15 July 2015

Hello Kitty Princess Room @ Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

HELLOOOO~!!! SO HAPPY TO BLOG ABOUT THIS cox not much thoughts needed haha! It's purely me letting my LOVE for Japan out loud!!! =DDD

Super happy Miyabi contacted Josh for me to go on this trip with Tokyo Luxey! I am very surprised Josh allowed me to go becox erm.. Let's just say we both don't like to get away without each other.

Now even worst, i have to get away from him and babyyyyy omg T.T

So i was feeling a little down..

UNTIL I REACH JAPANNNNNNN OMGGGGG~!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! We went to It's Demo at Shibuya after lunch and OMG i instant good mood =XXX Hahah! SO CUTE HOR THIER COOKIES and icing jelly gummy on sticks ^.^
CUTE OR WHAT THEIR COOKIESSSS!!! I got them for Yurou! =DDD About $3 each only T.T
Never thought i'd find Pokemons cute hahaha.
Hello Kitty lollies~!!!
Cinderella and Little Twin Stars lollies~!!! Also got these for Yurou hahaha. Seriously, just take all my money, Japan. Hahaha. I'd gladly go broke for you.
Cute little gift cookies ^.^ Everything in Japan makes me so happy!!!
Little Mermaid hand cream as free gift!
Buay-paisehly stood in front of the directory and took a picture haha.
Miyabi arranged for Cheesie and Junya to meet =DDD So sad it was Cheesie's last day in Japan T.T
Us and the guy who feel a bit left out behind HAHA.
Took a 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station to Keio Plaza Hotel! =DDD Look at the lobby art piece! They have it changed periodically with festive and season!
Love this pink one!!!!
Was told i can check in at the Premier Counter i thought okay, VIP sia lol.
Checking in with the friendly staff =D
Spotted this at the counter and thought the staff very cute go and inject her love for Hello Kitty at the counter display hahaha.
AND THEN I REALISE I AM CHECKING IN FOR THE HELLO KITTY HOTEL ROOM~!!!!!!! Tokyo Luxey had planned this for me i love love love them~!!! Even the room card holder so cute!!!
AND ALL THE STUFF I ALREADY SHOPPED BEFORE CHECK-IN TIME =XXXXXX Hahahahah! As we were walking through the lobby to go to our rooms, some of the hotel staff saw us and told us "Enjoy your stay at the Hello Kitty room~" and i was like "OMG HOW THEY KNOW WE STAYING THERE ONE?!" Then i realise it's cox of our luggage trolley haha!
It wasn't hard to spot our room!!! Haha!
JENG JENG JENG~!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Hello Kitty Princess Room @ Keio Plaza Hotel~!!!!!!
Went around to check out the room and EVERYTHING is Hello Kitty~!!! From the dustbin to humidifier, to weighing scale to the hair dryer!!!
Hello Kitty toiletries that you can bring home =X =DDD Hahaha!
EVERYTHING KITTYYYYY!!!! The complimentary Kitty Bows are for you to bring home as well as the Hello Kitty doll!!! =DDD
Hello my hair bow nice or not! Haha!
=DDD I am so happy!!! =DDD I only wish my sisters NiaoNiao and Pearl and Yurou were with me!!!!! THEY WILL ALL GO CRAZY!!! T____T They are EVEN bigger Hello Kitty fans than me!
But at least i got this cute Hello Kitty cake~!!!
Thank you Keio Plaza hotel for this crazy welcoming experience to the Hello Kitty room T___T I am so happy and so touched i feel like what have i done to be so blessed!!! ='D Mini celebration later~
Take picture of the room first~!!
Even the curtains are unique!
Vainpot Kitty pictures on the wall hahah! Truly a Hello Kitty Princess!
You can choose which colour to use.. Erm.. Sorry ne.. ALL MINE =XXX
Souvenirs for the guest to bring home~
Who's happy~!!! ME~!!!
My top and skorts are from Lzzie ^.^
Cute part of the pretty rose wall! The slogan says "A little world of my own, to do as i please" Princess ne~!!!
Talk about the pretty rose wall.. Selfie time~!!! Haha!
Is it just me or do i really look cuter in Japan hahaha.
With love, CHU~ Haha! So cute hor Hello Kitty lipstick decal..
Meanwhile.. Junya having a very good time running around in the room and point HERE.. And THERE.. And there.. Hahaha! See this post of Junya tryna make a point hahahah.
*Double point* LOL.
The cute mirror~!!!
And another~
Trying to take a picture with Cheesie and Junya which is almost impossible haha. But thanks to Miyabi for this candid shot ^.^
Kitty chan and me~ =D
Cheesie and me~ =DDD
Keio Plaza Hotel is really so thoughtful wor. Even have a Kitty holder with Hello Kitty postcards and envelops for their guest..
Time for mini birthday celebration =D
Making wishes! Confirm all come true cox the cake so cute hahah!
Junya pointing out the candle haha. I ask him to blow it out..
Keio Plaza Hotel also arranged a special cake for Cheesie and Junya~!!! It's in-tune with their theme of the month i was there - Mount Fuji!!! Isn't this super beautiful!!!
The inside is like this!
I also bought a medium rare cheesecake from Pablo thanks to Miyabi's introduction! It's the best cheesecake i've ever ever ever had.
Before dinner we went to the Luxe Lounge at Keio Plaza Hotel to check it out for a bit.
The ambience is so cozy and comfortable really. I feel i could sleep in there lol.
With free-flow beverages and snacks for the guests to enjoy!
And the view is just amazing =O
On our way to check out a few more areas of the hotel.. Saw this painting of Fujisan.. Keio Plaza puts in sooooo much effort to let their guests experience a different season / theme and feel each time they come back. You can check out the Girls' Day theme during Cheesie's stay!!! It's so cute and beautiful i can dieeee~!!!
Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of paintings of Mount Fuji, this one really caught our eyes.. It's so simple and mystic.. It's so strange we all walk pass.. And then all go-stan a few steps cox this painting was so striking. And we just stood there for a while to discuss it and look at it in detail.. I will never tease people at the art gallery anymore. LOL last time i always tell Josh "One painting only need to see so long one meh!!!" =XXX Haha!
Keio Plaza Hotel rooftop pool! They will be opening the pool for summer and apparently it's a HUGE thing in Japan for pool opening!!! =O I didn't understand why and then later i realise it's cox the other time their weather is super cold lol so nobody will go swim one. So they super love the pool during summer. Keio Plaza have in store a series of activities during summer for their guests!
A picture just cox.
And another just cox. HAHA.
Really gotta give it to the Keio Plaza hotel for being so considerate and thoughtful. The dressing room for the guests at the pool. With makeup remover, hair dryer and lotion all..
Saw one of the ballrooms at Keio Plaza hotel and it's just too beautiful =OOO
The convenient store at Keio Plaza hotel that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE. The last time i was staying at Keio Plaza hotel a few years ago, i think i bought most of the souvenirs from here LOL.
At Duo Fourchettes within Keio Plaza hotel. They have many restaurants within the hotel!
Seated to find a stalk of rose for me for my birthday T.T I haven't receive flowers since such a loooong time ago hahaha. 
Thank you for the rose Duo Fourchettes!
THE BEST AMUSE BOUCHE EVER HOW ABOUT THAT!!! They put in sooooo much thought into the special menu that i wanna cry~!!! I told Tokyo Luxey that i love egg and this was conveyed to Keio Plaza team and the chef incorporated this into the menu! It's a melty egg yolk with caviar and onion. It's so simple but come together so well! =OOO
Guess why Cheesie and i seated so far away wor. Not cox we not on good terms ah lolol.
Becox a little hamsum was sleeping between us! Haha. He woke up all groggy and blur so he don't really know, so he come lean on me and i was whispering omgggggg quick snap a picture for me!
Kimochi~ Hahaha!
Cheesie testing out my new camera haha.
First course! Cold minestrone soup with ricotta cheese! So refreshingly good! The piece of bowl-like thing is actually made from cheese as well! You can taste the flavour of cheese very well!
FOUND THIS SUPER INTERESTING FRUIT IN THE DISH!!! Yes it's a fruit, guess what it is?!?! IT IS A BABY PEACH OMGGGGGGGG!!!! Mindblown. It taste exactly like sweet peaches but it has no seed! =OOO I have to find it in Singapore and i have to eat 100 of it.
Ravioli with paprika and fresh crab meat~!!! =OOO THIS IS SO GOOD LAH T___T I am hungry.
Sauteed sea bass with vinegar sauce and citrus fruit sauce! The sauce goes real well with the fish!
I have never eaten something like that~!!! Grilled pork loin with galette of zucchini and tomato! =OOO Thank you, chefs at Duo Fourchettes for taking note that i don't take beef and for letting me try out a new way pork can be cooked. You can never eat pink pork anywhere else without it tasting funny =X ONLY IN JAPAN BABEH~!!!
And then it's dessert and all i saw was this~!!!!!!! T_____T ^.^ Thank youuuuu!!!
The chefs piped this themselves!!! =O On my dessert, blanc-manger of coconuts with melon soup!
With Nakatani san who was treated us so warmly on this whole trip T__T I love her she's so so so so nice and helpful and friendly!!! The chefs drew on her plate the uncle of Hello Kitty HAHA =X Cox they say the uncle also wears spectacles hahahahaha.
Cheesie and her special chocolate drawing!!!
Thank you again Duo Fourchettes for the very happy dinner with excellent service..
Group shot before we retreat for the day! Look at the lady in the background she's so impressed with her dessert as well haha!
Back at the hotel and decided to snap pictures for outfit features! This outfit is from Gutsy Glam.
Rarely have the 闲情 to dress up and put flowers on my head these days lolol so i might as well make full use of it - Camho lots. Lolol.
The curtains in the hotel room is pretty awesome for camhoring hahaha.
Tummy please begone =_=

