24 April 2016

Meredith and Mummy 12th month

Hello~ This is Meredith at 12th month (1 year old) of her bright little life =)))

I can't believe how much she has learnt in the last couple of weeks. Everyday she amuses and amazes me haha. To give a summary of her growth and milestone check, she's REALLY much slower in her motor skills in the sense, she learn tummy time / flip over / crawling / standing / walking much later then toddlers her age! Another thing she's slower in is speech haha.

She can only say "mama" when she calls out for me. And make random blurp like "Ba ba ba!", "Da da da", "ga ga ga", "Nia nia nia", "Ah buuuuuuuu" Hahaha. You get what i mean.

BUT BUT BUT. Maybe thanks to her right brain development classes at Heguru (City Square Mall), i don't know, she's very good with identifying things, and very good with interaction and.. Manipulation LOL.

By that i mean she's extremely cute and has her way to crawl into people's heart. I mean at least the people around us who genuinely love her and care for her =')))

Also her teachers at Heguru told me not to worry cox i have to see it as, she is a really huge capacity cup. She has a lot to take in before she can show overflowing output =D I like their way of thinking!

On the day of her birthday. Haha this was supposed to be the outfit but the tutu skirt was really too much. It engulfs her hahahah.
Some of the presents! Thank you everyone!!!
Aunty Jia got her hairclips haha.
Lucky baby with yeye and ah ma. This is her first outdoor tongtong ride! Haha.
She loves cars / trains! Not as much as she loves her soft toys becox she will pat them and carry them and kiss them.. But she loves her toy cars. She will push them on the ground and tell us "ooooooooo" Lolol. Don't know how to do "Vroooom beep beep!" like we taught her yet.
Birthday present from Lzzie T__T Thank youuuu! Meredith loves it. She must be like "OMG COLOURS" Hahahaha.
Josh set up the tent i got for her! It's so cliche i know!!! But too princessy and cheap like only $35 inclusive of the very soft and smooth round cushion wtfff so i had to! Hahaha.
Play with Niao Niao..
Happy until haha.
Jialing brought us to this place to just check out their bar lol. My daughter not allowed in the lobby bar. But we badass, still sneak a few pics anyway lol.
Born to be boss lol.
Hi-tea again with Dotty and Jia. If we carry on like this i think soon we can try all the hi-tea in hotels over Singapore.
On Meredith birthday.. Mich sent me these and told me these are the classic baby Meredith photos hahaha. Omg how could i think my baby is "omg sooooo cuteeee" last time hahahahaha!
Wah chio chio chio. Hahahaha. She don't give a care that it's her birthday. Still wanna sleep in till 11am.
Josh has already set up the place the night before and godma was here early to help!
"YAY! THANKS MOM!" *claps*
"Omg you sure i can just bite in? If you want some please don't be shy to tell me okay!" Yes okay Meredith please share some with me!!!
*dive in* hahahah!
"One person one cake, get your own please" Hahaha.
Grow well, grow kind, my baby..
Gan ma cheating a kiss out of you again.. =_=
Hahaha.. Oh man!!!
This sums up our relationship!!! Mich loves Meredith loves Me =)))) HAHAHAHA.
Some people not shy one hahaha. My own daughter i also never do until like this. Birthday must 嘴对嘴 meh! Lolol.
Omg if Meredith can have some one sing a birthday song for her everyday i think she will be very happy hahaha. Must remember to clap somemore if not she will demand LOL.
Happy family =)))
Clean her up, shower and change out and we head to the zoo!!! We chose the zoo cox she lovesss to look at animal through her flashcards and books. Haha.
"Mom, is this real?" Yes it is.
"AH HA HA 不要开玩笑啦!!!"
So happy cox we kept showing her "crocodile snap!" as her book taught her. Hahaha.
Anyway Meredith is not the only one who loves the zoo. Her laobu LOVESSS the zoo lolol. Age 17.
Age 19.
Age 25 or 26 can't remember.
Age 28 wth LOL. With a baby. Dua bu han already still super love visits to the zoo. May we take more of such pictures Meredith!!! Every year we go one time okay!!! =DDD
Now i think i know how Pearl must have felt. When Yurou's birthday i wanna wear matchy with Yurou LOLOL. You see what godma say to let Meredith wear hahahahaha..
We went for a very good buffet dinner and then stroll along the iLightMarinaBay to check out all the lights exhibition! The Woody in Meredith's arms was won by godma at the carnival! Haha.
Some evenings are as simple and sweet as this =)) Papa and daughter moment..
Big girl goes for her vaccine.. Cannot lie down to take height and weight anymore! Haha.
Little moments like these.. =)
Super gleeful that day!
