17 August 2019

Klook around Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)

First of all.. I'm gon have to warn you that this post has almost 250 pictures.

Second of all, if you're heading or thinking to go to Gold Coast, Australia.. This post will come in very very helpful so keep reading hehe. Especially with the Queensland X Klook sale. Click to enjoy up to $15 savings of your experiences!

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And lastly, if you're not thinking of going there yet, this post will bring you there =D HAHA! Eh don't play play okay, Jay Chou was there right after us it's a very hip place to be. Haha.

Gold Coast was just beyond amazing for us T.T Here's our (not so) little travelogue with itineraries and links on Klook for all the attractions. Where you can skip the queue and get direct entrance by just scanning QR code on your e-tickets! Remember also that you'd get extra savings when you book combo tickets on Klook!

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Alright! Here's our travelogue =DDD

A video of the highlights but keep reading to find out more details of the itineraries!

7hours+ in the sky with Scoot to get to Gold Coast. They have direct flight to Gold Coast and the seats are quite spacious so you can check out the promotional fares they have time to time! =D
One with the two little girls before they zonk out for the rest of the flight haha.

Day 1 in Gold Coast

When we reached first thing i did was to on the portable wifi of course right =) HAHA. They have many different options in different countries so please download the Klook app wherever you are, to see which one suits your travel needs best. For us we book the wifi on Klook and then collect and return our wifi in Singapore. It's $8 per day and can connect up to 5 devices so it's awesome you can share it with your travel buddies!

And then we collected the rental car at airport and head towards our first destination!!! BRUNCH AT CAFE DBAR!!! It's beyond standard Aussie brunch with priceless great views at snapper rocks (just directly across the street!).

Cafe DBar. Address: 275 Boundary St, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia.
We found much joy in their babycino haha.
Meimei especially really relaxed and let go on this trip. She was soooooo well-behaved and happy this whole trip, i cannot ask for more. Jiejie also whole day keep bugging me to go back to Australia since we are back haha. I also want okay.
Haha look a bit like Joker with the chocolate stain on both sides.
WHAT'S UP WITH PIGS IN AUSTRALIA AH WHY THE BACON EXTRA SUPER GOOD????? The texture and all!!! Now i understand why i got DMs and friends telling me "must eat their bacon and butter. And their fruits" NOW I GET IT. Hahaha.
YUMS. Scrambled eggs on sour dough. With baby potatoes and salsa!!!
I am sooooo surprised and astonished by how many newborns and babies and kids i saw at Cafe DBar. There were also lotsa young couples just chilling there. Some with dogs, some just pator-ing. Love the chill-out vibes so much!!!
Brought Meredith down the cafe to erm.. Take a crap. AND SAW THIS!!! At first we were like OMGGGG LOOK BIG BIRD!!! But later realise it's everywhere but still quite excited each time we see it lah hahaha the girls would follow it for as far as they can.

Cross the road to check out Snapper Rocks. Very beautiful and the weather was so cooling and nice! But remember to put sunblock for yourself and for the kids okay!
Our photographer Jed very good at capturing moments. I don't even remember when this was taken. Meredith was probably telling me she wanna be a mermaid or something.

Saw a wishing well and they ask me for money money money =) I took out all the coins okay omg. At first i say no more already this Meredith will say "Show me? Show me your wallet" LOL.
Peeking at each other while we make our wishes haha.
Where we parked our car. I saw this and it just makes me so happy. It's like it's from a storybook omg. EXCUSE ME I NEED TO GO BACK TO GOLD COAST!!! I feel so happy and relaxed there!

The we drove to Pacific Fair (largest mall in Gold Coast!!! Address: Pacific Fair Dr, Gold Coast QLD 4218, Australia) to check out the mall, mainly to buy some groceries for the 5 days. And also i heard they have departmental giants like Big W, K-Mart and Target!!!

Dropped by Woolsworth, wanting to buy groceries but end up.. FEELING SUPERRRR HYPED AND SUAGU ABOUT THEIR SUPRMART BECOX OMG. They have maybe 10 thousands kind of cheese, 10 thousands kind of milk. Bread also!!! Omg. Wanna buy one cereal also have 10 thousand choices lol. The first day in Gold Coast really got me thinking like i get it. I get why so many people wanna migrate to Australia.

