18 January 2010

Sup, Sup, Sup

With the faith of kindness..
Some warmth from the little left will survive.

I did what i did and i will do it again.

Some people felt really happy about it. No else was harmed.
I get a little lesser, but the result was as above.

It really, really makes me feel good about myself although more than half the world don't agree at all *shrugs*

But this is not call noble.. This is commonly called Stupid.
He he he..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Eh i really want to watch Alvin & The Chipmunk 2 again but not in cinema. When's the VCD coming out?! I was so tempted to get the soundtrack you know! This is like after 7.5 years of not wanting so much to buy a CD. The last time i really wanted to buy a record was a Karen Mok (i) album. Anyway that was a BEST buy. All 11 tracks rocks til death.

Okay, while i am blogging now, i just won a $5 playboy watch again. WHAHAHHAA.
PINK, BLING, CHIO AND MINE!!! I got like 2 more bidding!!! I KNOW!!! I AM OBSESSED!!!

I can sit up til like 4.30am just to browse through all the cheap deals. LOL. You know i'm a cheapskate right? I'd tell you how cheapskate i am before and NOW after really getting the hang of ebay. Before maximum budget in blue, red in NOW maximum budget after married to ebay.

Top - $5, $3

Coat/ Jacket - $8, $6

Sapphire Ring i have been looking for the longest time for my fengshui purposes - $300, $150

SUPER CHIO WATCHES - $4, $5 BUT FOR 10 times more chio than those $2.60 ones in Sg!

Wig - $50, $20

Makeup - $5 mostly end up buying lousy pigmentation kind, $4 FOR MAJORLY BIG PALETTE

You see, thing is i hardly need to shop for clothings now becox *ahem* as you can see I'm so pampered with sponsored clothings *give the what-to-do-shrug-face-hand* so sometimes even when i see $5 clothing, i'm half-hearted in bringing it home. So i gotta find new obsession lah! Like watches (actually it just comes to me, i stopped wearing watches since i was.. 11?), accessories, coat (that i might never wear) and other boliao stuffs on ebay! =DDD

Okay i really gotta go, some bitch trying to get my crystal hello kitty watch in PINK.
*growl like Tiffany*

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