While i am in a bad shape and lost my focus to do little things in life.. Josh took over MerelyFood duties haha.
Meredith approves! Hahaha.
Every morning.. Cuddle and smiles..
My current favourite picture hahaha. It's my phone's screensaver and wallpaper hahaha. Sijie ask me to put my own daughter why must put other people's daughter. I tell her to leave us alone. LOL.
Please check out how posh Mich made my baby.. With her gold bangle.. =))) Thank you Michelle Thian for helping my daughter 转型 become like 小 auntie LOL.
Learnt how to do "I love you" cox godma kept teaching her lol.
You see. You see lah. Cannot leave my daughter with my dad one. Confirm do sneaky things!!! Lolol.
At work one whole day and Josh sent me these.. HAHAHA. "Dad! Are you taking pictures of me?!"
"Then please take a good one" *pose*
Drama queen lolol.
Filming for L'Oreal Paris with Clicknetwork! I loveeee the look i have on that day!!! So.. Clean..
Omg baby, if you ever read mummy's monthly log of you, you have to know how muchhh you love to put on handbags!!! You'd go find your handbags and walk around with them all day long hahaha.
"Can't help it! I love bags!"
Lai liao lai liao, material girl lai liao hahahah.
Celebrated Jayne's birthday!!! Love you so much Jayne~!!!!! =DDD To many more years and decades of friendship =DDD
Told her to smile for a picture.. She gimmie this.
Omg saliva hahahah.
HAHA. I told her we're going out for shopping.
End up actually is go school LOL. Told her to smile for a picture becox i wanna show Gillian the hairclip she got for Meredith and she gave me this forced smile lolol.
At Heguru (City Sqaure Mall) for her class again!
The teachers were so nice to give her a birthday balloon!!! =DDD
Papa made pancakes! With papaya, yogurt and vegetables on the side hahaha. Never plate cox not chio LOL. It's not that hard to prepare well-balanced meals for your kids! Just remember to add a variation of vegetables, carb, protein and fruits!
Yurou jiejie doing big sister duties hahah.
Brought them for boat noodles hahaha. Bong win challenge lol. Josh weak siol.
Also, my big girl gets her first actual bite of ice cream. Last time we only give teeny weeny bit lol.
BABY IF YOU'RE READING THIS NEXT TIME, also know that you loveeeeee to wear necklaces hahahaha. Omg could vain genes be possibly passed down.
Vain is vain, still need to study LOL. After every class at Heguru the teachers will share some simple activities you can do with your kids. And this is one of them, to teach them how to count!
Another night, another dress up time. Cloud bag is so cute hor!
Yes baby you look so cool in these aviators!
"Heh! Really?! Now you try!"
Hats you don't love so much at all. Haha.
Next morning.. =))) My life is complete..
And then not enough.. Must cuddle and hug non-stop..
"Mommy! Did you see these flowers?!"
"What about you? Did you see them?!"
Brought her to Boufe!
For a crazy good meal..
Salted egg yolk crayfish roll.. =OOOO SO GOOD PLEASE TRY.
Shoes way too big for her haha. Sorry Meredith.
Soooooo happy that day!!!
"Gan ma! Is that you!"
Watch one video need to so expressive not hahaha.
Me playing with makeup and then she offer me her lips so i pretend to put for her as well lolol. So when we camho she thought there's something to show on her lips as well lolol.
Packing for our trip to Japan!!!
HAHAHA. Yurou and i do each other's makeup!!!
My weekend buddy bff forever~!!!!
Please watch the video.. She really really think she very pretty with this makeup on hahahahahahaha.
In my heart you're the prettiest =))))
Yup, sure you are.
Later we both did our own make up. HAHAHAHHA. This eyebrow she ownself draw one!!!!! Eyebrows on fleek or what hahahaha.
Send this picture and ask her if it's okay. Cox i got no time to buy kid's kimono online. So i had to go to Chinatown and hunt down this $10, $12 kind. And i told her i'd add something like a waistband over. She reply me "Can but why look like tissue paper" and i'm like.. IT IS TISSUE PAPER! Lol!
Snapchat craze with Yurou hahahaha. She even put a milk bottle for Meredith hahaahahaha.
I do for her one, she loves it hahahahahaha.
With friends i have wish for.. To grow old together.. All together.. = l
Looking at this picture.. I just really wonder if we could still have a picture like that when Meredith is a big girl. By then will Meredith still be as happy and carefree as now. By then will we all be better? By then will everything and everyone's situation and state be better..? Sometimes looking forward is as gloomy as looking backward if i think negative.. "We're not broken just bent" Bent.. In a very f-up twisted way..


We were all busy taking our OOTD. Yutaki, Sophie, Miyake, Me. All took OOTDs that day.

But to be honest.. In my heart..

