15 September 2010

This has gotta to be the best, ever, ever, ever! Yokozuna!

You heard me whining about how much i miss this place just a few days ago, now you will know why.

Located at the most convenient place (it would be in my house's kitchen if i could choose but no), Liang Seah Street, which is behind Bugis Junction.

Cute girl welcoming you =D

So let's see who's there. Most of us went there after a last minute KTV session and some couldn't make it for KTV but heng they can make it for dinner! Becox i wouldn't wanna miss a sumptuous dinner like that!
Niao Niao my baby sister ^.^
Genevieve, Caesar's mummy.

Sophie, most recent face of my secret-picture collection. Lol. You know i love to snap pictures of ultra chio girls. See here!
Carmen THE GRADUATE. LOLOL!!! Just want to show you that i got SMART and INTELLIGENT friends too. Lolol!!!

And Geck Geck welcoming me to.. OUR PRIVATE ROOM~~~ Lol!

GeckGeck relaxing with magazines already.
Me crawling into the room. Lol!

Act cute!

I told the girls i put on the hat becox then i don't have to walk in and say, "Hi, i am the blogger.." LOL! Cox that'd be quite embarrassing! Plus WHAT IF they cannot recognise me in real lif cox i photoshop my pictures in my blog. So i figured no one normal would put on a hat to have dinner, so i did ^.^

I love that room!!! I REALLY DO!

Time to see what we want to chomp on!!!

Geck yabbling about sashimi with the staff.
The lady (service staff) is 100% helpful and SUPER knowledgeable about the food products lor!

So sashimi came, most of the girls arrived by now and i sneak out of the room.
Becox i don't take raw food but the girls swipe everything off this HUGE serving of sashimi. Must be damn fresh and yummy.

I sneaked out to snap pictures for you all to see hor. Good blogger? =DDD

A chef preparing Salmon tataki for serving.

And i present to you..

Salmon Tataki.
The only thing running in my head the past few days.
SEE THIS.  I never manage to get over it.

Pari Pari roll

Randomly, i snap a picture of Sophie. I swear after this post, she is going to be very weary about me. LOL. Sophie, TRUST ME, i come in peace and i mean no harm, i just like to look at you! LOL.

Yoko Yoko. Remember? The big ball of happiness i was telling you about!!!
Centre-filled with shreds of crabmeat stick. Topped with warm serving of special mayo-mix sauce.
And then torched before serving! SIAO ONE!!! SO MUCH EFFORT!!!! BUT I DOWN IT IN ONE MINUTE!!! Too yummy!!! Too yummy!!!!!

Yummy prawn gyoza!
I must say that i love all kind of dumpling skin more than the filling but this one, i love both!!!
Becox there's no rubber-like stuff inside, unlike most of the gyoza / dumpling that i have elsewhere.

*pervert grin*
Hi...... Sophie.....

Placing your new friend's picture in between food item,
and inserting pervertic captions like that, NO-NO.

Ultra crunchy and crispy ebi tempura.
Batter is super xiang!!! Prawn super fresh! What more can i ask for already!

Juicy scallops, i can keep eating this while watching TV lor!
How is one plate enough!!!

Fresh oysters, deeply loved by..

Carm and Niao. It's like they are doing the "Cheers!"
They love it so much they had second serving!

Grilled seaweed oyster. Don't be fooled by the unappealing look of it.

Chicken karage! Outside crispy and inside juicy and tender! Why like that one?!
Only thing i'd love for it is to be more saltish. Lol. But that's just me.

Deng Deng Deng Deng~!
Foie Gras!!!

Gene finally arrived and ordered one big bowl of Udon.
You think one big bowl is just a matter of speech? NO.

See! Bowl bigger than her head! LOL!
*whisper* and she had TWO big bowls actually.
*whisper even softer* and and, she drank all the soup... YES! She did!

Her size, with her voice (ULTRA LOUD AND POWERFUL), no match.
Her size with her appetite, no match.
Her size with her dog, TOTALLY NO MATCH.
She's weird!!! LOL!

Must spoil your feast on pretty ladies with a bigface freak, ME~ =DDD

But the only thing you and i need to know is.. He creates wonderful dishes!
Chef~~!!! Thank you!!! THANK YOU~~~!!!

Chef Francies ask if there's any other dishes we'd like to try.
We were about 9/10 full plus we were shy..

So we only added on,

1 pair of oysters,
1 plate of Salmon Tataki
1 plate of foie gras
1 Salmon pizza
1 plate of prawn gyoza


Please don't hate me please don't hate me please don't hate me!

Chef Francies still looking at the menu, trying to ask us to order more specialty!

And yes, this was actually also one of the snapshots of Sophie out of many.

One more..

And one more.. LOL. Sophie, you know i am normal right?!
All these is for entertainment purposes!

Salmon pizza finally came~ ^.^

Plenty chunks of salmon inside.

And Carmen totally in love with the second serving of foie gras.

While waiting for dessert (which is also recommended by Chef Francies although we were quite paiseh becox he is feeding us like we are princesses!) everyone play a fool.

Somebody pulling me from behind.. Plus i lost my arms.

Sophie being freaky. I got another one to show but photobucket is screwed =((
Show you guys next time! A post dedicated to Sophie. LOL.
Like, "Freaky Sophie" Will that be very mean?

Niao niao act chio. Lol.
Somebody saw this on my twitter and say wanna marry Niao Niao!

Dessert!!! Not just ordinary ice cream!

Tghe base is butter milk bread pudding!!!

I WILL DO ALMOST ANYTHING to eat it now!!! Like now!!! I just love how the cold and the warm gets together.. And everything just blend and melt in the mouth.

This dessert is a lot like Love.........
*dance and slow-mo jog on the beach with scarf in the air"

Group shot~!

Too bad Geck left early =((


I swear even my camera loves Sophie more. Choose to focus only on her.
And i have to sharpen Carm, Myself and Gene on photoshop =(((

With back facing them. So i wasn't aiming. But quite zhun leh!

Check out those legs.....
And Gene, i will still punch your nose if we turn enemies.. Okay? LOL.

Sophie looks like she's posing lor!

Gene looks like a tour guide here and Carm is totally happy with Gene's intinery and Niao saw the Merlion. LOL.

Thank you girls! Thank you Niao Niao! Thank you Chef!

 Tel: 6336 3103
Mon - Sat
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 am - 3:00 pm
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

I am going to end the post with...








Sophie, i love you.


 Like how i love Salmon Tataki =)))

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sophiewillocq said...

HAHA WTF I saw my face so many times lor like randomly popping out all over. Did you photoshop my chin though?! HAHA I know my chin very sharp lah but it's okay I'm used to it! Even Xiaxue photoshopped my chin in the Essentials photos haha. I look so different after my chin has been photoshopped lol cannot even recognise.

And gahhh looking at the photos is making me hungry!

GenevieveWijaya said...

Sophie looks like a doll!

Eve said...

all the food looks super yummy!!