03 September 2010

The ACTUAL Milly's girls..

Went to Milly's to have my nails done again! The place to make you happy becox you'd have chio nails! Also the place to make you feel very demoralised becox all the girls Milly hire is VERY SUPER CHIO also =(

So the Milly's bloggers are pretty, but the ACTUAL Milly's girls, they are prettier! No photoshop also pretty!!! *snort* Why so unfair one!

No make up on that day.

I chose this! But without the pearls cox i want something more long-lasting!
So it's colours, with heart shapes ^.^

Gina was on MC that day and Vivian started with my leg first.

I didn't notice the other time! Vivian is super chio okay! Lol.. I pretend to take picture of the reference nailart book but i am actually snapping Vivian. Lol. Omg! HOW! I FEEL GUILTY EVERYTIME I DO THESE THINGS!!!

 Vivian removing dead skin from my feet.

All i was thinking was..

"Omg.. Why her nose so small and sharp one.."
"Omg omg, why is this pretty girl touching my feet?!?!"
"WHY IS SHE STILL TOUCHING MY FEET?! I don't even touch my own feet! It's dirty!"
"I am going to have a lousy next life, i let a girl this pretty touch my feet, it's ridiculous"

Lol.. Snapping more of Vivian randomly.
Hahaha!!! Why i so pervert!!!

Next time when they are informed that Qiuting is going down to do nails, they'd all tell each other..

"Hey that privacy intruding pervert that makes us all feel uncomfortable is coming down, let's all do this.."
Lolol.. I'd be so turned off lor. Lol. Maybe they should do that.

Cindy came in to do my nails. Please give me credit for this picture becox imagine:
My right leg is held by Vivian, Left arm is stretched out to Cindy who's on my right side and my Right arm is snapping a picture of them. Contortionist in the making!!!

 Do you know what's this..

I mean the white stuff, not the purple thing that looks like..

Okay i don't want to elaborate. Back to the white stuff..

It's actually..

Come closer..
Closer, to have a better look.

A bit more closer please!!!

Trust me, this is not close enough.







The dead skin on my feet.
Makes me happy when i spoil your day. Lol!!!
Reminds you of..

The flakes on Takoyaki?!
"Auntie can help me add more of the flakes please?


I will be cursed.

After scraping and shaving 2 kgs of dead skin off my feet..

See the blue bath salt! I don't know what's for but it makes my feet super soft!
Not the jiao-jiao soaked in water kind of soft hor, it's the smooth and soft kind of soft!

I am super blessed it's all Vivian doing all these for me. Lol.

Secretly snapping at Vivian again!

Vivian's left profile.
OMG LOLOL!!! I am officially like a pervert!!!

Cindy super patient! She took like 2 hours to painstakingly draw all the hearts on.
If i am a manicurist i'd just advise the customer not to choose that design becox it's outdated.
LOL. That's me. But Cindy is different! All the Milly's girls damn nice!

I sat there for 3 hours just so that i have chio nails for Budget Barbie!
You guys should ALL adore me =D

Here's my colourful nails!





Visit Milly's now!

Far East Plaza
    14 scotts road #03-129
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723

    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
    Booking & enquries: 8383 5395
    Tel: 63384137


  Having said all that, Gina, i still adore you!!!

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Coco Tai said...

aww You're "perv" shots of Vivian so funny! She does have a nice profile though! So jealous!

Also, eww the dead skin so nasty! Does everyone have this much dead skin? haha very funny with Takoyaki photos though.