07 June 2010

A visit to the Infocomm Accessibility Center

Before i start on the tour itself, can i just check, if there's anyone here reading my blog that has some sort of disability that affects your  normal usage of a computer? If yes, feel free to email me or read on to find out more on how IAC could help change your life.

IAC Centre provides training in infocomm technology across disability types, including physical disabilities, visual impairment, hearing impairment and developmental disabilities.

Now after reading that, can you, you and you, just give it 5 seconds. To think about WHAT-IF. What if today when i was trying to snap pretty pictures of myself and then my 3 year old camera ki siao and just EXPLODE into flame and i got blind by that?

Possible? I mean handphones exploded before. Lighters exploded before. Gas stoves, power sockets, speakers, laptops, your ex-boyfriend's glossy pictures with the bottle of perfume he sent you, now all in the bin burning, will explode too. All i'm trying to say is, the simplest thing could hurt you and take away certain function of you. Even if not those, is it possible we fall really ill tomorrow?

I think about it all the time. I never ever ever try to start a open-fire stove since i was 8 (i tried a few times before that but i don't remember succeeding), after knowing from the news that in some hawker stall, the stove exploded. And then after that i have been asking NiaoNiao to help me. She's my younger sister, 5 years old then. HAHA. I know. "Push and then you turn this side, until here okay. Do lah, it's not scary one. You must try!" And after that i'd be 1.5m away from the stove *very guilty*

And one period of time, i will always cover my finger with my t-shirt if i wanna switch on / off the power socket. Becox i learnt in school that it is possible for a person to be electrocuted to death if he's wet and touching the socket. So i make sure i have double protection since i also learnt that cloth, rubber and plastic are pretty good insulators.

I have been living my life with plenty of frivolous but possible fears. I mean, i know i am not perfect and i do not need to cherish the current state i am as much as i described, but i have been very thankful to having all my limbs and 5 senses intact, so i am never ready to lose any of them. But even so, i still take them for granted sometimes.

You can't relate to whatever that i typed above, can you? I'm not here to be the best describer for "FEAR OF DISABILITY", that'd be so loserish, which i already am. In fact i am here to tell you, i am trying to get rid of all those fear. Becox i got to know about the IAC.

Serious. When i went in there, all that was running through my head was, "Phew.. Phew.. Wow.. Wow. Phew.." Phew = sighs of relief. I was feeling relieved becox now i know one day,  if bad things happen to me and i can pick up enough courage, there will be people like those who run the IAC to help me through the most basics of my life! Moving around, communicating, learning, playing, eating, AND, BLOGGING!

Congrats~ You guys just got an insurance for being able to read me til i am old and uninteresting. Hahaha. I might be able to keep blogging til i'm 70, maybe then you can see my grandson, Jayden. My son's name is gonna be Winward. Okay we better move on, before i let you in on my daughters names. Hehe. It's Eliza or Beth, anyway.

So even if i'm old, immobile, vision-less and TOTALLY demoralised, i will still be able to come in here and blog about it to you. You know, maybe Morrie could have written his own recount on every Tuesdays? *shrug*


I went Woah?! When i saw this. Was told that this is designed for people who needs high contrast and bigger fonts to be able to type.

IT Apprenticeship room

This device allows magnified CCTV view and even allows the person using it to be able to view documents when they are zoomed-in. In short, everything becomes bigger to make things easier for the visually-affected.

If you can't move your arm and is too slow for a double-click.
Funny isn't it? We double click everyday, and probably might never think that it could be a difficult task for others. Sometimes we even click 20 times in a row when we are pissed that the internet is slow.

Some other interesting specialised rooms..

Where they learn to edit videos, create videos and more..

The music room.
Where even the unlikely can make beautiful pieces.

And below are just some of the Assistive Technology that help the people to carry out their daily routine, be it work, play or movement.

Have you seen an upward mouse before?

The motion dwelling sensor.

Can't do it! Must dwell in the spot you want to select / enter, with the sensor on the glasses!

Fail fail fail.

Everyone wants to try! Becox MoleMole say whoever can click into their blog within 1minute will get a prize. But none can lah!

Claudia's turn ^.^ Also not very good! Haha.

Have you seen so many different kind of keyboard in a day?

 There's something for the kids too =)

To ensure the kids with special needs don't just get to watch but be able to play too!

The different types of wheelchair for various disabilities.

You would have guessed this is a toy for children too. But no..

It is like a MAJOR speak-for-yourself notebook, with even phone call function! It could be for people who're unable to speak.

At the Specialised Assistive Technology centre, there will be friendly staff there to help assess the patients / clients and train them on the usage of devices. To be there to give them technical and of course moral support.

IAC offers IT Apprenticeship Programme. So if you know a person who could need this, to be able to restart their life proper, to find a job, to be able to communicate through the net and in real time, you should really do a great deed by introducing them to IAC.

I really hope you can understand that when shit happens, there's always a way out.
And people to help you to it.

Do you know someone who need that help?

Wanna tour IAC to find out more,

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