Next day i woke up for the complimentary breakfast! You may choose to dine with a few different restaurants! I chose traditional Japanese breakfast so i went to Kagari!
This is how a traditional Japanese buffet looks like!
Mine~ =DDD The presentation is so pretty!
Colours so striking!
The day i realise i can eat mentaiko with rice every other meal haha.
Ordinary egg that taste so good. So good and so simple i was so touched that i teared wthhhhh..

I am sorry!!! T__T I was so emotional i suddenly feel like Japan is such a lovely place and country, even simple eggs they go and make until so nice, why. Everyone does their best here for everyone and for everything they do, why. There's just no why they simply take pride in what they do and have passion  and love for what they do. And for that i am truly humbled and touched..

That must be one of the reasons why i love Japan so much.

And i felt at that moment that it's such a waste that i am here alone. More people should be here with me! My husband, my baby, my family, my good friends! All of them should be here with me to enjoy Japan and what she has to offer.. =')))

Thank you Japan (and Keio Plaza Hotel)! You remind me to be grateful for life's little things each time i'm there! Even this simple egg dish ='D

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Thank you Tokyo Luxey for the invite again! =D Will share more soon!

For now if you'd like to book your stay with Keio Plaza Hotel please visit their page and do follow and like Keio Plaza Hotel Facebook page for updates on what they have planned for their guests!


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The room and the whole hotel is so cool! -Hanna Lei

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If you have time, do you think you can write a post about must buy items / cosmetics / skincare from Japan? maybe your top 15 ? Thank you in advance!