27 June 2016

Happy Birthday, Me

Happy Birthday.

The last one year was the hardest year you've been through. Though it was filled with lotsa tears and hardship, it was worth it. Becox at the end, you found courage, you felt love, love from your family, your friends and from many gentle strangers out there, who dropped you kind words, in hope for nothing in return, but just for you to be better. People who supported you selflessly, who stand to gain nothing but just to have you be back on your feet, they supported you anyway.

Be very thankful.

Never forget who did what to you but always forgive them becox then only will you move on with peace. Peace is something they can try to take but it is also something you can restore.

You learnt a lesson for trusting the wrong people but it's okay, have faith in Karma.

You learn from your mistakes but it's okay becox at least you reflected and accept that you can be a tyrant at times and then you change for the better.

You also became a mother! =D Congrats! It's quite an amazing journey so far.. Right? I am very proud of you. I didn't think you could do such a good job, haha. I didn't think you could sleep with your baby for 15 months and still loving it. I didn't think you could change your lifestyle and priorities so much and still be happy about it. I didn't know really, that you could be an awesome mum HAHA.

Your daughter is beautiful.. Every bit of her is wonderful.. =')

As you walk into another year of your life, i wish for you..

Freedom, freedom to be yourself, to do the things you love, to grow.

Faith. Faith that will bring you through any hardship you might face, that whatever difficulties you are put through, will be for good reasons, even when you have no freaking idea what yet haha.

Wisdom. Wisdom to only surround yourself with people who will enrich you, those who can make you a better person, who can tell you the truth for you to improve, and stick with you through out to see how you change for the better, and actually be happy for you.

Love. I wish you love for that is the most powerful thing in the world. When you love someone, love wholeheartedly. When you love something, cherish it. When you love your work, make it work fiercely. When you love people, give them a better you.

You can always be better even if i'd tell you the truth, that you are already pretty good enough =)

You're a good enough mum, you're a good enough daughter, you're a good enough sister, you're a good enough friend. But you can always be better..

Live, love, laugh.

Happy Birthday.

I love you,


- - - - - - - - - -

As i am turning 29, i realise the last one year of my life was the most epic time of my entire life. I witnessed the happiest, saddest, darkest but most meaningful time of my life.

And for that, i deserve a letter to myself. For walking through it, although most of the time i was limping like a man-down, and being dragged around by people who supported me, who bring me in to safe zone, i think it was still highly traumatising for me.

Now i live simple and i simply live.

I have hopes that things can stay this way =)

Here's a little video of my little #MOMents with Meredith =D

She's my birthday present everyday =)))


Anonymous said...

Life is never a bed of roses... But I am sure when we reflect back, there are good memories to reflect . Stay positive and be happy.
Happy Blessed Birthday

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

Happy birthday QIU TING, wish u all the best 😘

Daphne Chai said...

Happy Birthday QiuQiu. Have a blessed birthday.

Anonymous said...

Be happy for yourself and those who love you.
For the longest time in my life, I did things that would impress people (who don't even matter that much) and sometimes I wind up feeling so miserable!

When I turned 30, something just struck. Maybe I fell and hit my head so I woke up? :D

Now turning 31, I'm never going to turn back. Living a life that's purely mine, I choose how I want to live, spend time with people who I love and who love me, just be happy!

I know it's barely a year since I'm a 'convert' but I'm in a waaaaaaay better place right now, only hope I'd be able to remain in this til the day I die!

Haha ok I'm just gonna end off
here, at the risk of sounding like I'm selling insurance or a religion.... :)

Happy birthday!

cheerful said...

Happy belated birthday, Qiuting!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy belated birthday! I've been reading your blog for many years and there's something I've always wondered haha why do you spell "because" as "becox"? Hope you have a great day!