30 April 2010


Picture 1

Much thanks to Omy for the preview tickets to IRONMAN 2!

Before the show starts, i took a picture with my boyfriend outside the theater.

Haha. You thought you were gonna see my real boyfriend here. NO! Lol.
Cox my real boyfriend is actually Donnie Yen. HAHAHA. I am highly delusional now.

Hi, please support my movie.
I am the one on the extreme left and extreme right.
HAHA! I know! I super love her! She's so cool-headed, so swift and so HOT! LOL.

Me ^.^
Whatever, shit in your hand and eat it. Shut up! LOL. This is me!
Who knows, later i go Artica do hair, Juno might really think redhead suits me. LOL!!!
Anyway, point is, this Nat here added lotsa action moves to IRONMAN 2. I mean human-action moves.

My favourite part of the movie besides IRONMAN being EVEN MORE funny than he was in IRONMAN 1, it's this buddy of his! This is where robot action moves kicks in hard! PLEASE LOOK OUT for a part where THE EX-WIFE finally was put to use. LOL!!! I am still laughing about it!!!

And him!!! You all sure think he is just a psycho baddie in the movie right!
NO! I think he quite got character! Lol. And his Whip Lash!
OOOohhhgggrrrrrr! Super sexy to me! LOL!

And i think it'd be so useful for ladies if it's in the market, in a smaller version. If the Vitagen wrapper just refuse to tear apart, we Whiplash it. If we find split ends on our hair, we Whiplash it. If we need to open something when our nails are still not dry after doing manicure, we Whiplash it. If our guy cheats, WE WHIPLASH IT! Hahaha =D I'd love to have that please!

See he's not just some bad guy, he is loving to his parrot at least!

IRONMAN's portable suit-case.

My portable suit-case if i am IRONLADY

All in all, i give IRONMAN2 a 9/10!!!

Funny, unpredictable, action-packed, intelligent!!! It brings you to envy IRONMAN, worry for him, be amused by him and then be amazed by his war suit, and then you leave the cinema hoping that there's IRONMAN 3 soon.

Tony Stark is one of his kind.
I like this line "I successfully privatised world peace, what more do you want?"

I give you the real official poster. Haha.
Watch IRONMAN 2 in Cinema today!

Thanks Omy again!!! =DDD

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Anonymous said...

Happen to drop by ur blog. Nice blog with lots of sponsors. "envy"
I have watch Iron Man 2 too.
It is awesome!!