05 August 2019

Me as a Mummy 2 years

Back with an update on the picture log of the memories i had, 2 years in as a mum..

She ownself dress up and wait to go meet ganma for her birthday.. This was her actual day birthday! 8th March 2017..
We went to Artzoo. I was about 7 months plus in and really wanted to go join in and jump with her on the bouncy installations. And i did. AND THEN GOT CALLED OUT. Hahahah. Paiseh.
Pre-requisite to be a ganma - Arms gotta be strong hahaha.
Very strong.
Hehe. Four of us. Ganma's clumsy finger over the camera looks like sunset glow wtf.
And then we had a "picnic" outside Marina Bay Sands bench LOL. Cake was from Breadtalk, some oat / cereal rice cake. Super duper light, just like chiffon cake.
You are so beautiful baobei.. Mama's wish for you is to always be happy and healthy.. And kind. That is all.

Don't know what you doing with your ganma. Maybe gek sai haha.
I cannot remember which day was it but i had to go see my gynae's affiliate cox Dr Law was not in town and i got spotting again and then i was so stressed becox this is the second time it was so much until i had to go see doctor. The first time i had to go A&E and gynae's affiliate for spotting i spent $860 or something cox Dr Law had some seminar or don't know what overseas and i xia si wtf hahaha. This time again few hundreds 我肯定自己那时踩到狗屎 LOL.
So thankful for Teacher J becox she assures me Meredith is under good care..
Josh helping me cut my nails haha.
Josh tryna beef me up haha.
Little snippets of Meredith in school..
We frequently do water play for her cox that's the cheapest and most fun kind of fun for her hehe.
And some times.. Times like this, it does feels like we have enough. Thank you Meredith, Thank you Amelia.. For bringing hope to mama..
Camping nights with yeye..

So many people make soup for me this period i really don't know if this was made by Josh / my dad / Agnes / Josh's erjie or who!
Bonding time with papa..

Chio bu dih leh koon. LOL.
Kite day turned out quite fail with gan ma HAHA.

Count on ganma to never give up.
Squishy face video calling Yuxuan jiejie.
The first sprout you brought home from school.
Your hair style last time so cute! Now.. Haha..

Mama date for aunty Cheesie birthday!!!
Eryi's present for you. Name tags in Peppa Pig design lol.
Aunty Agnes's cooking is the best.
Pawn shop day.
With Teacher Winnie and all the fun you have in school..
With fishball baby Lizzie haha.
Lucky girl gets all the best presents.
But are you okay haha.
All sorts of sizes of the same kind of houses. Haha.
We put up one tap light and had some really fun time. 幸福真的是可以那么简单的.
The fairy lights we did up for you..
Papa's love for Amelia inside haha.
Making chocolate cornflakes in school.
You felt so proud of it when you bring it back for us to try!! I'd tell you a secret though, your papa tried one and told me it taste like cardboard. LOLOL. Papa don't love you as much as i do hehe.

Where my little squishy-face go!!!

Yeye being a pig again hahahahaha.

The kind of fun yeye do. I guess joker runs in the bloodline haha.
My polymates!
Eat one mango ice need so many faces.
Watching video with ah ma..
Sierra's birthday! Took me only 1 hour plus to do up this cute setting!!!
Your first good friend!

Princess Meredith..
Bubble foam bubble fun!

Lele's arrival. We went to visit with a balloon!

LOL what even.
Your first lollipop.
I don't get the squatting in pictures thing but it was your thing so i'm cool. HAHA.

Things we do at home to kill time.

Loving your broom a hell lot LOL.
Making pizza for us in school.

Woah. I not fat your papa 不罢休 haha!
Hip sia.
Yeye's birthday..


Niao Yi's beauty cam filter last warning siol!!!
Another activity to kill time HAHAH. Hand paint on mahjong paper.

Papa's actual day birthday!

You said "I walking my jeeblah" HAHAHA.
During photoshoot with Lzzie!

Pardon me LOL.

Haha from Seirra mummy's laptop.
Some random snaps!

Two Joshes hahaha.
Dress up unto like siao boh..

Pancake she made in school..
Gan ma getting her hiao swimsuit whenever she sees haha.
Stay intrigued like this, baby..

When it was just us three haha..
Aunty Kehlin's Kitchen haha.
Still very into her broom and mop LOL.
Josh's beefing me up works LOL. Went out dinner with  Yutaki and Rykiel and had to run off to get a change of clothes after food becox feels tight around belly area wth LOL.
3D scan of Amelia hehe. Love her lips since that day. Look at the bottom left of the picture :) Badass mom. Lol.
就知道 she will be a 小美人!
Every morning wake up cheerful..
Auntie pack her tentage like this every morning haha.
Nuasai ftw forever wth.
Play with my makeup kit and then when i say okay enough let's clean up..
She 瞬间崩溃 okay LOL.
So okay loh let her continue a while more. Lol.
Happy only.
Solution to that. Fake makeup set haha.
Dressing hair for yeye hehe.
Josh's erjie cooked dinner!
OMGOODNESS OKAY THIS ONE. I was in the computer room packing some PR stuff and then she took don't know what and then just went outside the room and was very quiet for a while AND THE NEXT TIME I SEE HER SHE BECOME UNIBROW WTFFF.
印堂发黑 IRL hahahahaha.
Still kept telling me "Doh look me. I busy" asking me don't look at her becox she's busy lol.

Not sure if anyone is still reading blogs even but i've dedicated myself to make the effort to put all these down so when they grow up.. If ever they feel down, or feel dejected by human beings, they can hopefully look back on how they grow up. Strong, resilient and blessed. That being said though, Blogger must never shut down LOL.

Wish more people blog still! And not for SEO or whatever. Just a quick diary to jot down these random moments.

Here's a 15 minutes video again!! =D

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