We bought 10 apples. Brought 5 back to Singapore LOL. Meredith insisted i pack it back becox she say it's very sweet she NEED to bring them back =) Haha.
Some of the stuff we bought haha. These are the bunch i took out for "supper snack" =') #FatLyfeChoseMe
This initiative is so good!!! Free fruits for kids while you shop!
Big Caramel Mudcake that is AUD2.52 whaaaat. And a lot of people ask me to try becox very nice!!!
There is a "patio" area within Pacific Mall where kids can gallop wild lol.
Trust my kids to go crazy at open spaces.

Plenty of seatings for you to chill. I see some executives having quick lunch there while they people-watch!
Larger than life size games free for everyone to play!
Meredith think she chio sia =) Pose and pose make our photographer snap and snap hahaha.
On Aqua Duck Land Water Cruise. Click to get your tickets on Klook! Address: Aquaduck Safaris Gold Coast, 36 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia.

They bring us on a land tour followed by a cruise along the houses along coast. Some houses belong to famous people, some houses are worth multi-millions! Quite interesting!!!
Best part was that Meredith and all kids, get to steer the boat!!! In open sea!!! =O
It was such a memorable experience for her!
Got certificate one!!! Haha.

Meimei 真的累了 haha!
We bought souvenir on the tour haha.

At night thought i can shower and rest but omg shower still gotta entertain this little one haha. But i can do this everyday if i'm in Australia haha. Anyway for those who asked, our service apartment is call The Ruby Collection (Gold Coast). The view is neat and it even has a heated pool!

Day 2

We started the day with brunch at Elk Expresso (Address: Oasis Shopping Centre, Shop G044/2 Charles Ave, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia). The place is pretty packed but people are quite considerate so i notice a lot of them just grab their morning bite, have a quick conversation and carry on with their dog-walking / exercising etc. Quite chill!!!

You MUST try their milkshake!!!! It's soooooo good. In fact all the milkshake we've had in Gold Coast were all very solid!!! So doesn't matter what time, just whack HAHA.

Instagrammable table haha. But the food really is very very good omg. I had the goat cheese omelette with mushrooms. Wo de ma ya it's sooooo freaking good. Meredith LOVE their bacon so much also!

Look at the food pictures. All got sneaky fatty little hands hahaha. They just CANNOT wait sia.

We went to Dreamworld and spent the whole day there. There will be a queue so to avoid queueing, get your tickets to Dreamworld on Klook! Then you just have to let them verify and then scan to go in! (Address: Dreamworld Parkway, Coomera, Queensland 4209, Australia)

We happen to be there during their Dreamworld Winterfest period so we get to ice-skate and be in a giant snow globe!!! AND BEST PART ABOUT DREAMWORLD?! The animals!!! And we get to hug a koala can you even believe!!! Did you know, in other states of Australia you can only stand beside a koala. Gold Coast is one of the states where you can actually hug a koala bear!

DreamWorld is one of the biggest and most popular theme park in Australia cox it's the perfect place to take the whole family! Kids, teenagers and adults, everyone will enjoy DreamWorld!

Got our tickets real quick and fast thanks to Klook! No need to queue!
Once you get in you'd see this beautiful and cute ice cream parlour with a really nice patio area. You can enjoy an ice cream and chill while the kids explore! Nice short little couple time hehe.
Outside candy shop.
There is a little kids area where you can play these rides for free. Meredith and Amelia got into a kids maze and i was free for 5 minutes hahaha!
Tiny twirling ride for the kids but tbh made me a little giddy LOL is it i old liao. Meredith and Amelia what also not scared where did they get those guts from. LOL.
This teacup ride omg. I xiao argue with Meredith becox she KEEP SPINNING THE TEACUP! I kept begging her to stop she still spin spin spin lol. I know the main point of the ride is to spin yes.. BUT I WANT TO VOMIT?? She say next time she don't want to sit with me. What a filial daughter. Lolol.
They just follow and stalk the kangaroos (they are free to run around!!!) like fan girls okay.
Guess who was scared and didn't go too near =) HAHA.

