25 September 2008

It's Wonderful World

The things kids can do

I went back home yesterday and these two brats totally made my day. AhBong (previously known as CaiTaoKway is now better know as Robert Ang, father's name YongTaoFoo) is totally a joker. He keeps saying "My name is RobertAng and my father's name is YongTaoFoo", IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, but it sounds funny!!! Like he is so good at making girls laugh. And then he sings Wu Jia Hui's "Wo Yuan Yi" or something? THAT WAS REALLY NICE! But anyway, his name is not Robert, it's Cyrus. And Cyrus really think he is more Rain.

Sometimes, even Happiness is hard to describe.
Cox' you are so afraid to understate it =))

And the best thing is that when you feel happiness, it can't be just from one part of your life. It's is usually when everything seemed so right even when there are so many not-rights. AND, it's most probably because of Love. Love from anything.

Neeways! You guys stay cheerful and positive okay!!! A sunshiny you can turn a rainy day good!

You got me!


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