02 November 2008


Just wanna say thank you to the lovely ones who have been really nice and supportive =))

The masked beauty

And thank you people who love me AND my sister QiuPing. Better known as..

Niao Niao

Haha. I made her like totally chio right.

Drifting. To be really honest, whenever i saw a silly comment, within split second, i already have something to rebuke. But then it's fine okay, you guys can get off this time. Just don't come back with your silly comments again, okay? I would really love to make peace =))

Anyway, everything has became much better faster than how it became bad. So the world is really wonderful like that, shit happens, shit gone in a flush.

I promise i will try my best not to be sacarstic/ revengeful in subsequent posting. Haha.


November is here, Darlings!!!

Get ready your Xmas wishlist okay! We'd all list it out and hope that our friends would be smart Santa!

Lastly, this is going to end this post SERIOUSLY. I was slouching on the chair having supper a while ago. And damn, damn, damn, damn it. I have a bulging tummy. Like maybe 1 inch bulge. So, DIET STARTS MONDAY!!!


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