11 July 2015

Meredith and Mummy week 14 - 16


Feeling a little weird inside cox i had prepared for this like a normal log of Meredith and her growth, as i've been doing but then i realise this will be my 1000th blogpost for this blog.. O.O

How time pass, really.

And how things have changed with time.

In 2008 i started the blog just to write down random bits of stuff that happened in my life. And then Twitter happened and blogpost became longer updates cox the bits and pieces goes to Twitter (of which, i honestly still do like =X Becox it's tiny little on-the-go updates and thoughts that i wanna share with people about. It's simple, quick and straight-forward. And very sharable in the sense people can just retweet stuff that's interesting.

But then i guess later with the rise of Instagram and instavideo, Twitter is slowly becoming neglected. And people started to get really focused on Instagram, crafting picture-perfect moments to share with others. Posting stuff that will garner more likes, things that will look aesthetically pleasing on people's timeline.

And that's when people thought blogging is over. But i never felt like that, ever.

I don't know about how the social media trend is changing towards, and i don't even know how to go about the whole SEO thing. So to be honest over the years i've never try to reach more new readers / followers with my blog (but of course if it does, i am very thankful if they find me interesting enough to continue to read my blog) becox all i've been doing is to share my life in the most relaxed way, with you guys, my existing readers.

If there are anyone who's been reading me since 2008, i thank you =) You probably already know everything you need to know about me haha. I hope the way i've been reaching out to you (like a casual, stupid, meaningless convo you'd have with your friends lolol) works for you.

Cox along the years, i've had acquaintances, clients and mostly anonymous haters penalising me for my bad English, for me mixing in dialects (sorry i tend to think i'm blogging for Singaporeans / Malaysians only) but i guess the point they bring up is legit! Cox apparently according to my analytics, i've constant readers from the US, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and The Philippines!

HELLO!!! HELLO ALL OF YOU!!!!! Can you hear me?!?! Can you understand what i'm blogging about?! Lolol. Or does it all sound like Alien Language to you! Haha!

Amazing isn't it, how the web can link all of us up even if we're so far apart, and probably very different from each other, living very different life in a different culture.. =)

So yeah, i was saying about the trend changing. I don't know what and how it's gonna change, but i really enjoy blogging and imma keep doing it.

"Don't ever let somebody tell you.. You can't do something. You got a dream.. You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want something’, go get it. Period."

So Thank You for supporting me in what i love to do =)

You know Thankfulness really can make your day? "Everyday there's something to be thankful for" as cliche as it sounds, it's true. And that's a perfect way to lead a happy life. A life that you can be happy being on your own, basking in the happiness from the people around you. A life that doesn't have to rely on what others can do for you, what other can give you.. Instead..

A life where you're most happy when you have the ability to give.

A life that you're just content with where life brings you.

"You thankful for me, mom?" Lol. Yes yes baby.
I am thankful to even see you poop. Hahaha. Although you sibeh conflicted. Want to smile and want to gek sai. Haha.
Behind the scene of their twinsie shoot hahaha.
"Enough, mom" okay you just smile for the camera and i'd wrap it up!
"Okay. Like this can?" Sorry cannot, cox Yuxuan not looking on cam! HAHA.
Yuxuan: Sorry i got distracted~
Meredith: WA PIANG T.T
Yuxuan: Sorwee sorwee hee hee =D
Meredith: T______T
Yuxuan looking so adorbs~!!! And erm.. Very saliva-y. LOL.
Twinsie~ Hahaha!
Us chilling on the swing haha. Look at Meredith.
Yuxuan "Is it must like this pose?"

Love it when my family comes over ^.^ We always find joy in doing the simplest things together. Even just having lunch, sitting together to watch TV or heading out for ice cream =)))

Like that day everyone was just sitting around and chilling and then Ah Bong out of nowhere suddenly recall something

"Eh 对 hor 姨丈! 我要问你, 你的那个.. 那个.. 那个......"
"Joshua, i need to check with you.. Your that one.. That one.. That one......"

"有没有酱的 size 的 huh?"
He point like that and ask Josh........... "Got this size or not ah?"

We all sibeh stunned and silent for a few seconds and then everyone burst out laughing LOLOL.

He was asking about a battery for my dad's pointer laser, that Jinzeng told him Josh always use for his DSLR / flash during shoots. But he don't know how to say so he na ge na ge na ge LOLOL.

Then i was like "HALLO EXCUSE ME??! 这种东西可以酱问的 meh?!" LOL. Norni Bong.

