20 September 2008

Back just in time!

Before you all totally forgets me! ^.^

Actually none of you knows but i have been falling quite badly sick, lately. So.. Not too much computer for me but i won't leave you all~~~

Check out my sexy droopey eyes when i had a drug allergy case okay.

Initial Swelling..


And it doesn't just end here. After this, both eyes became swollen and droopey. So i was too sian to take picture. Too ugly!!!!!!!! HAHAHA. A bit funny also. Like, it just looks like a ugly Qiuting, not like any weird looking freak.

So this is me just yesterday with makeup, and very little photoshop, OKAY!

So i am good already.

You guys better stay healthy!!!
If not get droppey eyes like me!!!

Got to go~

YAY. Later i got Lana Cake ^.^

Really got to go!!!


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