15 May 2010


Did i say something wrong again?

You guys really can't tell a joke for one.

Sorry but i didn't beg for anything. Things just come. Just like shit just happens.

I found out that i got STOMPED when i got onto Twitter wanting to tell people i just did my nails, like a mermaid's. With gold, red and blue glitter.. But it doesn't matter anymore.

Good night to the nice people.

Can't be bothered to explain anymore.



1 comment:

Unknown said...

Simi G-Girl...So free to read your blog and to write in to Stomp...she should think about starting her own blog and leave ppl alone...then maybe she can advertise HER own blog on Stomp to get hits...

And I don't respect those who hide behind some pseudonym. G-Girl my ass. Leave Qiu alone la~! 眼红啊? Celebrities get endorsements too. And you know why? Because marketing people believe they sell. Qiu gets sponsorships and endorsements too, why? In case you have your head up your arse and cannot think properly, it's because they believe she can help her sell their stuff/services. Duh.

p/s. Eh qiu, next time we write in to stomp about ourselves la~ Hits sure soar one. XX last time also kena that's why she became so big you know? I-Girls, can? Everything also I-whatever these days, we write in as I-girls la~ Better than G...macam hamster or Geylang Girl or what...