01 April 2016

Meredith and Mummy - 11 months

HELLO! Before i go off to Japan for Sakura with Meredith and Josh, here's Meredith and Mummy diary at 11 months old! Too much backlogs, but i still have to share them all~ Cox i enjoy doing it!

This was the last few days of CNY where Ben, Peishi and i went to Rachell's place for house visit haha! It was so fun and enjoyable cox Rachell's mummy super hands-on with Meredith and all of them very give face to Meredith during meal time, help her clap non-stop lol.
You can see how happy she was also. Got free snacks somemore HAHA.
Went to papa's house at night to 拜天宫. It is comforting to feel that there's a higher power who knows everything about everyone =))) 你也拜过的, 老天有眼, 你慢慢等 =)))
Yearly affair getting more and more crowded with more and more kids haha. Meredith be like "Yurou Jiejie your ring is so pretty! OMG EW WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Hahah. She don't know what's a ringpop haha. Btw please see Yuxuan, so cute and blur hahaha.
Me and my goofy baobei.
She told me to take a picture of this cox it's so "mini and tiny and cuteeee!" The little things kids appreciate.. Haha..
And she saw this white bear and found it really cute too so she ask for a picture also lolol. 好爱拍照!
Talking about 拍照 wtfff hahahaha. My mum took out this file full of cutouts of me from newspaper / magazine / my old modelling portfolio lolol.

This was when i did an editorial for Meiji after i win the X Factor award at Teens model search LOL. It was an award sponsored by Meiji and i swear i haven't won anything in my life that gives prize as good as what Meiji gave me HAHHAHA. I remember it was a hugeeeeee huge hugeass box.. FULL OF MEIJI SNACKS OF DIFFERENT KINDS. I really thought i was going to die happy, like my life is complete. I have everything i need in the world.

Sometimes i don't know how i weigh my life LOL.

But really, it was one of the best feeling in the world when you have abundance of what you love. LOL. Some people love money, some people love houses. Some people love sports. Some people love to do voluntary work. Some people love people. I love snacks, sorry everyone. LOLOL.

Me and my partner for the contest. And that was the first time i ever appeared on print. LOL.
Second time. Still got my name spelled wrongly. Lol.
Later i did a lot of paid shoot for photographer's folio haha. Not proud of it what the heck. I did them cox i really needed money for poly time! My jawline game strong here wth.
Also a little insert from i-Weekly during the time i join UATO. Omfg who put such a big bra padding cup for me wtff hahahaha. I am literately Paddington liao.
Not everyone can be classic beauty enough for mooncake advertisement okay LOL.
For a makeover studio haha.
Did this for SHAPE magazine when i was under DIVA Models. They really got quite a lot of lobangs one!!! Even for noobshit part-timer like myself i also can get quite a number of jobs with them!
Okay blast from the past over. Back to papa's place with mee sua for everyone! =D
With the best Joshua in the whole world~ Haha! I am so thankful cox he is so accommodating and patient to me and the things i have to go through..
Went for a photoshoot with Two Bears! They were really very very nice to us! Even gave us a little card and a toy for Meredith! Which she lovesss! I am usually very nice to whoever is genuinely nice to us! And i will always do my best to give them whatever i can hahaha!
After photoshoot Meredith knock out in the cab and we go walk around Orchard with Mich and Zhen haha. Landed ourselves in a bingsu shop. My top from Lzzie!
And Meredith dress from auntie Sophie! It's soooooo pretty this dress! I wish they have an adult version lolol.
My happy baby.
Wanted to do a stopdropandpose at the traffic crossing lolol.
End up damn scared kena run down by car or stare-down by people so i ran away lolol.
Haidilao with my girlfriendssss =))) Congrats to Yuzhen being proposed to!!!!! =DDD
You know it's true love when your bff peels longan for you lolol.
You know it's true love when you guys cook together HAHAHAHHA.
Cheesie brought Junya over!! It's always a joy to watch them both interact and play. Cox Junya is soooooo polite and gentle! While Meredith is so LOUD AND FORCEFUL. Hahahhaa.
Off to Penang on AirAsia! =DDD The flights we manage to book was mad cheap wth. Like one person around $100 only. And Meredith is about $50.
"干妈, 你干嘛? 妈妈, 你又干嘛?!" Lolol. Surrounded by zuozuo adults.
Carolyn took this picture of Meredith hahaha. She was trapped in the beanbag during feeding time. 
At Brown Pocket Cafe, Penang. Very thankful for their nice gesture!!!
Home to my family =))) Walk into the room and saw my dad and Ah Bong chilling, surrounded by sweet cushions wth hahaha. Sibeh girly 在那边聊心事.
While me and my Yurou sit on the swing to chit chat haha. I think the way to be one of the favourite person in a kid's world is to be a kid with them sometimes. Hahaha. If you're always that adult they can't open up to you. That's also why i admire how Sijie interacts with her kids. They really treat her like friend like that, have so much fun with her. Yet respect her as a mother..
Yurou showing me her current favourite pose. She say she is an ostrich...... =__=" HAHA.
Always my favourite! She really really very sweet one omg.

She will stand around to watch me when i'm changing Meredith's diaper or wiping Meredith down for bedtime, and if i need something that i forgot to fetch earlier, she'd go bring it for me. And help me talk to Meredith to distract Meredith haha. Sometimes she even do the silliest things like throw her head on the bed and make a painful cry to make Meredith laugh T.T

And when i need to go grab something quick, she will stay in the room with Meredith and hold soft toys to talk to Meredith haha. Yuxuan is so lucky to have a sister like her T__T

Weekends are my favourite time =))

Pictures from Two Bears came in!
Uncle kiao ka omg hahaha.
Want to crawl to Mummy =D
Love this picture so much i am using it as my blog header now haha.
How can her face be so big and wide hahahaha like wide screen tv hahaha.
I love you baby..
Omg look so big girl here.