Nevermind lah, i stay one side take pictures haha.
Meredith was so so so so so happy!!! T.T So thankful for the experience and memories!!!
They were hugging a medium size one it was so soft and fluffy!!!
Amelia was tiny bit anxious hahaha. The koala be like "eh excuse me i koala or you koala"
You cannot see the fear in my face =) HAHA. Jokes aside, it's totally not scary but i'm just dealing with some anxiety about carrying something so small, so soft and so precious haha.
She say wanna bring back go show friends and teachers haha.
Haha. By the way if you like thrilling rides, there's plenty here in Dreamworld. It's just i forgot to pack my guts in the luggage, i left it in Singapore =) But you can always go for it. HAHAHA #humji
Part of Winterfest @ Dreamworld! Ice-skating rink!
Me and Josh both can't skate to save our lives haha.
Meredith asking me to follow her =) Sure. Hahaha. She very proud okay!!!
Keep dancing while i had to hold on for dear life on the penguin assist HAHA.
Haha see her yaya face.
One leg hahaha veryyy proud this girl.
Our session was over so one shot for memory! Of the day her mother look like a noobie following behind her with a penguin hahaha!
Saw this giant snow globe but need to pay like $5 to go in? So at first i thought nevermind lah let them play with the loose 'snow' that dropped outside. HAHAH #cheapskate
But it's really just too cuteee!!! So we got in haha.
See Amelia so cute haha.

LOL AT AMELIA'S FACE HAHA. My little derpette.

Dinner was at Betty’s Burgers. They have many outlets so find the nearest one to you!

The produce they use are SO FRESH and SO GREEN serious. And if you're there you HAVE to try the mushroom patty. Omg. It's crazy good. Super flavourful, with some cheese sauce and all.
So simple and SO GOOD.
I can rarely ever finish a burger let alone the big servings they serve up here. But i finished the whole burger!!! THEIR MILKSHAKE ALSO MUST-TRY OKAY!!! =D
After dinner we went for Target and omg i just wanna sing "A HOR NEEE WORLDDDD, A HUNDRED THOUSAND THINGS TO SEE" REALLY SHOP CANNOT FINISH SIA!!! I bought soooo much kids clothings there. Got $2 slippers and $2 basic tees all!!! Crazy!
Got back to the apartment wanting to shower and rest but look what Meredith made me do. She pass her bunny soft toy to me gently. And then ask me to pretend it's a koala. And told me "Pass me your phone, i help you take with the koala" LOL. She's very into it omg.

Day 3

That seagull very cooperative haha. The girl on the left also 很会 haha. We went to Surfer's Paradise for a morning stroll!
If you're heading there you can dress for the beach and just laze under the warm sun with sea breeze ❤︎
My baobeis.
Meredith wanna pick up seashells haha.

We were so amused by the birds' footprints haha.
Actual candid moment Jed our photographer caught of me boosting my kids confidence level =') HAHA. 做妈妈不容易 HAHA must be their biggest fangirl hahah.

Brunch was at SkyPoint Observation Deck. Click to get the ticket on Klook okay! We just scan the QR code to get in. Again, entering as VIP like that haha. I feel obliged to tell everyone queueing at attractions to tell them PLEASE KLOOK IT UP! Haha. SkyPoint Observation Deck address: Level 77, Q1 Building, 3003 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.
All the way up Gold Coast's highest building at 77 floors and 322m up for unbeatable views of the city!! At the elevator you get to experience one of the world's fastest elevator. It takes only 42.7 seconds to rise to the top of the building!!! 77 floors leh!!!
Ignore my daughters' poses. Don't you think it looks like heaven?! Fluffy clouds, green blue sea.

Oh my golly i call police. Haha.
May you two little ones do big things in years to come ❤︎
We get to xiao chill while the girls explore and look around this 360 degree observation deck. They also have outdoor walk one quite crazy haha.
Brunch cannot get a better view than this.

Bought the high tea set for two to share with Meredith and Amelia! END UP SO BIG i had to ask the crew and Josh to help finish lol. Two towers with tea sets 吓死人 haha.