None of us nailed it as well as..
Meredith did. HAHAHHAA. "ROCK ONNNN!!!!"
Omg hahahahhaa. What are you doing Meredith. Seriously. Hahahaha.
"Did you get it, mommy?! Did you manage to get a good shot for my OOTD?!"
That day was also the day she appear on newspaper cover lol.
The night before we fly! Letting her try on the kimono after i added IKEA curtains cutouts to it hahahahaha. Omg seriously what am i thinking.
Meanwhile, i love Steve for making me look so preets for Japan hahaha.
With Niao Niao on the trip who was a great help really!!! Without her and Josh i think maybe i will die. I don't know how Cheesie does it with Junya PLUS she's heavily pregnant!!!
Ready, jet set, go!!!
Matchy top from Lzzie!!! =DDD
I must say Meredith nailed the act cute purikura pose. Lolol.
"Oh my god what happened to my mom and niao yi's eyes" LOL. Me and Niao put on batjiam makeup at Donqui hahahaha.
Emo girl on train ride to Hakone haha.
3am still stick to me like 3M!!!!!! T__T
While she's still asleep at 10am, Niao and i sneak out for 1 hour to Shibuya109. Came back 1 hour later Meredith is still asleep hahaha.
My outfit from Seoul In Love!
Run free in the land of Magic, Meredith =)) Always be so fearless, carefree and happy..
Hahah lure her with popcorn for wefie fail.
This is from the pram we rented at Tokyo Disneyland! =)) We are very lucky, to be able to travel and experience little joys of life!!! Thank you..
At night.. Same old routine. I go where, she go where. Lol.
Sakura day with Josh, Niao, Mich, Miyabi and Sandy!!! Meredith literately squeeze her head out to be more seen hahaha.
Omg she lovesssss to hold shopping bags. I don't even know why!!! I'm guessing it makes her feel.. Important??? Busy??? Hahaha.
Thank you Josh.. For everything you've done for us on the trip!!! By the way Meredith really love to shit in the airplane omg. Go also must shit, come back also must shit =_=
Next next day.. Went to JB with Mich!!! It was a impromptu jio lol. I haven't done it with her since 10 years ago omg....... =OOO It felt soooooo good and liberating lolol. To really just enjoy for half a day without a baby on hand O.O We went for really yummy food..
Massage, mani, pedi, hair wash etc..
Next day go to ECP cycle with Sophie and Miyake hahaha! I would have never ever ever done it without the constant nag from Sophie that "Eh we really need to keep fit" You see i am soooo not dressed for sports hahaha. Slippers and tote bag all. And a baby.
But it was really fun. And quite relaxing to cycle against the wind.. We cycled all the way to MBS =O I am such an athlete =))) Later we had pasta, spam fries, truffles fries, root beer float, creamy beer, steak and some nuggets to reward ourselves for making the day out for sports =))) LOLOL #fail

That marks the 12th month of Meredith and my life.. More to come.. =)) Everything starts afresh for me becox i am trying a new approach of.. See what i can do instead of see what i cannot do =)))
Here's a video of My Meredith at 12 months old (Age 1)


Hanna Lei said...

The cake looks super pretty! -Hanna Lei

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Anonymous said...

What happened to u n Xiaxue? Don't see her in your posts or photos anymore..

A concerned reader said...

Hey Qiu,

First, let me start off by saying that Meredith has grown to be so adorable and seems like a very fun loving little girl.
I've been reading your blog for quite a while now (I want to say since 2011 or 2012?) and I have to say I'm not quite feeling the subtle jabs you've been throwing in your recent posts and snapchats. I know that you've been through a lot and that you must be going through a weird transitional stage rn but I don't think throwing those kinds of jabs really helps anyone. It's like it's supposed to help you cope with the whole situation but to me, it just seems like it's lingering on negative feelings and I don't think that's what you want to be doing in your life. I am well aware how hard mental illness can be (I've had GAD and OCD for about 7 years now) and that what you're going through with your depression is a long journey and I'm really happy that you're taking the first steps to get over it.
However, as I said, I don't know whether your handling of the situation right now will help you in the long term. I feel like it won't help resolve the situation in your mind. You are letting those negative feelings you harbour towards someone flow into what is supposed to be some of the happiest time, the time you get to spend with your loved ones. So, with that in mind, I hope that you'll soon either be able to just let it all out and be done with it, or find inner peace and just let go of all the negativity.
I know it's not my place to tell you how to behave or what you should/shouldn't do but hopefully you can tell that this is from a place of sincerety and just wanting you to be happy.

I look forward to hearing about your progress and many happy times to come.

Unknown said...

Hi Qiuqiu! Meredith's princess tent is so pretty! May i know where u bought it from?

Clee said...

I love your blog. The posts are so sweet and the videos are so lovely. You seem to have such a happy family.
Hehe and Meredith knows how to eat cake. :D
That was so cute! :3

Anonymous said...

Disgusting little shit

Anonymous said...

Good on you for not worrying about when other kids are reaching their milestones! Obviously she will talk/walk/run eventually so you get to enjoy your baby for a little longer before she is a full grown toddler! I'm excited for you- you have such a fun year ahead!!
From a first time mama of an 18month old baby boy in Sydney :)

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Love the chocolates too hehe. This Meredith huh, always such a joy to see her even in pics. 😘

Unknown said...

Why does Meredith hair always look sweaty one? hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog posts and I hope you will continue to update your blog! Will always support you as you are a really really sincere person😊