10 June 2010

When they say, "你連狗都不如"..

Does it imply that dogs are really inferior to start with? Well i think they just meant to say what i feel. Read on okay, it's just chunks of random thoughts. But you know you love it. Haha.

Remember the litter of mongrel pups i was talking about previously? It's damn sad, i heard two were dead becox they were crushed by vehicles. Why puppy so innocent, gives joy, is kind, is pure but life ends like that. I don't understand. Many people deserve to die, but are still walking around, smug and happy.

Maybe i think too much. But if i could choose, i will choose for the puppy to live instead of a bad human. Makes sense to you? Simple logic. What gives, and what takes. You wanna take, you take the one that gives.

Doggies can't give shit. Except real shit. And pee, shredded paper, lotsa flying fur and worst of all, chewed beyond regconition thumbdrive (Yong Ming, i meant to tell you this today, but i forgot. Your pink thumbdrive with Breast Cancer campaign logo, is gone, forever. Don't kill me. It was Tiffany and Chip Chip. SORRY!!!) that belongs to your friend. Shortly, doggies can't give you anything in return. Except WELCOME PAWS when you get home, WAGGING TAILS when they see you, WET NOSE when kissing your face and the company you need, WHENEVER you need.

Point is, i can choose a dog over any other human, ANYTIME =)) Some of you just don't deserve it lah. Like you deserve to be the ants in my kitchen. I bought 4 different kinds of poison to kill them and their entire colony. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! DIE! PEST! DIE!!!

Very good starter pic.
My Tiffany sleeping with stupid tongue out.

The beauty like the beast..

Drago recently picked up that bad habit too =( Ugly!
Not so macho anymore!

Random, this new milo bar is SOOOoooooo good!!!
Got brownie inside one!!!

Aglio Olio i whipped up. Haha. FAIL.
好看不好吃!!! Okay, 也沒有很好看啦. Haha..

Beauty not the Beast ^.^

Cute pink slippers from Daiso.
Don't be stupid to ask me how much hor, please.

Anybody here playing this on iPhone?
I struggled with little coins and wait and wait and wait for the coins to regenerate before i could play. And this went on for like 6 days before i come up with a master plan. In the picture is actually 1401 coins. But you can't see the "1". As of now i have 2700 plus coins. DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY LIAO!!! 沒有挑戰性!!!

On the way to omy interview. You can see it here. Shut up i know i look different in the video. It's the angle. It is always the angle. Not me.

Mummy: Boy ah, act macho.
Drago: URGHHHHH!!! ^.^

SO CUTE RIGHT?! He was doing the blur-f, twist-neck face!!! =DDD

Niao Niao's puppy came over for a visit!!!

Introducing MooMoo!!!
Tiffany hasn't't really accepted MooMoo yet and MooMoo knows it but still pretend to be close to Tiffany. Haha..

"I hope she'd feel the love this way.."

Me: MooMoo is soooo cute!
Drago: But you love me more right? Right right right? ^.^



超人Moo大哥 ^.^

Bye Bye~

So don't be offended if ever people say you look like a dog. Haha. They probably meant it in a good way.

But if they say you are worst than a dog, hmm.... Then that i am not so sure. You better check with them.




ABC said...

Your lovelies are super duper ultra cute!!!

Tell them my QQ says HI!! (^_^)


yanton9 said...

oh my!! how did u manage to get 2700coins???? i thought max was 50!

QiuQiu said...

QQ's mummie, i commented on your blog!

yanton, read my tagboard now! The instruction is there!!! =D