After brunch we set off for Paradise Country Farm. Click! Heard lotsa rave about that before we head there so we were really excited! The counter to buy tickets is quite crowded when we were there so please save time and save the hassle of having your excited kids wait around, and get your tickets on Klook before you head there! And when you reached, you can just scan the QR code!

Plus point is when you get combo park tickets (like to Seaworld, Dreamworld, Movie World, Paradise Country Farm etc) you can save $30 - $50 PER PAX!!! Click here for combo park tickets!

Paradise Country Farm Address: Entertainment Drive, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia Opening Hours: Daily from 9:30am-4:30pm

Scan and go!
They get to feed the animals for free!!!
Wanted a picture with the kangaroo but it turned away HAHA #sweh But look at Amelia's face haha.
BABY TIGER CUB!!!!!! Soooo super cute omg.
They have their own nursery. The tiger pee then the caretaker wipe and clean it like it's a baby omg.
Endless animals to feed haha.

Meredith with Siyi. I mean with a snake! HAHA. In the family we kept calling my sijie snake LOL.

Got chosen to make billy tea! It's a very traditional way the people from back then brew tea!
Very interactive show! After that we can try the billy tea and traditional bread!
Horse VS motor racing!
Haha at the sheep herding show. I didn't even know Jed took this picture of Amelia haha.
Meredith finds the two guy very funny.
So amazing. The view, the show..
All we wanted was a nice family picture with the sheep...... *face palm* HAHA.
Papa got called up for the sheep shearing show.
Meredith very proud of papa LOL.
She's so amused by the wool.
Cow milking demonstration.
That day we got back to the apartment at about 4/5pm and then saw the beautiful sunset.
We went to the mall near us - Cavill Mall. And saw this candy shop haha. Went a little crazy inside. Then we had dinner and the kids went to the BIGGEST EVER ARCADE I'VE SEEN. On level 2. While i go have a quick wash and blow. Today was simply amazing.

Day 4

Got some time in the morning before we head off for Warner Bros MovieWorld! So we went for grocery and souvenir shopping! By souvenir i mean Tim Tams and Arnotts HAHA.
失心疯发作. Got a few DMs telling me Mint Tim Tam Singapore have. I also know one!! BUT THE PRICE DIFFERENCE OMG. Of course i sweep. HAHA.
Some playground time before breakfast!
My heart.

And then we got to Warner Bros MovieWorld!!! Click for combo ticket!!! The one that where you can save close to $50 PER PAX!!! (Address: Pacific Motorway, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210, Australia)
When we were there, they had a villain takeover theme haha. So apparently Joker had turned the fountain toxic yellow green. But does it stop us from having a theme park churros? No. LOL.
First thing first! SUIT UP! I can't remember how much i paid for this but it's quite worth it becox after that can bring home and keep one!!! Plus got include makeup / face painting haha!
This feels like Amelia's wedding day shot haha. Please let that day not come so soon.
Meredith's extremely happy with the shimmering Batgirl outfit and face painting.

Hang on ah. Superheroes in the making.
Haha. Kids.

Do they look the same here. I always find them to look very different from each other but in this picture they look very similar!
Hollywood Stunt Drive. WE LAUGHED SO MUCH during the show!!! Please don't miss this when you're there!!!
See Meredith and her chocolate teeth. Sigh. HAHA.
Amelia cheering for the cars while she pop popcorn hahaha.
While mama queue for kiddy ride, papa bring Amelia to the playground beside. Bring a change of clothes!!!
Haha so happy this Amelia.
Meregoround on Merry-Go-Round carousel ride.

Meredith on the Slyvester ride. It's so sweet to see all the kids so happy, with their parents waiting at the bottom of the ride, cheering their kids on.
Guess who wasn't scared at all. Haha.
The youngest of the batch haha.
HAHA the little girl beside Meredith super funny she kept squealing, Meredith laugh at her becox before the ride started she said "We got this! C'mon!!!" Start liao she screeeeam until. HAHAHA.
Walk past this and Meredith ask me "You want? You want to take a picture?" And i was like no need lah it's okay. She was like "No no, i mean, take a picture of me. Can you?" GOLLY. Ah Jie sia.
My superstar.
Spot us!!! We ran like almost 1KM okay!!! Just to stalk Batman hahaha. He waved to us that's why i super happy!!! Damn cool. Too damn cool!!!
For those who like exciting, thrilling and ultra g-force rides.. This is the place for you. Enjoy. I see from far far can already hahaha.
Meredith stalking Catwoman!!! We followed her a few times but like Catlady, she disappear into little alleys!!! But she comes out for live performances on the main street so look out for those!
Finally caught up with her!!! She's very very very good omg. Super in character!!!

