It's the easiest way to sterilize effectively and conveniently really! *hearteyes* And it's mad easy to clean that's actually the main reason why i love it hahaha!

Philips AVENT
3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Meredith's milk corner haha. All Philips AVENT stuff. Although Meredith is on year long ambassadorship with Philips AVENT, i spent a lot of money on buying their products when i see it outside also hahah! Becox their stuff are really good lah! =D Anyway for those who wanna purchase the 3-in-1 of 4-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser, remember to get them HERE with code:
"AventSteriliser" for 20% off!
This promo code is exclusively for my readers only ah hehe!

"Yeah mum.. I waited really long for my turn to appear" Haha.
Happy and Grumpy ^.^ Yuxuan and Meredith haha.
SMOOCHIE WET KISSES =)) I love seeing the two of them together! Don't know if they will fight with each other when they grow bigger or not. Haha.
These days my house is all about baking weekends haha. Provided Mich is in town lah. One of the weekend we have master baker my bro-in-law around so we very lucky haha!
Me with two furry ones. Haha. Meredith's hair also damn furry haha. I try to let them mix more now but i try my best not to let Meredith eat their fur loll. Like her hand is always wet with saliva so when she touch them, the fur will stick to her hand omg what am i gonna do! Just keep cleaning and cleaning.
From Yutaki's snapchat haha.
Went for checkup and vaccine at Thomson Medical and saw this =D Meredith and mama's first cover!
7.7kg at 3 months plus haha. Our ped Dr Eugene Han say she's over the chart of 100th percentile O.O But he say it's alright!!! Cox she's growing well in length too =D
Meredith's entourage to the clinic gets bigger and bigger haha. Dad, mom, godma, monkey uncle, auntie Maryann haha. Really never see in the clinic entourage bigger than her one.
Fast asleep during nap time =))
Family portrait before i leave for Japan that time haha.
My nightly routine in Japan hahaha. Video conferencing with all these people.
Came home and woke up to her waking up =))))))) She was so happy to see me like i never go overseas at all haha.
"What you mean you were gone? =OO I didn't even realize!"
"Welcome back to be my slave!" Haha!
 "Jokes aside, mom. I really, really missed you deep from the bottom of my heart" Awwww hahaha.
Sorry she smiled so much at me i had to!!! Had to snap all of it haha!
Okay last!
Forgot to show you guys pictures from my birthday BBQ that Josh and my family planned for me =)) Josh hard at work BBQing for everyone..
Of course accompanied by my brother-in-law =D
All these food sijie ordered omgggg. This is just a tip of the iceberg!! Really can feed a whole village!!!
I'd be honest. I was on bailey's coma and Meredith on milk coma haha.
Waking up on birthday to my favorite people in the whole world =)))
Showered Meredith like every other day.. This year's birthday was really normal haha. The good kind of normal =D Just wanna show you all her fat lines hahaha.
Simple lunch at MyVillage!
My birthday present for this year and every year lah! Haha!
so on 28th June 2015, her hair was still standing hahahah!
Evening time, Josh went to get me birthday durian haha. The super duper bitter and freaking awesome kind haha. But Meredith damn sian she can't eat haha.
"If i can't eat, i don't wanna be here" =( Haha!
All three super focused on the durian haha.
"Pss.. 爸爸妈妈很猫的 不会给我们的"
Yup, she started sitting on this inflatable chair! It's from Japan, i think for about $40 each or cheaper i can't remember. I saw Cheesie using it for Junya when we were in Japan that's when i tell myself i must get one haha. It's damn good omg. You can just inflate it by pumping the centre pillar of the seat. So what we do is we just deflate it, bring it out in our bag, and then inflate it on the spot when we need it. Clean, portable, lightweight and convenient. You can also use it as a floating seat at the pool for the baby LOL. Cheesie brought it to onsen for Junya haha. Damn good or what.
Matchy outfit with Meredith one day =D
But she don't look too happy about it wor..
"Just kidding mom!" =D
A picture to commemorate the first time we let Meredith watch baby program haha. Baby Einstein i think. Other times she watches pop MTV with me =XXX
So expressive these days.
Playing with Josh every day =)))
Her first bikini haha.
The very first item she can hold on her own after we put it in her arms haha.
Le wild Niao Yi appears and make Meredith talk non stop haha.
Selfie with mama!
Wearing the pretty yukata Auntie Cheesie got for her haha.
Papa carry, mama make her laugh haha.
She love the birthday present Nuffies got for me haha. Figured it's cox the "bunny talks to her" every morning every night hahahaha. Her laobu me lah.
My little cupcake haha!
You know, blogger better forever hold my data cox my phone is exploding so imma start deleting some pictures after posting them =( This is Meredith having lunch with us haha.
Going out with godma again haha.
"TEEHEE becox godma drives! Xixi"
But come back gotta ken a forced to be on tummy time by godma haha.
I guess she wasn't so much in the mood for a picture HAHA.
With a little aid everyone can do tummy time haha.
Filming day =)
"Godma look!"
The day she turned four months old =D
I put her in Anna Sui mini that i bought from Japan *hearteyes*
Check out those belly bulges hahaha. "Are we done with pictures, mom? No?"
"URGH I give up!" LOL.
Out for ladies night ahahah. We got a very new member!
And then damn yolo we head to Geylang Serai for the pasar malam =OOO Haha!

