26 September 2010

About wishes

Don't know how many of you believe in making wishes.. But i do. I mean, it's free.. That's one thing. But it gives you something to pin your desire on. It's something like goals, but more magical than that. Hehe. Also something like hope, but not so touchy-feely, artsy-fartsy-philosophy.

So if there's a record on the wishes everyone in the world make, i'd probably be ranked top 100 wisher.

Here's a list of the things that i wished REALLY hard for, for a long time.

I wish for a okay pass for PSLE
And i didn't study for it. The only time i revise was 30mins before exam.

I wish that i will have hair nice enough not to have people tease me and call me names
Artica is taking care of it now

I wish for the guy i had a crush on for four years to like me back
This never happen, but it's okay becox i just check him out in Fb, he look old and is quite plump now. LOL.

I wish for a pass for O Levels
And i didn't study for it either, except yes, 30mins before exam.

I wish for better complexion
Soon i'd tell you guys who's gonna be taking care of my rotten face!

I wish that i would be able to send my parents for a short getaway before every year end
Endorsement fee is goood =D

I wish that i have bigger boobs for at least a while in this whole lifetime
Don't wanna jinx it yet!

I wish that i'd be a air stewardess
I did, and then i sing, "Be careful what you wish for~ Cox you just might get it all~ You just might get it all~~~~~"

And so far, all my wishes came true, and the rest are more or less gonna be realised soon. So i guess i'm really blessed. And god sent A LOT of angels to help me move forward in life. And they are the people around me. Sigh~ I feel so thankful like almost all the time. Becox you see ah, I DON'T THINK. Or i just can't think very hard. It's like nothing good ever comes out when i think too hard. So i guess i'm not very intelligent but i have the Almighty who has everything planned sweetly for me. No i got no rich family background, no ultra rich oldman boyfriend, and i am not even born with boobs. So everything given to me wasn't perfect, but i sort of think that everything else falls in place perfectly.

And people around me means something. Even if it's the most casual encouragement they give, i appreciate it super a lot. Becox i always think that NOBODY NEEDS TO BE NICE TO YOU (me). So when people are not mean to me, i feel like, "Oh, that's bonus!" already.

That kid is me! That's my 2nd sis.

When i was younger, she was the one making (most of) my wishes come true! Barbie dolls!!! From kitchen set, to gym, to bedroom sets, she'd get everything for me! Gosh, i want to cry.

This one.. I should wish that my mum would stop dabbing powder on my neck =S

My P1 class photo =((( P1 and P2 were dark times..........

Very very dark times. I can't speak or read much English, don't know maths, don't know what i was doing in a room filled with other children and different adults keep coming in to say different things and i'd get slap sometimes for not answering questions. And, i'm not likable fr obvious reason. Err.. Cox i was stupid?

So everyday in school, I WISH FOR SCHOOL TO END, and then i can go home and watch TV. And my wishes come true, EVERY single time! ^.^

I wish that Xiu Juan here will be my bestfriend back in primary school. And we became bestfriends! Becox we both LOVE to sing. Haha!

Niao Niao and i =D

I rem i was P5 or 6, and i wish that i was not so skinny becox one day after school while playing hide-and-seek, i look at my own hands and i was so disgusted, first time i noticed how the green veins pop out of my hands and i was grossed out lah. So i wish that i wasn't so skinny.

And i wish that i will pass my PSLE without proper revision!!! So i did pass! 227 only lah. LOL. Eh but people say that year damn hard okay? LOLOLOL. I am a loser.

Secondary one. I know, i should wish that i died then.

AFTERMATH of WRONG WISH in P6. I put on weight and look like shit. PLUS, hair so gross even after it grew back from cutting botak. People told me my hair will grow out smoother and straighter after i cut botak. CCB it never lor.

Secondary four.

With BFF Phuaphua. I wished then that i would pass my O Levels even thou i sort of just refuse to study for it. LOL. And yeah~ I did! Not impressive thou. Just 13, 15 or something like that. Totally forgot.

Poly year one.

I wish then that i will have more pocket money and i did, i keep getting modelling job offers then. And i wished that i will be able to move on from the FAILED r/s with the CLJ first bf. And i did, i moved on a wiser person.

