22 September 2008


Please tell me my eyebrow totally rock.

Okay you see this two tops right? They are the same as the same top you saw in some other pictures in the blog right? This is just same day, different hair.

So i do change my tops. In fact i found this shop and bought A LOT of new clothings at $3 each peice!!! ^.^ HAPPEEEEE!!!

I got this last peice of SpringField ladies T-shirt at $3 also. Brand new with tag, CAN YOU BELIEVE ME?! Haha.. And NiaoNiao and i each got a same top. Next time we wear it together then you'd get to see her okay =))


I am into this nose operation now! Wait til got result then i show you guys okay. It must be good! I can feel it already! HAHAHA.

Oh oh! I am going to East Coast Park on Sunday~~~
Wee Wee Wee~~


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