It's damn nostalgic. I still remember when Ah Bong my nephew was a baby about 15 years ago.. My whole family went to Geylang Serai too and back then it was soooo chaotic haha. You'd really be afraid to lose each other if you're not careful!

I remember i was carrying Ah Bong and walking through the lights decor stall and i kept telling him "看, 美美 hor?" Haha. Now he's so big already and so sensible, his mother Ah Pearl and grandpa (my dad) did a very good job in nurturing his character.. I hope i can raise a kind and nice child too.. =)))

With Meredith at the Biolane booth where they printed out our pictures huge haha.
Over lunch.. Someone was really happy to wake up from a nice nap haha.
"I wasn't napping. I was resting my eyes"
"Next time don't anyhow say i nap okay, mom. Naps are for babies!"
"And you know i'm a big girl now =D" Okay then why you drink milk, Meredith?
"Look ma, big girl! Big strong girl!" Haha. Thank you Jayne for the floral jumpsuit! It's so cute and comfy i wish there's more!!! Haha!

Complaining non-stop about tummy time.
"But godma.. I really don't like tummy time!"
"Food, i like" Her first puree experience haha!
Omg the yicky feeling i get when i see the puree get to the cloth bib. I need to go buy some plastic bibs for her when we're really feeding her semi-solid!
Yuxuan: Let me see your contact lens brand! Both of them wearing dresses i bought from Baby FOX!
Yuxuan: Omg was i too loud..
Yuxuan: I am so scared she's be angry
Mer: Be very careful.. *shows fist*
When bad and you are so in love..
You just wanna hug together all day haha..
Yuxuan: Stay behind me, Mermer. We have to use a tactical approach
Another morning with wide-eyes Meredith.
Josh send me this hahah.
While i'm at a meeting.. My helper send me this hahaha. She caption it with "Do not disturb" HAHA. Look at her hair hahaha.
So many people making fun out of her everyday haha.
"Enough you guuuys!"
"Then i guess i'd live with it.."
"Erm.. If its's okay.. Can i have just a little bit more.. Please? Xixi" Hahah!
Simple OOTD..
Once in a while doll up must take a selfie at least haha. Out for a movie with the gang!
"Yeah mom, just forget about me and enjoy your movie okay" *stare*
Act cute.
Out for work again and Niao Niao went to visit Meredith again haha. And send me lots pictures!!!
This Niao Yi got something wrong one hahaha.
Squashing my daughter ahaha.
On my way home and i text my helper to ask how is baby. She send me this picture and say "Sir is fine" LOLOL. What the heck. She has a sense of humor or what.
Mirror selfie with Josh haha.
Casual meeting at our living room so i have Meredith with us haha. I think she likes to be around people. We are all white noise to her HAHA. She can fall right asleep with people around.
Please maintain those cheeks haha.
Josh took some pictures of her on the iPad cox we let her see herself to distract herself while on tummy time, so that she can stay on tummy time longer haha. It works.
Vainpot here loves it. Haha.
"Speak for yourself, mom"
Up from nap. Omg i am seriously stalking her movement as much as i can when i'm in the house hahaha. You know there's a creepy song that goes.. "Every breath you take, every move you make. Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you.." Haha!
"Oh my.."
Dolled her up to go for dinner at Josh's family!
I had to finish meet deadline so i couldn't go. I think she's sad cox i can't go hahaha. People say she's growing prettier everyday..
I must say i agree with them =)) LOLOL.
In her nursery..
"Picture-taking time again, mom?"
"Alright i'm ready!"
"OMG WAIT. Phew, almost fall"
Godma here to accompany her again =DDD
The first time she picked up a chew toy to chew on her own =) Fanfan the Fawn i bought from baby fair!
Really eating it. Haha.

