29 November 2008

I know i am so missed!

I have been busy! Didn't mean to neglect you guys okay. Hahaha.

I haven't got much to share anyway but i thought this was quite funny.

Random 1

I was watching history channel a while ago and there was this trailer of a program called "Voices in Time" and I have never really watch it (the trailer) showing, but i heard it when it was on TV. And all the time i couldn't figure out what it was saying, cox' it sounded something weird, like..

"Uncle Lima, Gong Ga Li Siao"
Which in Hokkien means, "Uncle Lima, knock until you go crazy"

It actually was
"And.. Conquer we must. And.. conquer we shall"

Then this guy Lin Zi Xiang, he got this song on TV promoting his coming concert, part of the lyrics go..


And i think it sounds so funny becox' it's a lot like

"做個 DUA 漢子"

That is "be a big potato" in Hokkien!!! LOL!!!
I am so self-entertained by this joke!

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Random 2

You noticed Wong Li Lin's recent hairstyle in the credit card advertisement? And Fann Wong's recent hairdo at the Mediacorp 45th gala event? I think this hairdo is back in style.

The Schnauzer hairdo.

I am not saying it's anything bad, in fact i kinda like it. It makes the face looks more framed and much smaller.

Can you imagine if my eyebrow was in line with this style? Haha.

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Random 3

I'VE HAD ENOUGH of shit blongpping into the bowl and then water splashing up and you know.. Getting in contact with your most precious part. It is gucking gross. I mean it man. I know many of us actually suffer this in silence and is not speaking up.

So i am giving you guys a brilliant idea, it will sure make you rich. Go design something like this.

No need to thank me when you get rich after you design, patent and sell this like hotcakes (Haha.. Sai Tang and hotcakes, should go quite well). Just send me this type of toilet bowl can already. Thanks ah.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just put a few pieces of paper covering the surface area of the toilet bowl water before you do your business.. water will not splash up this way. (: