18 May 2010

Thankfulness + Happiness

Sometimes after a little bit of downfall (like a major migraine / never strike 4D after having STRONG feeling like i will strike / sister eat my kinder beuno and i didn't know and found out only when i walk to the fridge with craving for kinder beuno only to realise it's gone / blogger give me shit problems / eyelash gets into eye / monster zit on forehead / being called a begger for no good reason etc etc) i tend to think of the blessings in my life and then move on a very happy girl.

I hope i didn't just disappoint anyone, hor? *act kind*

Passing time at home before heading out for a photoshoot.

Picture 1
And the guest model for Avebelle is time round is Jayelle! Wooo~ See how it rhymes?!
Jayelle models for Avebelle =DDD
The candy colour polka dots dress i am wearing is Topshop inspired and it's from Avebelle.
But it's not launched yet.

Picture 2
This is the most i could show you now ^.^

And Jayelle came with CHEESE and CARAMEL POPCORN from Dubai!!!
With friends like that, if i am still not happy with my life, i must be a bastard daughter of a bitch!

Yummy ^.^ Jialing, althou your poppycorn already lao hong, but i finished it.
Cox the cheese powder is soooo goooood!!!

And this is from Jialing too. I love my kuku friend =)))

Pastel is love!

After makeup =D Now i am starting to get better at putting on fake eyelash.
No more sticking out corners!

Saw this when i went to the polyclinics with my parents.
Cute hor?! My baby will look like the one on the second row, third from the left.
Oh air~ Oh air~ ^.^ But my baby will have Q-mor, like me =D
Then i'd ask Juno to help my baby. LOL.

I am running off but i still got something very bo liao to show you.

My 'cyberfriend' Crystal.
Becox i haven't got to see her in real life before but she's so funny!

Just wanna thank the ones who have been very kind with their words =)
我希望你們大財大福, 身體健康, 事業有成. 好人有好報! ^.^

洪萩庭, 加油!!!


P/S: Jialing say i should thank the media for making me the next Xiaxue. But no. 在我的心裡永遠只有一個 Xiaxue. Do you all mind a QiuQiu? HAHAHA. Dig it!!!


Anonymous said...

the popcorn very erxin. i ate 5 and the rest is left rotting in the cupboard.

lucia saka said...