Catwoman especially, stole our hearts ❤️ She was soooo into her character! Someone went to sneak tap her at the back and she turned back and hissed at the person like a cat!!!

And she asked Meredith "Why are you dressed as Batgirl.. She's so boring 😴"

Then Meredith scratch her ear and when she stop.. Catwoman look at her and say "Never stop" She then lie down for Meredith and another girl to scratch her before she went away

"Alright that's quite enough. I'm bored" and then she hop and sashay away into an alley with her whip! It was a short 1 min encounter but it really stole our hearts. Now Meredith's favourite superhero is Catwoman! It was Wonderwoman 😅

Catwoman runs a few live perfomances on the main street and it's quite a sight with police, and choreographed fighting so look out!!

You'd be happy to know that all the characters in Warner Bros MovieWorld are all super welcoming when engaging with the visitors!!! All visitors meaning kids, adults alike. They interact with everyone who's keen! =D

Anyway i just wanna put a note here.. To tell you i JUST realise i can type emoji on the computer. Guess i'd just emoji all the way from here. Don't even need to type liao hahaha.

The little girl started to scratch Catwoman.
The very moment Meredith got converted into a Catwoman fan hahaha.
Very professional omg.
5.30pm parade when we were there! Usually it's 3.30pm! Superman!


Diostuntwoman. LOL. I got a shock okay cox there's this installation where there's real fire and 'prisoners' kicking and hitting the metal cages. It's very intense i love it.
Josh bought 4 lightsticks for the girls and their cousins haha.
The light effects was beyond what we expected!!! Quite impressive!

Cheering for..
Catwoman of course! 😬 We ended the day by heading back Surfer's Paradise for Chinese food haha. By now the girls are asking me for noodles, rice with soup and porridge LOL. Next time i come back to Australia i know to shop for rice and eggs, chicken stock and vegetables from day 1. Ask Josh to cook.

Day 5

On the last day we head to Sea World for Helicopter Ride!!! (Address: Sea World, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210, Australia )

Remember to wear / bring along warmer clothing cox it can get pretty cold up there with the wind! Seriously this is one of the most affordable helicopter ride i've came across! You just have to top up like $22 for kids and $30 for adults for helicopter ride from the Sea World entrance ticket!!!

And the view omg just see for yourselves as you scroll!!!

When we reached, we saw double rainbow. I felt sooooo thankful and happy T.T So thankful for the chance to be visiting Gold Coast and to experience its beauty and adventures. Spot the little seagull in the rainbow hehe.
A picture with our ride of the day =) HAHA. 10 minutes ride lah but still. HELICOPTER LEH!
Meredith and Amelia, if you guys are seeing this. Please know that you are very very lucky, always be thankful, see the world with a grateful heart ❤️
With the headphones squeezing her cheeks, Amelia look like Oliver LOL.
Jed caught a yandao shot of Josh haha. 刘德华 sia!!! HAHA. More like 西施 😂
Really!!! See Amelia's face hahahah look like didi.
Alright here's some shots we got. Beyond amazing.
Our friendly Captain.

This shot should be award-winning. Haha.
This shot should be too =) HAHA. This is my "I've made it" face LOL.
Such beauty.. RUINED.......
By Meredith asking me on the speaker earphones.. 👧🏻: Mama, is your petpet a bit itchy? A bit hor?

HAHAHA. The vibration of the helicopter caused that but omggg. I don't know how to answer her it's not very nice to ask if someone's petpet is itchy LOLOL. My daughter is a joke.

I never answer her.