"妈咪 我酱美吗?" You look a bit scared! Please smile!
"OKAY" Lol. This eyes very erxin look very earnest and keen omg lolol.
Yeah baby! This is better!
Random selfie insert. Don't mind me. Haha.
At the new place trying to lure Michelle to come bring us to go for food. I was like "I hold her hostage"
And then i was like "She's still waiting. Are you coming?" LOL.
And it works hahahaha. Don't be alarmed okay. I was just burping her after milk.
Bleah. Cheeky or what.
When you have to work on a weekend.
In this period, Meredith also learnt how to pout and do fake crying =_=" Haha. It works for her though. Adults be like WHAT DO YOU WANT??? HUGS??!?! MORE MILK?!?! DIAPER CHANGE?!?! MY LIFE?!?!?! TAKE IT!!! TAKE IT ALLLLL~~~ Haha.
Super duper pretty outfit Michelle bought from Petit Bateau! I LOVE IT but it's too small for Meredith. We can't even button it up omg damn sad T.T
"干妈 以后记得买大一点的 hor!"
Pinky selfie!
As advised by our peds, we keep offering her stuff cox 3 months old supposed to learn how to reach out for things on target haha. But Meredith damn lazy or what i also don't know. Finally afetr trying for about a week i could see her trying...... WITH HER TONGUE / legs lolol. She wasn't very good with her hands yet back then. So kept trying to stick out her tongue to reach the toy lol.
On the day we shifted in, i was very very thankful for Niao Niao and Mich who came to babysit her so we can pack. This naughty girl good lah, this one carry finish, that one carry haha.
Packing halfway in one of the rooms and then saw Niao Niao sent this to the family group chat. MACHIAM DING DONG. Lolol.
Finally~ Our first night at the new place =D
The next day Niao and i dress Meredith up hahaha. "Mom, are you sure this is not silly?"
"Hello! Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me if my mom is making a fool of me?"

You see this pillow on Meredith? FML i threw it awayyyy!!!!!!! After i got a private message from a follower on Instagram advising me to open the zip up to check for tiny bugs, beige in colour. I ask Josh to do it and he did and say it's fine, there's no bugs. I wasn't quite sure so my brother-in-law took it to check again and say no bugs. So after i settle down Meredith after milk, i went to check it AND FMLLLL really got a lot of micro bugs!!! Like you know dustmites?!?! These are slightly bigger and you have to look VERY CLOSELY to spot them!!! There were many bugs so i gave up the idea of wanting to rinse the shells, dry them and then use them. So if you see it, try not to buy it ba.. Or if you are using it, clean it / throw it away if you would =X
Selfie queen in the making, maybe. Haha.
Taken during our photoshoot with Biolane =)))
You know how i have all these pictures in my phone haha! Cox Yurou is using my iPhone 5 and it's linked with iCloud. So whatever she does on the phone i will know lol. I like it! That i sometimes can get update of what she does, which game she plays haha. I saw this and feel so much love. And feel that Si Jie is so blessed to have these wonderful kids.. Siblings love is one of the best love on earth!!!
"Woah, wish i have such love with my siblings as well. Except i don't have any. And that although my 四姨 promised that i can grow up with her kids like siblings but when Yurou jiejie and Yuxuan jiejie wear same outfits, that i have as well, they never jio me, TWICE"
"THERE" Lololol. Aiyo~ Meredith so 记仇 hor! =D HAHAHA. Haiyah, it's okay lah. Single child is like that one =))) We just be lonely forever loh it's okay one!!!
The doggies more and more no hiu Meredith haha.
She prefers to be upright instead of being carried around like a baby in our arm-cradle.
Happy grandad to these two babies =)))
Just chilin.. Whatever floats your boat, you know. Lol
Hamburger in the water or what. Lol.
"Something's not right. I see people laughing at me again"
My sanjie with Meredith ^.^ By the way she LOVES swimming omg. She just damn chillax! I'm gonna bring her for swimming lessons when she's bigger! =DDD But shit. She'd be so tanned. I guess i'd only bring her to indoor pool LOL. 
 Omg spot the red float wtffff. I told them specifically don't bring the red float that Yurou used as a baby cox it's very ugly. They told me the red float throw away already. So i was like phew okay~
When they come they still have the red float (for Yuxuan) and i was like?? Lolol. So my dad say they went to buy a new one and this was the only design they have for sitting float lol. Yurou happy hor!
My dad's laughter is happiness for me also~!!! =DDD Really love it when my family gathers!!! =D
Lifeguard Drago LOL. He really stand around the pool just to be with us lol. And of course aim the rubber duckie. It's sooooo weird!! He never like ANY toys EXCEPT rubber duckies!!! 
Next day breakfast for Yurou haha. I've been waiting all my life to make breakfast for my daughter!
"That doesn't look too good.....?"
After breakfast.. Papa brought Meredith out on his own and just play with her =))) I look at that and i think.. I have enough in my life.. =)
All Ang Sisters present~ =DDD
Lol why the grumpy face baby..
Love it when Ah Bong sleeps over. Cox the next day he'd go running with my doggies hahah.
Yurou isn't scared of them anymore~ =D I think it's always nice to let kids mix and grow up with a pet. Can cultivate them to care for something that cannot offer them anything tangible in return..
When Meredith was 100 days old! Smiling in her nap cox i talk to her lol.
Actually is very unglam one cox she totally cannot fit the basket anymore lol.
Sweet moment ruined by Meredith's fart HAHA. Bong was reading Princess and the Pea to both of them and then Meredith farted LOL. No joke one, her farts. Hahaha. Here you see Yurou going YUCKS HAHAHA, and Ah Bong fanning the smell away lolol.
Later Ah Bong leave the room for a bit of fresh air LOL and then Meredith whined and look who's the big sister =)))
Yuxuan nuaing on the swing with Yeye.
Bed hair when she wakes up lol.
Level up to learn how to use her legs to reach the toy. Lol.
Erm.. Maybe her favourite colour isn't pink as i wish it is.
Niao got this pants for her from Taiwan lolol. A bit big right lol.
Got some books for her and when i read this particular one to her, she instantly fell asleep. LOL. RUDE.
"Shit. She noticed"
HEH! Why is it that almost every picture of the baby looks cute to the parents ah. HAHAH.
The men in our household all not bad ah. Haha. Josh and my brother-in-law cutting nails for Yuxuan..
Yuxuan stealth mode on.. Looks like she's gonna take sneak something home again LOL. Like mother like daughter.
Another weekend another swimming session haha.
In case you're wondering how come no picture of Yuxuan in the pool that's cox she's SOOOOO scared hahaha. See the pool only she'd cry liao. We try to dip her feets only also she cry lol.
Erm.. That's Yurou teaching Meredith how to swim LOL. You mean crawl, Yurou? Haha.
Our lifeguard still on duty, every week, without fail. LOL.
That evening we happen to have a cake so we just celebrated for nothing. LOL. Okay lah supposed to be Fathers' Day celebration but not exactly cox erm.. The cake a bit girly for my dad LOL. Also.. Headless person is Michelle LOLOL. She say she don't wanna be extra but she wanna carry Meredith to join the picture lol.
And of course.. All cakes belongs to Yurou HAHA.
Another week.. Pearl was spotted in the cot.
"Just kidding~!!! It's me can't you tell?! I do look like my mommy!"
Yuxuan on stealth mode again..
"Mom, mom, mom, i got this covered! I barricade Meredith up so she can't see! What are we gonna take today???"
"But i can still hear leh, Yuxuan jiejie =D"
"AIYO JUST KIDDING LAH SILLY~!!!! WHY WOULD I STEAL YOUR STUFF?! HEE HEE~" Hahahahah. Erm as a matter of fact.. Yuxuan took a rattle soft toy back "BY MISTAKE" as according to Pearl.. LOL. Yup, mistakes are inevitable, every weekly. Lolol.
Yurou unplug with a zao xiah ukelele. Lolol.
Her dress from Little Lzzie =D

