12 January 2010

Ministry of Home Affairs Career Fair 2010

Do you sometimes feel extremely blessed to be residing in Singapore? Beside being clean and green, you might also want to add in how Singapore is a SAFE place and a SAFE home for the residents.

Ever think about how it happened, who and how many individuals made it happened, and all the heroes behind this success. The success of having a safe country and a safe home to go back to everyday.

Home in on a career that makes a real difference.

Not asking you to pick the nicest helmet/hat hor, don't be bimbotic (but you must know i prefer the SCDF helmet okay? Lol.. Cox it looks more prominent and suits a attention-lover like me ^.^).

Let you in on this!

Ministry of Home Affairs Career Fair 2010
Date: 15th – 17th January 2010 (Fri – Sun)
Time: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily
Venue: Marina Square Central Atrium

Find Facebook page of Ministry of Home Affairs here!
Hip or not?! Even Ministry of Home Affairs has a Facebook page! So that's where you can find all the heroes i think? =D Heroes that played a big part in making our country a sheltered and protected place!

The 6 departments that are participating in the career fair are:
- Singapore Police Force
- Internal Security Department
- Singapore Civil Defence Force
- Singapore Prison Service
- Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
- Central Narcotics Bureau

If you have no one close to you working in any of the departments listed, you might not feel the connection. Of how these people take pride in their work, knowing that they are making a difference in peoples life.

Take for instant, the Singapore Prison Services. You've heard and seen stories of ex-inmate walking out of the prison, a better person. A person with more life knowledge than he/she could have ever learnt if he/she hadn't meet certain extraordinary personalities behind bar, that showed him/her the better way to a fulfilling life.

These people are the Prison warrant officers. And may i be so proud, so proud, so so so proud to say, not just my uncle is one of them, MY SISTER IS ONE OF THEM TOO =)))

My sister Ebi with her lovely doggie, ChipChip

We've heard how inmate's life has changed for the better through the Renew, Rehab, Restart commitment by the Singapore Prison Service. Maybe we should also see how inmates might, in some ways, change the way the officers are.

My sister has become more patient with us (her 3 younger sisters) since she joined SPS 7 years ago (when i was still a 16 yro playful teenage). And she will take time to explain to us why certain things we do is not acceptable and how we could have reacted to situations better. I would say my sister's calm and assuring attitude in handling people relationship, was something she gained out of being a prison warrant officer.

My sister is happy and satisfied with the sense of achievement and self-fulfillment she gets out of her job, in fact, it is more than a job, it is her passion. Touching people's life in a special way.

I am proud of her, lah =))

And you might not know, i was involved in a photoshoot for a SPS related book.

Criminal Intent by Wong Kim Hoh
Published by Marshall Cavendish

You have no idea how i felt when i was approaching inside the prison. To be honest, yes, i was a little apprehensive. But once i stepped in and was greeted with well-mannered and affable people, all around, i knew i had the wrong impression of the prison anyway. So shortly, everyone respects everyone in there. It's sometimes hard to find such respectful environment even in the conventional work scene.

I was told to write my short personal thoughts on SPS.. But how can it be short when i feel so much about it?

Real. Rewarding. Respectable.

Maybe it could all be sum up with the three adjectives above.

Go down to the job fair to explore what might change your life.

Ministry of Home Affairs Career Fair 2010
Date: 15th – 17th January 2010 (Fri – Sun)
Time: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily
Venue: Marina Square Central Atrium

Yes yes, my sister Ebi will be there on Friday! She's so bragging about how she is a good role model that's why she's there! ^.^

Make yourselves free one of those days!


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