29 January 2010

Sweet Little Things & Major Turnoffs

Okay first of all, i wanna announce, that bust-enhancement pills do not work. At least not for me. I mean, this kind of things are only for people with low self-esteem right *guilty*

AND, IT MAKES YOU FEEL SICK. YES IT DOES!!! LIKE THE WHOLE FREAKING DAY! You feel like you are in a daze, nauseous, your head weighs 20 times heavier, to a point you want to give up holding it up. I walk around Vivo with my head hanging backwards. I just face up, and close my eyes. Can you imagine how bad that is?! And i feel like puking! It has black cohosh okay! Yah it is still natural but it's not exactly safe what! It may cause damage to the liver you know! Why does the government from everywhere not stop companies from selling harmful things like that?! Actually should stop them from even making! Why take advantage of ladies who are not satisfied with their breast or has no breast to start with?!


*cry heart-brokenly*

"Give me back my 35 dollar ahhhhhhhhh.."
*cry somemore*

LOL. Yah i am more heart-broken for my $35 than my lost of hope in having boobies suddenly. I am actually very strong-willed already you know. I gone through a lot of thinking before finally decided to take it. I tell myself, once i sense something wrong to my already-quite-screwed body, i WILL stop. And i did! I did not press on for miracle boobies! I am so strong-willed! Lol. I tell myself the people who produced this can just take my $35 and go buy real medicine they might need next time.

This is the harmful thing i got from ebay.
一時的鬼迷心俏 =((

But on a good note, i keep seeing envelopes like these:



Actually got more. Haha.. But sometimes i get so excited i just rip it apart before i get to take picture. The shopocheaplic in me is beyond control sometimes.

Can you read what is in this?


Do i look Koreanish or Japanish?!
Wearing top from Da Royal Garage.

This is from ebay Singapore. $1 inclusive postage =DDD
And that's my tamago seasoning at the background! Like super yum can! I bring this kind of seasoning all around. When i eat rice, i mix this in. Like A LOT of this.



Playboy (of course fake, don't be stupid. I don't actually fancy playboy or any brand but i just kinda like it being a bunny, pink and bling) watch from ebay @ $5.10



Disappointing kitty watch from ebay at $4.50 =((
I thought i was gonna be baby pink. But turned up it's some loser shade of pink.
Anybody wants? I will let it go at $3.50



Victoria Secret blusher JiaLing got me. Cool hor?!
Sometimes expensive things really look better.

The cover for my blusher broke like 5 years ago. I scotchtaped it back. Haha.

So i can finally say bye bye to my 7-going-8 year old blusher that i picked up outside the life at my old house, that was in brand new unopened packaging. Can you tell from this how devoted and loyal i am? LOL. Who the heck uses a blusher for 7-8 years?! ME!!!

My collagen eyemask from Etude House.
Hmm.. Nope, i won't use them. I just bought them cox the girl look like me.
KIDDING LAH! Hahaha. I just bought them cox they look cute! =D

If you are keen in how my $15 expensive watch looks like..

Watch $15 from Bugis Village.
Vest $5 from Bugis Village (Last peice)
L/S Shirt $2 from People's Park Centre basement, just go down from escalator can see.


Anw this is real-falsie, not photoshopped on.

I haven't really made it work so far. I still have been checking time from my handphone. Haha.
This watch is like a pretty wife to bring around for socialising.
Cept that nobody else gets to f with her even if they really lust over her. Becox?
BECOX I PAID $15 FOR HER!!!!! Work it bitch!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I went over to the CCs place to do our nails! Actually! More like.. To Do a Trial for Us Doing Our Nails. And i was very prepared.

My bling bling file chio or not? Daiso Rivervale Mall, $2.

Got most of the nail polish at $1/bottle.

The pink pointer is really just there for show. Hahaha.
Show you pictures of our work next time okay!

Ending this post with how the route back home to Punggol always look very nice.

Gonna start work soon, i think.


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