14 May 2010

The Last Song - And you gotta watch it!

Much thanks to 24Seven for inviting me to catch this movie!

If not for them i might not even have the interest to watch the trailer, let alone the movie. Not becox i knew it wouldn't be good, but becox i see a handsome boy and a major superstar, 17 year old Miley Cyrus, i THOUGHT IT WAS A TEENAGE LOVE STORY.

"Hi, i saw you guys at the beach playing with seashells before, remember me?"
LOL. "Let's take a picture together, yeah, you two hold that pose for me."

You won't believe it but Silver won one pair of the tickets!
So who won the other?! I reached just in time when the movie started. So i didn't had the chance to mingle. Becox i got lost in Orchard, AGAIN.

How many times this has to happen, i can't tell you. But i am sure, it will happen again. Orchard road is like a big jungle itself. Nobody can blame me for that. LOL.

My movie buddy this time round becox it's assumed Carlynn won't understand love story.

But it's not just a love story. After watching the movie.. Wait, i just wanna tell you guys I DIDN'T CRY not becox it's not touching but i was so dumb, i put on mascara for the lower lashes. So i keep holding it back, and holding it back, and hold it back even harder when the little brother cried. Every time he cries, it just breaks my heart.

How do you expect a child this age to deal with a major loss in life?
And all he asked for was so simple - A happy family.

Greg Kinnear and Bobby Coleman in THE LAST SONG_JPG_jpg
And he's the only one who remembers what's really important when everyone else forgotten about it.
Spending time with his dad, doing things together. In fact i think he's the strongest link in that family.

Miley Cyrus and Bobby 
Coleman in THE LAST SONG_jpg
And of course another reason why you gotta watch is for Miley!
The relationship between the siblings and the dad will make you laugh as hard as it will make you cry.

We enjoyed the movie and Silver keep laughing damn loud. Next time you see her don't sit in front of her -.-" And all of us spotted in the movie, 2 packets of Famous Amos and a packet of milk left behind untouched in the cafeteria scene. We all wanted to be the next to sit down on that table. Watch the movie, you'd know what i mean. Hahaha!

So please watch The Last Song in the movies! And support the friends i met at the beach!

There is something about this dress.

To find out more, watch the movie!
And drop me some comments and we’ll share more about this dress!!!

Okay, i am done. You guys will love to watch The Last Song.

So, go watch it! With your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings, parents. They'd enjoy it too =))

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Suzanne Chen said...

hey! I won the other! =) Just another faithful reader of yours! And no... I didnt see you the other night or I would have love to take a picture with you! =) Please keep writing cos your entries are really funny and light hearted!
Dont worry about the comments about the bust! Seriously, these pple are just too uptight! =) U go girl!!!