My family staying over.. And the next day this is the kind of shit we do hahahaha.
Both my dad and Josh equally boh liao haha.
Another weekend spent baking haha. This time giraffe swissroll!
Brought Meredith along for my final checkup with Dr Law Wei Seng my gynae. Cox my hormones something wrong previously my menstrual cycle got a little screwed up, after he gave me some medicine, it was okay right away. So now we're just doing a follow-up routine check =D
Meredith be like "You're the guy who got of my mummy's tummy, out to this world?"
"I kinda prefer it in there.. But well, thank you" Haha!
A picture with all of us. Don't know why Meredith must act one cool haha.
Today Josh have to work so it's just me and Meredith with our helper! We went out for lunch instead of ordering food =D Havoc hor!
Afternoon nap selfie!
HAHA. Things we do to make fun out of the baby in the house.
And she has absolutely no idea nor control over it hahahaha.
Thank you Jayne again~ I rally love the oneises you got! "I think i look good today!"
"What do you mean by crazy hair?! No i don't?"
 The first time i put her on a carrier to head out =)))))

It is quite a nice and warm feeling =)) To have her lean against my chest like that.. And fall asleep while we're outside.. I haven't worn something and feel so happy about it for ages..

Never a dress made me so happy. Never a nice bag made me so happy. Never a pair of pretty shoes made me so happy. But this bulky looking baby carrier made me feel.. Like a mother =))) And that makes me very happy!!! =D

By the way ah, I've seen some people commented, concerned about carrier and about how i should go buy whichever other brands.. And that the carrier look like it's bad for Meredith.. Thank you.

Maybe you are worry that i bought the carrier just cox it's pink (yes, i chose this out of the rest of the other brands out there cox it's pink but it's more becox the other brands are just too ugly lol) but before i commit to buying it, i have looked around sooooo long for a carrier that is good AND nice. Lolol.

In case you're worried that i bought it cox it's cheap (me being a "budget barbie" for years now, i can understand if people think this way of me).. My carrier cost me $270 SGD and it's from a good reputable brand in Korea, but most importantly, i checked with Meredith's pediatrician what type of carrier i should buy and then after i FINALLY found it, i bought it, brought it along to let him take a look at it on our scheduled checkup, he examined it and says it's fine to let her be on it.

So thank you ah. But i think i'd just go with what my doctor approves.

"My first trip out on a carrier with Dad and Mom!"
"Dad, i wanted to give you a surprise! Surprise raindrop! =D"
With Josh who is so so so involved and hands-on i am so thankful. I mean.. Seriously. Pink carrier also he don't mind HAHAHA. Please give it to him.
"Dad, you not paiseh one?" LOL.
Still working on tummy time. You know Meredith still cannot flip yet. Yuxuan flipped herself at two months old. Kid, you gotta work harder in life. LOL.
But okay lah i give it to you cox you cute haha.
Don't grow up too fast okay, baby?

I'm going to Bangkok for work tomorrow.. For three full days..

Who knows what she'd have done and learnt without me T.T

The past three hours i was on the laptop working, when i'm not on breaks to play with her, she's looking at me from the bed T_____T Baby you like this mummy really cannot make a living liao.

Whole day play with you, okay?


I don't really wanna say cox gambling is bad but i've been buying a lot of 4D hahahahaha.

You all just wait. LOL.

I don't even need one million. 10% of it i happy like a toad liao lol.

Okay bye i gtg ttyl.


2801km said...

Oh my god! She's so adorable just like her mummy! She's so freaking cute. I just couldn't stop scrolling down and keep looking at her pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Qiu! Meredith is such a happy, healthy baby and looks just like Josh!

Lyn said...

Her tummy time pics are all so pretty! :> My baby grew to 10 kg at 5 months too LOL. Can toned hand just by carrying baby haha

Anonymous said...

Meredith is so perfect! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Qiuqiu,
I love to read your blog and now that you are a mummy to such a cutie pie, I love to read your blog even more now that we have something in common, which is being a mummy. I saw that you have bought a carrier for Meredith. I think babywearing is wonderful and it's good that you have done some research and checked before choosing a carrier for Meredith. I saw that Josh was carrying Meredith with her facing forward. Not sure if you are aware of it but forward facing is actually not very recommended.


Please don't misunderstand me. I am NOT blasting you for that. Just sharing with you. :)

You can also take a look at the Tula baby carriers. They have BEAUTIFUL designs (not the usual black or grey) and they come up with new designs all the time.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/364370083716870/ (This is the singapore tula love group)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/245166299015337/ (This is the Babywearing Singapore group)

Do check it out. Cos long term babywearing is good for children but of course we must make sure they are carried in the proper posture to prevent any damage to their hips.

Thanks so much for taking time to read this and take care!