She love the teddy bear so much!!! We have sooooo many soft toys at home omg becox she 见一个爱一个!
"I am a sheep"
Went to Cheesie's place to find her for dinner =DDD Omg i love love love our lives now!!!

So happy and fulfilling. Everyday our conversation topics are all about the little challenges we face as mummies (like how much food our kids eating, how to make them have better apetite, how's her potty training for Junya, how am i dealing with Meredith lousy sleep schedule) and of course, we share with each other all the little moments our kids make us feel so.. Complete T___T

I can't decide which of us is a more obsessive mother. I mean Cheesie love to smell Junya O.O HAHAHA. I don't love to smell anyone i just generally find smelling people very stalkerish LOLOL. So that i gotta say she is more obsessive LOL.

But we both love (and hate) to sleep with our babies, getting our faces kicked by them LOL. Honestly this co-sleeping thing is really one of the things i LOVEHATE MOST.

Hate cause really one, thanks to Meredith, i might really be disfigured soon lolol. Maybe wake up with my nose implant on my forehead. LOL. And you'd wake up to every little things. It's like i forget how deep sleep feels like.

But i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH cox i feel so close with Meredith. She'd snuggle with me before she sleeps, sometimes giggle a little at me tickling her, giggle her way into dreamland you know T_________T This is the best thing i can see and do for my baby..

And when she wakes up.. She will lie herself on my belly.. Or on my chest.. And then smile at me.. If i'm very lucky, she'd tell me "AHHHHhhh" and offer me her pacifier. If i'm very very very lucky she'd look at me smiling and give me a kiss......... T_____________T

So i am actually really lucky everyday.

And these are the things i share with Cheesie every other day hahaha. We really quite hopeless one.

Hopelessly in love with our kids. I look at Cheesie and how she handles Junya so well even with a huge belly and i just aspire to be as capable a mom, as her !!! She even bring Junya to Japan for long holiday with no help cox her hubby was working in Japan. Seriously i feel stress just typing it out LOL.

As mom for a year now, i realise i become very super chatty when i meet mummies who share the same kind of commitment level to our kids. It's like when i meet mummies who are more chillax and cool i have to play it cool also hahaha if not i'm like this overly dingdong and kiasu siao mother. Cheesie, Junya, Mini, Meredith and me! =DDD Can't wait for Mini to say hi soon!!!
Another morning.. Another day i feel so lucky and blessed. She really is half dreamy state also must stay in contact with me one T.T I love you so much too, Meredith..
Omg super love to feed her "friends" water and milk and random stuff.
Everyday situation T.T
Got people de face can be so grumpy and flat one? LOLOL.
No seriously, can like this? LOLOL. I love her taglam shots.
Feeding Gelatoni cake haha.
Staring at me during breakfast.
Crazy snapchatters lolol. With my dad and Yurou hahaha.
Omg what she was doing is to use the blue hair band to keep brushing through her hair and then smile and look at me, over and over again hahaha. NI YI WEI NI HEN CHIO MEREDITH?!?! LOL.
Next morning saliva stain on face but still happy hahaha.
Meredith why are you always sooooo happy to see mummy in the morning!!! ^.^
Teeth. Haha.
Niao Yi came to visit and always take silly pictures of Meredith one hahaha.
When she wears it by herself hahaha.
Caught the flu bug one day hahahahahaha.
Girls day out hahaha.
Went to support Sijie's pet project at Starker Music! Haha. Sister night out with good beer and good food!
Photoshoot for Young Parents =D
Happy girl on set haha.
This was supposed to be her outfit for the birthday party but later i feel the tulle skirt keep restricting her movement so i changed it to something else lol.
And of course at the 11 month of Meredith's life, we gotta wrap up details for her first birthday party. With Lydia and Joycelyn from Assemble Happinest =))) You should really check out #Merego1Round on Instagram. They really pull together the best people to create the most amazing first birthday party happen for us.
Raw sketches. Every little thing is planned out by them! Will be sharing more about the party soon~

This is a very very washed down version of Meredith at 11 months old haha. I try to control myself these days LOL.


zeera lily said...

Meredith soooooo cute..
just like my niece

Anonymous said...

HI Qui. I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are! I love how you share so much and your complete honesty. I don't know you, but been a long term reader of yours. Admittedly I love reading blogs such as CHeesie/XIaXue etc etc But by far you are my favourite. You are humble, sweet, down to earth and mostly KIND!
Stay happy and positive and I wish all the best for you and your little family XXX

Anonymous said...

HI Qui. I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think you are! I love how you share so much and your complete honesty. I don't know you, but been a long term reader of yours. Admittedly I love reading blogs such as CHeesie/XIaXue etc etc But by far you are my favourite. You are humble, sweet, down to earth and mostly KIND!
Stay happy and positive and I wish all the best for you and your little family XXX

Anonymous said...

Love your Meredith update Qiu!! I'm a longtime reader of your blog from Ireland and I love to see how you've progressed and grown and how your life is so full of love with your little one <3 the new blog layout looks great!

Anonymous said...

Meredith is so lucky to be spoiled and loved by so many people - her room is soooooo cute even when messy. I hope you are feeling better, QiuQiu. It is nice to see you smile :) Do you also talk to Audrey since she has two kids? I feel like it's been a while since your old "pregnant blogger group" has met up!