04 June 2010

Gimmie my Tutu Kueh =((

The one and only yummy snack stall in Punggol, which was located at Punggol's one and only recreation centre (as of now, which is Punggol Plaza) has been closed for about one month. I kept holding on to the hope that it was just a major renovation and they would be open for business again soon.

But it is never gonna be. No more tutu kueh in Punggol. Unless there's a pasar malam.

My life kinda suck a little now, becox there's no tutu kueh in the WHOLE of Punggol.
And becox this computer i am using now is really slow. And i can't do much on it.

Except to whine a bit here. Even copynpasting is a big problem. Slow like shit and hangs.

Gimmie back my tutu kueh lah =(


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