15 April 2010

Sometimes i just want to grow up

Most of the time i don't.

And times like now, i just want to talk to someone.
But i don't really know how to put it in words.

Okay i'd try.

I feel like i am a lot inferior when compared to my peers.

What do i have, seriously? Nothing much.

Does making yummy macaroons count as an achievement?
I shampoo my head more often nowadays. I should give myself some credit.

Moody. I think i think too much again.
I better stop thinking so that i will stop thinking that i think too much also.

Ha ha ha.


1 comment:

Rain said...

Self-doubt is a process that many of us went through from time to time.
Personally, though I don't know you personally, but I thought you do shine. You have a great sense of humor, great blog and a great sense of dressing. I like your bubbly character.

Cheer up. Things will be just fine