After SeaWorld Josh drove up to Southern Gold Coast, near Burleigh Heads National Park. And we have the whole day to chill! But gotta fill our bellies first! =D
Got introduced to The Paddock Bakery (Address: 20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami QLD 4220, Australia) for the food!!! We were told their food damn solid must try!
I remember us being very happy that moment but i can't remember why.
Hot chocolate with brûlée marshmallow mixture on top! So special!!! The chocolate also super thick!!! Perfect hot drink for the cold morning.
OMG MUST ORDER THE FOOD WHEN YOU'RE HERE although just the donuts and pastries from their display looks good enough. But the hot food is next level! THE DIPPY EGG OMG. Remember to add sambal okay. They have that additonal option. You dip the breadstick into the egg, then into sambal, with the sour cream onion and bacon bits OMGGGGG. Josh also finished his whole chili egg bread bowl!!!
Later it started to drizzle a bit so we moved to the second floor!
When you have daughters you're obliged to let them put flowers on your head. Even if it's straight from the bowl of porridge with honey and stuff =) Haha.

I laugh becox i saw "porridge" on the menu and without reading the details of what it was, i ordered it for Meredith and Amelia. When it came it's the kind like sweet and fruity nutty oaty porridge but i still just let Amelia try lah. LOL LOOK AT HER FACE.
After brunch, playground time!
"Ice keem~ Ice keem~ Gudohler!!" Sure, Amelia =)))
Amelia told me "Ehhh! I so scared!!" That's why i burst out laughing hahah. She wanna play but scared!! But still wanna play!!!

Can everyday be like this. Can we just drive on, from makan place to makan place. Playground to playground. Supermarts to supermart T.T Can?
Amelia in front of most people.
Amelia in her true skin 😂
Missing Oliver.
We went to another park to chill and Josh say there's hot water dispenser and washing area etc for the people who wanna picnic there. SO COOL NO???
My daughter went to chase ULTRA HUGE birds with the dad and then i ask her to come inside the car to chill she don't want. Wanna act yige diva on meimei's stroller with her fan haha.
My view from inside the car while meimei was napping ❤️ Papa and Meredith sharing a pack of seaweed. I can do this forever.
And then off to chill further down the park. Tbh we have no idea where this is but it's all along the Southern Gold Coast line.
Meredith picked up some seashells and show Jed jiejie back in the car haha.

Miami Marketta
Dinner time!!! At Miami Marketta (Address: 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami QLD 4220, Australia)

I was very very shocked to see soooo many parents bring their kids here! From as young as few months old also have leh!!! They just very supermom and dads!!! Can come out and chill and havoc with their kids. Super inclusive!!!

And when you're there remember to visit the whole stretch all the way to the back, and on both sides, the inner stretch!!! got LOTSA specialty stores selling handmade / exquisite products. And MORE SPECIALTY FOOD!!!\

Tip: Reach early okay. They open at 5pm. We reach at 4.50pm just nice. By 5.30 it gets very packed liao. So to find good seats, go early!!!

Selection is pretty huge. So browse slowly!

You can find Korean and Japanese food as well!!

Kids finished a bowl of Japanese Chicken Karage rice and french fries while i downed the whole plate of Japanese Curry Vegetables rice.
After food, ICE CREAM! =D
And then we go jalan jalan a bit around the two stretch of shops inside!!! Quite interesting!

Chill vibes 💯
Such a satisfying meal and havoc night to end our last day in Gold Coast T.T
We will 100% come back. Every year if we could. Too many places unseen and too many departmental stores unvisited. I haven't K-mart and BigW yet you know!!! 😬
Flew back with not much movable space but with a very thankful and full heart. On a sidenote, the vegetarian Spinach and Mushroom tomato cream fusili on Scoot is da bomb. I ate all 3 servings cox the kids were sleeping =) I said #fatlyfechoseme haha.

If you've browsed this far.. I hope this post had been helpful.

Gold Coast has been so beautiful for us. Super memorable until as i'm writing this, it's been more than 2 weeks since our return. EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL, Meredith will take out the pictures she took with the koala and talk about it. And keep telling me she wanna go back to Australia.

Thank you thank you thank you TEQ and Klook for this amazing trip full of exciting experiences in Gold Coast.

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Seaworld Helicopter Ride

"😒 I'm not very happy 😒" Hahaha. Next time bring you go okay Oliver!!!

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