15 September 2008

Facial & Baking (Does not really link)

So here's the before and after facial!

I have milia seeds crowding on my face especially at the cheeks right beside the nose. And on the forhead! So, OILY OILY OILY almost all the time!So this is the pimple-infested side of the face. There'd be like pus sometimes. So it's really quite bad. And they are day in day out damn oily!

And after the facial and treatment, my scars are still there, as can be seen in this picture. BUT, there's no more rough face from all the acne, pus, milia seeds and dead skin~ ^.^

But the best part about Peter & E is that they are really friendly, not pretentious (lady boss told me my face is in a huge mess! And will not guarantee me 100% instant recovery) and the best thing about them is that they are not pushy with their products. So, you might just wanna give it a try. Call them for a first trial at a special trial rate.

Peter & E Beauty Spa Saloon
Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 1
Tel: 63835009
(Take bus 315 from Serangoon MRT)

Or their Yishun branch at
Blk 844 Yishun St81
Tel: 67540230

So.. We are moving on to.. The baking session at Carrie's place! ^.^ AND DAMNIT! We made Heart-Shaped chocolates too but i forgot to take pictures of them!!!

Hmm.. I think i did really well for a beginner. Hor, Clara?!

But if you think that the food doesn't look good.
The baker look hot can already.

My hotlass girlfriend, Clara aka Carrie.
Erm, okay, you can be her friend too. LOL.
She's just too nice to anyone.

And yes, i also photoshopped her, SO?!?! You think she's not pretty?! You think?! She's damn hot, OKAY?! *cool down* Anyway.

IF you think Clara alone is not hot enough, i throw in a lovely doggie and a cannot-really-make-it bitch.

Her Baby actually SMILES for the cam!!!???

Then you know we had a whipping good time.


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