18 November 2008

I was at..

I love the stuffs for home there.
But i love the yummy food for my tummy even more!

Especially the juicy wings.

And the meatballs!

And my main point of coming in here is to tell you, i am still going gaga over BB cream cox' look at the pictures, i swear i have no foundation on. Only applied mascara and darkened my eyebrow.

So, BB Cream, 万岁, 万岁, 万万岁~!
(Die also must use Chinese words)

So this is goodbye
My 豆豆眼 and I

P/S: 妳们在新加坡混不过来是你们家的事. 不要拿老娘来出气. 最近行情不好, 如过妳的客人不来, 妳也别偷懒, 正天读我的部落啊! 别放弃! 撑着! 别人的老公就来了!

三八 !!!


1 comment:

美女就是美女 said...

下贱的女人!!你他妈的真是脸皮比死猪皮还厚100倍!贱女人!。。呵呵。可怜的你,可怜的新加坡贱女,你未来的老公一定是我们中国美女玩剩下不要的男人!。。你慢慢享受吧 !!哈哈。。不过,向你这种死人样,不可能有男人要你的啊!!你就在家里自己插自己吧 !!!或者找只流浪狗跟你做。。。