 18 year old. I wished that i'd lose weight so that i won't look like some auntie who given birth and decided to keep a head of curly hair. And i did! See below pic =DDD

 There! Lost weight! Bye bye baby fats! This is the last picture without photoshop.

 19, became air stewardess as wished. And picked up photoshop. HAHA.

So.. That about all sums up the things that i wished for that came true. And i am so so so thankful for everything that's going on now. And going to happen soon. I thank the one up there, EVERYDAY. And he/she doesn't really have a name, but it's just someone up there i believe care a lot for me. Like.. Someone else that i believe in other than myself. Someone stronger than me.

So.. Make wishes =))
And make them come true! =D

Going to end this post randomly..

Wish that i'd look like Angelababy. Happened. LOLOLOL.



Anonymous said...


Nice post :D
I can't seem to find you in the class photo of yours (3rd pic from the top), can tell me where are you? Haha!

Which airline did you work in? And how long?

Thanks babe... :D

秋月 said...

秋秋,你是一年比一年还漂亮了 =)

QiuQiu said...

Anon, Lol.. I am behind the indian boy at the front with specs. LOLOL. The side parting one. And i flew with Cathay pacific, for a super short while only.

秋月 Xie xie ni!!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I think you quite pretty la, even in primary!
Nice blog post!

Joyce said...

Hey share how to lose baby fats? Pretty please! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you are quite clever! You can score 13 or 15 points for ''O'' without proper revision.

Anonymous said...

I think you are quite clever! You can score 13 or 15 points for ''O'' without proper revision.

Valerie Faith said...


Are you from Holy Innocents' Primary?

Anonymous said...

Hihi what course did you take in poly to become an air steward? And which poly are you in? Omg damn envy~ Plus, you're v pretty too! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hihi what course did you take in poly to become an air steward? And which poly are you in? Omg damn envy~ Plus, you're v pretty too! ^^

Coco Tai said...

Aww super cute post! Plus, you're so pretty! Mad jealous!


Anonymous said...

why nv cont flying as air stewardess? haha

QiuQiu said...

Joyce, i lost weight in a drastic way, very unhealthy. Fell very sick and went from 49.5kg to 42kg. And no matter how much i eat, i won't gain weight, but i eat so much that i manage to get back to 48kg. Took about 2 years to gain the weight back.

Faith, i'm from Stamford Pri =)

Anon, i didn't graduate from Poly. But getting into the airline got nothing to do with my studies in Poly. I did biz admin, retail.

Coco Tai, YOU ARE EURASIAN, DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT PRETTY!!! Lol. I will kill you personally. Haha!

Anonymous said...

i think u are pretty even without photoshop! girls would kill to have ur gorgeous cheekbones.

Snow said...

Hi there!! How did you get rid of those pimple you had in your poly year 1 ? i also want to get rid of mineeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

random note, are you from guangyang primary? i'm from that primary school too. hahas.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have naturally curly/wavy hair or something? Pretty rare for Chinese girls to have curly/wavy hair..

QiuQiu said...

Snow, i didn't do anything. It just got well. I think it's puberty? 17 years old mah.

Anon, i was from Stamford Primary =))

Anon, YES I GOT CURLY HAIR and it made me depressed for YEARSSSSSsssss. Not an asset, definitely.

♥♥Cupid Nana♥♥ said...

Hi, very interesting topic.. =)
i wonder why u don wan to work as stewardess anymore?

Anonymous said...

are you not pure singaporean?

Huishi said...

looks like Life's good to you :) having whatever you want (kind of) in different points of you life! Every Girl's dream :)

QiuQiu said...

Cupid Nana, I get homesick very much =(

Anon, i am 100% singaporean. 200% feel like korean. LOL.

Huishi, hello hersheymonster haha. Nobody's life is perfect, just have to be optimistic and TRY to feel content sometimes.

Snow said...

I seee , thank you! :D I hope my will get well too! :D thank you so much! ((:

Anonymous said...

hi there, i love you!
youre such a happy and grateful person
and ure so full of positivity.
ur great :)

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu, hope u dun feel offended. but ur boobs dun look anywhere near AA here! can u tell me wad bras u wear b4 ur surgery? cos i am flat chested n has problems finding a good n natural push up!=( waiting for ur reply!

Unknown said...

nice nice post!
I like your photos! last one is so cool!
I also feel like everything I ever wished for is here! Or maybe I've forgot about all I've not got :)