21 April 2016


Time is a very powerful thing. But it is also the most wasted resource.

We can work against time, we could also work with time.

We can let our ideas corrod with time.. We could also let our dreams turn into reality with time.

We could grow more dejected with time. We could also heal our heart with time.

We could see someone's true colour with time, we could also understand ourselves better with time.

It's all about where you stand, how you see it and who you really are.

10 years ago, i was the 18 yro girl reading self-help books in the library. Finding peace and self-fulfillment.

I thought i understand whatever quotes about Love, Life and Living.

Fast forward 10 years later, today, i am still learning.

If i look ahead, in 10 years time, will i still be so positive, determined to be positive, and strong? Most likely i'd be stronger, more determined than ever, to be who i want to be - Someone who always tries to remind myself about the bigger things in life.. 大爱.

大爱 - 爱生活, 爱自己, 爱那些爱你的人.

(Love life, love yourself, love those who love you)

And to love, you have to be Love. The kind that is sincere, warm and gentle.

Becox everyone has issues. If you can't help with their issues, at the very least don't be one of it. I will try not to be anyone's issues. Focus on healing people and at the same time, heal myself.. Everyone simply needs time..


Anonymous said...

XX is spreading rumours that you became famous because of her then backstab her. She's making you look so bad.

Anonymous said...

Jiayous QiuQiu! :)

Anonymous said...

Time heals all wounds. From your posts I assume that you're someone that is very capable of loving others. That's good. But don't lose yourself in this pursuit of loving others....learn to love yourself too okay? Spread love to others,and at the same time, love yourself too. Jiayou qiuqiu! You are more than what you think of yourself!

Will always be rooting for you! GO GO GO!!! :')


Jocelyn said...

Nice post.
Love comprises 4 letters, the meaning is enormous.

Anonymous said...

You used to follow her around, gained lots of benefits but now that she's not as active as before you turned your back such an ingrate

Anonymous said...

Agree!! Everyone has issues, so try not to be one of those - so well said! <3 Jiayou, qiu!!!

Anonymous said...

What Happened to u n Xiaxue?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been your silent reader for years and it may sounds weird. I don't know if you believe in astrology, but I was having a bad time too 2 years ago, when I was 28 years old. I got really depressed and almost losing control. However, I later found out about Saturn Return. It's an astrological period when Saturn completes orbit around sun, which is once every 29.5 years. We usually experience tremendous changes at age 27-29, as Saturn means to teach you lesson. You will face your biggest fears and push to be more mature. When I was reading this, I felt relieved, as I finally realised that it was just a phase in life. You're not alone and you will get through this. So hang on, because this too shall pass :). Hope you have a good day. Cheers!