11 December 2010

Becox i am a girl like that.. ^.^V

I got the invite to Samantha Thavasa launch party at ION Orchard which happened on Wednesday! The store is now open at ION Orchard #B1-27A. Omg you just have to go!!! See also happy! Show you pictures soon! =DDD

Since i'm so hiao, i decided to plan a bit for the party. So this blogpost will be about the preparation for THE launch party! Haha! Can't wait to show you!!! BECOX! I got a lovely, cute and chio purse from Samantha Thavasa plus SUPER A LOT of goodies!!! Includes the CUTESTEST keychain ever! From Samantha Thavasa too!!! ^.^


AND, HIGHLIGHT IS, I TOOK A PICTURE WITH XIAXUE. But since that picture is blur (becox i forget to set flash and i paiseh to ask for one more -.-") i got another highlight! Hahaha. That is, i took a picture FOR Xiaxue and friend + Kaykay and bf! =DDD

Actually now that i met Xiaxue IRL, and she's so smiley, awwwww so cute and polite and friendly, i feel a bit weird addressing her as "Xiaxue" now!!! Becox i've seen her live now, and she is as human as any of us (the normal people) but more than that. But "Xiaxue" is like a virtual name. Like a online goddess. LOL. But calling her Wendy would be so act-close. LOLol. How?!

And and and!!! Kaykay is so nice. I really think whoever gotten her friendship but lost her as a friend must be.......... Quite fucked up. Yes i talking about you, Ah Fat. Lolol.

Omg i went off-topic by super a lot.

Now here! Gotta find a dress for the event, right?! Something girly plus can show a bit of boobs. LOL. No lah, can't see my boobs in the dress but i felt GREAT that day becox i didn't wear any bra or padding, just my boobs and i, on our first ever launch party =))) This is true friendship. LOLOL.

Chosing dress from The Blogshop.
They have expanded to overseas market and received well!
So i guess quality and design speaks a lot. Of course, affordability too!
For blogshop owners, The Blogshop can help you settle all the fuss!
From photoshoot to clothes supply to designing etc. Find them!

Dress i wore to the launch party, from The Blogshop =D

 Flowy, sexy and ladylike ^.^ I like! Thank you TheBlogShop!

On the day of the launch party itself, i decided to try my first eyelash extension!
At Milly's =D How??? Nice right???

No eyeshadow, no mascara. Just pretty lashes from Milly's ^.^
Wuhu~ Now i can look chio even when i just wake up, WITHOUT MAKE UP!
Go try!!!

And i regard the event so much, i even set appointment to do my nails at Milly's!
I've let Gina, Vivian, Cindy and Mayling do my nails before, ALL SUPER NICE!!!
This one here done by Mayling =D Girly enough for the party i guess!

For appointment at Milly's, text or call 8383 5395
They have outlets in Bugis and one outlet in Far East Plaza!

Thank you Milly's!!! For the chio lashes and nails!!!
I love their manicurists! So fast and skillful!

And to top it all up, i went to Artica to curl my hair!
I told Juno i want CURLY hair, not waves. CURLY.
Hahaha! Omg, i look so mix-blood/ Eurasian here, hor?

Thank you Juno!!!
Wanna check pricing / make appointment, call 6836 2891
Far East Plaza #04-82

Even thou life is perfect most of the time, and i have pretty hair, nails, eyelashes and clothes from these great sponsors.. I sometimes still get the worst moment of my life.. Sway like shit and all..

For example, my first ever picture with Xiaxue (lol i think i don't want to call her Xiaxue anymore, sounds funny to myself!) and it's blurry =((((((
But i want to give her a pink tiara anyway =D Lol.
And look at her pinky (finger) so cuteeee~ LOLOLOL.
I think i am a pervert. Bye!


Anonymous said...

AHhHhhh you looked so pretty at the event ! Took some time for me to recognize you XD

Anonymous said...

you look so chio with your eyelash extensions!

Anonymous said...

Huh? You didn't wear bra? x.x

Wendy said...

Wow!! You looked so pretty!! I hope i can take a photo with you one day :D

Anonymous said...

lol u didnt wear bra? then err..ur uknowwhats never stick out meh?

Anonymous said...

Hey where did you get your boots from! they're so nice

QiuQiu said...

Anon, thank you! You were there too?

Anon, thank you!!! Do it at Milly's also if you ever doing!

Wendy yeah okay.. ^.^

Anon, boots from a blogshop owner. She bought this one specially for my when she went to Guangzhou. So i don't think you can get the same one at the price she paid, SGD8. Damn comfy some more.

Yeah i didn't wear bra. Heng not cold. LOL. Got nipplets lah wth!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the last picture, totally NOT fitting together .

Anonymous said...

... Don't even NEED to wear bra

Anonymous said...

hey do you mind telling me what kind of eyelashes extensions you did is so natural? cause i went to milly website and i saw that it can be either korea or taiwan lash extenstions ! :)

YUSHE said...

which type of eyelash extension you did? the taiwan or korean? it's so natural!

YUSHE said...

which type of eyelash extension you did? it's so natural! how long does it last?