25 January 2010

My new Love

I couldn't breathe for that moment.. And for many other more moments after that.
I find it hard to believe, and i can't comprehend the mixed emotions.

I walked out, trying to behave normal.. But everything was running mad in me.
Mad, like crazy mad.

I cannot believe, that i bought a $15 watch.

Super bling, super pink, super swee but it cost $15.


It's a lot like Love.. The watch and me, the lovehate thing.
I love it cox it's so chio. But i hate myself for paying so much.

In case you wonder, NO I DID NOT WILLINGLY PAID FOR IT, it's a long story but i was somewhat left with no other choice unless i want to be a mega bitch.

You know i am really nice.

Show you my new love soon. My expensive watch. You know how dulan a cheapskate like me can feel when the storekeeper offers a bad deal, i HAD to take it, and then after, the storekeeper still say i am a very Gao Lark (means powerful in Hokkien) cheapskate and then had to call my uncle to call me to tell me that i can't tell people i got the watch for $15 as the watch is selling at $35.

Hello Storekeeper, i told =D And i know your cost price is less than $5 =DDD

Shoot tomorrow. Nights. Gotta be at peace with myself and my new Love.

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