05 April 2010

My current siao kian

My whole thumb was blinged! Chio bo!!!
But like 3 days down the road, i keep waking up with blings and pearls on my bed. Not from the thumb though, the thumb blings were intact. Only dropped off from the rest of the fingers. But i only like the thumb design. A little Gaga. Super chio i think~~~

bling phone
Then i helped CLE bling her nails too but they were just silver french tip with blue bling as a border line. So nothing interesting to show. But while waiting for my nails to dry, i bling her phone! Lol. She got a blackberry but i don't think she'd take the risk. So she allow me to bling her lao kok kok phone instead. Haha.. Nice not?!

One week after this..

I went sao mu.

At the back of a truck.
Like bangala *snort*

Then back at parent's, i did NiaoNiao's nail =D
She's starting to act cute lately. Really into pink.
HAHA. Like sister like sister. Whatever~
Eh, she paid me $5 for this okay. Cox i upgrade my service standard already.
Now i got nutrition coat, base coat and nail strengthener

The trishaw girls =D
Omg. I look like i got no eyebrow. Lol.
What a shame for a Korean like me. Ahem.

act cute
Then i went home and change my nail designs =D
You see the cleavage? =DDDDDDDDDD
I darkened whatever was there to make it more obvious. LOL.
Actually there wasn't anything there. Just my bones.
I lost weight you know. I am 48kg again. YAY~~~

Okay anyway this hair style is super act cute. I tied it to irritate my sister only. We were watching 五福 then the Ah Lian went on a date with Terrence Chow and she had this two pony tails which she say is the most fashionable 表妹 style. I TOTALLY LOVE THE NAME OF THE STYLE!!! Lol..

So i ask my sister if she think i'd look good in it.

Sis: 不要 hor.

Me: 不可以很美! 我一定要! 我現在就去綁.

When i came out of the room with that hairdo.

Sis: 走開啦惡心 leh!

Me: 不 cute meh??

Sis: 不要逼我 hor! 很晚 liao!!!

Sigh.. Nobody understands me. LOL!!!!

tiffany nail
Ta dang~~~
The colour is nicer in real. Like tiffany green.
I did this out of the love for Tiffany. Lame!

搭不搭? ^.^
This is my current naildo.

Then i did CLE nails again!!!!!!

If i keep charging $2 - $5 from my sisters like this and keep tying erxin hairdo for them to see,
one day i will end up having no friends no sisters. LOL.

Bye bye!


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