That night was my birthday and Josh together with my sisters had planned a surprise BBQ party for me ='))) It was really just a family gathering with BBQ.. And a cake.. But it was one of the best birthday celebrations i've had. Cox this year.. I am a mother and that gave me new perspective on things.

This time with one more year added to my age, i realise how precious simple life moments are.. And how important it is to focus on the positive things and people in your life.. And draw yourself away from toxics. This year other than giving thanks for my loved ones being healthy, i make a wish for me to have courage and have faith. Courage to stand alone if i have to, faith that i can do it even if i'm standing alone.

I mean.. No one is ever really alone =)

So this birthday.. I thank the ones who only think for my best interest as my friends and family.

Anyway~! I am very very very loved T.T Josh and my brother-in-law BBQ the whole night away for everyone and my sisters ran around getting the BBQ stuff and ordering food etc!

Out came the birthday cake. Stupid Niao look like a shindig LOL. She stood there with the birthday when everyone was singing the birthday song and i was sitting quite far away so i was like WTF YOU STAND THERE FOR COME NEARER LAH YOU THINK YOU BIRTHDAY GIRL AH!
LOLOL. So she bring over the cake hahaha.
Wish-making time~ Actually my wish is already in my arms lah HAHA *mushy*
Very gross my sisters go and say "Happy Birthday QiuQiu" WTF ERXIN. I hate it when my close ones call me QiuQiu LOLOL. It's like my work name and it's very act cute LOL. I was 21, don't judge.
Another day Zhen and Mich and Monkey came over to spend time with Meredith =))) This is when they have to say goodbye haha. It's always hard for godma Michelle lolol.

Just like it's hard for you to say goodbye to me O.O But i really have to go. 5 hours away from Meredith (of course i sneak off to play with her now and then LOL) is hardddddd!

Bye bye bye!

Video log of Meredith week 14 - 16


Lizzie said...

Hello ^^
You also have a reader from Germany. Me ^^
I really love your blog, it is always fun to read.

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu, are you able to do a video on how you spray and clear Meredith's nose? I'm also using Sterimar, but it seems like I'm not doing the right way...

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Awww so much love, esp the pics with the family members. Meredith so cute i can't even.... Haha

Anonymous said...

QQ, your dad should be Meredith's "wai gong" NOT yeye!!!

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu, Meredith is sooooo cute and cool! white Yuxuan tend to be very friendly and good laughter! awww.. I love how your husky take good care and guard over them too! too sweet! and happy birthday! we share birthday month and we have near birthday date! mine was 5th of July! :D