16 June 2010

Don't think.


I'm gonna be 23 soon. Yah lah, not going to joke about being 19 soon. HAHAHA. People get offended by it you know. Last year when i said i was going to be 19 soon. HAHAHA. What what what, you all love F21 so much. Cannot let me be F18 huh?!

I heard somewhere, there's this song in Hokkien,

 Goes.. "Ai Bia-aaaaaaa~ Jia Eh Yia-aaaaaa~"
It mean one needs to work hard to win.

But it makes more sense to me if it's..

You must want to win, then you'd work hard.

Makes sense to you? Yeah. But what if some of us are born to just live.. Or some of us finds that dreaming gets tiring after a while. So we live with who we are. And not who we want ourselves to be or who we think we can become.

Maybe we just need others to believe in us.
Maybe others are too stupid to do that?


I really shouldn't think! When i do. I get nowhere! =D


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