06 November 2008

The Nose Operation which you don't remember

Remember the nose operation i am into, that i told you guys about? I was starting with primitive cloth-pegs and cotton pads. Now! I have moved on ^.^

I got it online, and waited for nearly a month before it arrives! It's the NOSE UP second generation. I am still hoping that i will never in my life have to go through surgery for my UGLY nose. Yes, i have ugly nose. I have no self-confidence at all because all that i see in the mirror is my nose. It's so big, i can't see shit. Neeways! Will tell you guys if it really works okay ^.^

And i was at work today! I didn't feel pretty at all but thought i'd just snap a shot to SCARE you all.

Are you scared?

Sigh~ I am so humble i can't stand it~



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

can you tell me where you got your nose thingy on the pic? cos i hate my nose too..